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  • Journey Of My New iPhone6

    October 21, 2014

    I heard iPhone6 launch months back, I was still wondering should I replace my phone. I need to change as iOS 8.0 is not supporting my iPhone 4 and it will be a security problem as I need to sync my work email and calender to the phone. Anyway I am also having problem with my home button with iPhone 4.

    Most of my iPhones were bought directly in US. Then I heard that my colleague will be coming here for business trip end of the month. Good timing!

    I did a pre-ordered on Apple Store on the first day. I was fortunate that the order went through within 5 minutes. However I made an error in the address and contact entry. After a day, I am glad I was able to change it.

    No sweat and no long queue to buy iPhone6. I heard in some countries, they have to queue all night just to buy it. I don’t understand why they cannot just wait nor do a pre-order on Apple online. It is so easy and it gets shipped right to your door step.

    I didn’t want to get iPhone6 Plus as I know it doesn’t fit into my jeans pocket and it is too big. I prefer smaller phone.

    Anyway, my iPhone arrived and it took 15 minutes to restore backup from my old phone to the new one. All apps installed with no problem. The only problem was Bluetooth which cannot detect any devices.

    I like the camera features, the pictures taken is so clear. Like the display too as watching video is great. However there is still no flash for me to watch kdrama. I need to go find other sites which don’t use flash and I found some.

    I wonder what is the selling price in Malaysia? Anyway it is already selling in Groupon or Lazada but I am sure it is a hike up prices.

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  • Penang 3D Interactive Museum

    September 16, 2014

    If you haven’t been to this museum, you should go. Today we went but sad to say there was a huge crowd. My advice is to go during weekday and not a school holiday. However with such a crowd, we still take great pictures. You need to go with someone to take these 3D pictures. It doesn’t look nice with a selfie mono pod.

    My family had a great time, putting on funny faces and actions. Most of the pictures are related to Penang. You can also learn some culture and history about Penang.

    You must go if you are in Penang. Here are some of the pictures I took…enjoy!

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  • Claw Machine

    July 30, 2014

    I learn the art of getting toys with the claw machine when I was in University. A lot of coins were invested to learn the skills. Some claws are tricky as they loosen even though you grip the prize. However you have to be patience with it. With weak claw, get the prize nearest to the hole where the claw drops the prize.

    After learning the skills, I passed it on to my hub and kids. They also like to win some prizes. I can tell you that my house has a lot of soft toys won from the claw machine. Here are the new additions.

    Sometimes it is not the prize but the satisfaction of beating the claw machine!

     photo claw2_zpse8e7c44c.jpg” alt=”" />

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  • Jedi

    July 30, 2014

    Look what my girl did? She did this on a MAC.

    Children in this age can do many things with technology. During my time, I don’t even have a chance to go near a computer. Oh wait, computer wasn’t affordable until my college years.

    Let’s hope she can create more with a computer!

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  • CSI Influence

    February 27, 2014

    Look what my kids did after reading those CSI comics. I am glad they are interested in forensic science!

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  • Bread Making

    February 27, 2014

    My family eats bread for breakfast almost every day. I thought of getting a bread maker for a long time. I saw a deal online for half the price and ordered 1. Well making my own fresh bread is always better than buying those commercial bread with added additive which is not healthy.

    The model that I got can make different types of bread, cakes and even jam. The first 2 time that I made, the bread didn’t rise as much as I would like. The bread turned out to be like cake.

    I discussed with my friends and some of them say that it was the proofing part, meaning the yeast is at fault. One of my colleagues told me that it may be the flour or the recipe. I also did some research online and change the recipe a little.

    Wah la…I got a perfect loaf! Next I will make other types of bread!

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  • Smart Bird

    February 27, 2014

    What a smart bird and you must watch this!

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  • Motivate Your Kids To Read

    February 17, 2014

    Many kids spend too much time on gadgets or video games and less time on reading. Often I hear parents complaining that their child has no interest in reading, which is sad. In order to cultivate reading, it needs to start from a very young age.

    For one, I like visiting the book stores. Once a week, I will bring my children to visit the book stores. They will spend at least 1 hour to read. It started since they were 2. Sad to say, that we don’t have any big library nearby. I wished somebody would do something to get a library going near my area.

    If you are a parent, do take your kids to the book store or library at least once a month to instil the reading culture. Then you will never complain that your kids don’t read!

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  • Brunch

    January 15, 2014

    Today my son woke me up because he wanted to go for dim sum which we didn’t go for a long time. How I wished that here got better dim sum places like Sydney or Hong Kong. I really missed it.

    One thing I must say that the dim sum at Perkaka Square served the best egg tart. You must try it. The outer pastry is so flaky and you can feel the softness of the egg in the middle, just simply delicious. Each of my kids had 2 each. By 10pm, all the egg tarts are sold out.

    The only food that attract me, to eat there. And did you see the smiley face in the picture.

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  • Nite Cap

    January 9, 2014

    Kids wanted to make this…

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  • I am glad I came from a Cantonese family. We Cantonese like to boil nutritious soup and drink. Notorious because when you boil the soup over a small fire for a long time, all the nutrients go into the soup for your body to absorb. Sometimes we add herbs, gooseberries, dates or peanuts into the soup, depending on the recipe.

    Every time I cook, I just need to boil 1 soup, 1 meat and make some stir fry some vegetables for the family.

    It is definitely much better than taking outside MSG food. Now with prices going up, I need to cook more often.

    By the way, below are Lotus Soup, Steam Fish with Abalone and Stir Fry Chinese Cucumber (aka Jik Kuah). And my kids will asked me to put lots of garlic onto the stir fry vegetables.

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  • My children have been asking me to bring them there. Since it is an affordable place to go compare to overseas vacation, I agree. I started planning for the trip 6 months before the date of departure.

    I was reading lots of review on hotels and all. At that time, Legoland hotel was still under construction. By the way, I asked the reception, the hotel rate at Legoland hotel is RM700 to 900 per night and 2K for the suite. Ended up I selected Pariss Hotel Skudai.

    Pariss Hotel Skudai is centrally located and it is only 15-20 minutes’ drive to Legoland. There are lots to eat near the hotel and Giant, Tesco, Aeon is nearby. The room was spacious and at the lobby there is free WIFI. The staffs could be a little bit friendlier. It is a budget hotel so you cannot expects a lot of facilities, there are none. The room came with free breakfast too.

    Airport transfer to hotel – RM68 (6 seater car)
    Blue taxi to Legoland from hotel – RM30
    Red tax to Legoland from hotel – RM13

    If you do not have a car, you need to rely on taxi. I can tell you taxi is unreliable especially the trip back. Someone them hikes up the price of the taxi especially the blue ones. A tip is to collect taxi contacts as you go. You can book ahead with the taxi, when you want to return to the hotel else you need to pay the hiked up price.

    There is no local bus available from hotel to Legoland. There is a bus service from Legoland to other places like Hello Kitty, Johor Premium Outlet and Airport. Here is the bus schedule.

    I also decided to get the Legoland Annual Pass. There are 2 types: Standard and Premium. Premium covers Waterpark but more expensive and no child rate. I have plan for my family to go for 1 day in the Waterpark, so we buy individual ticket. With Annual Pass, you only need to pay RM50 per entry. Do not buy Waterpark tickets ahead of time because the weather is unpredictable.

    With the Annual Pass, my family went in and out many times. In fact 3 days we spend in the dry park. We saw all the shows and gone through every rides at least once. I will share it with you in the next post.

    The Annual Pass is open for 1 year, I can take my family there again next year!

    Lastly, since I planned this trip ahead of time, I managed to get good deals from Air Asia flights too. The trick is plan early and you can get a lot of savings.

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  • Marathon Kiddos

    November 25, 2013

    My kids are into running now, joining their papa in training. Just the other day, we were talking about getting the right shoes for them to train. Today we saw Nike free run 5.0 shoes on sale for 40%. These shoes are very light, flexible and water resistance. It is breathable too, so no smelly feet after running. Great shoes for training.

    Maybe next year, they can join their papa in 10km marathon run.

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  • Cosplay In School

    October 23, 2013

    Children’s day is here and my girl came back from school, telling me that there is a costume parade in school. She wanted to participate asking if I can help her with her costume. Yeah she loves participating in most of the school activities. She is very different from her brother. Her brother will tried his best to stay away.

    At first I was reluctant to help because of my busy work schedule. Moreover she doesn’t know what character she wants to be.

    One day, she quietly sat down and started working on something. It was a Thor weapon. She is really keen on participation. Then I started searching in the web to see Thor’s costume. It did give me ideas on how to make 1 really fast. Getting the template is the most important part.

    Finally I did this in 2 days for her….

    Let’s hope she win something with this costume. Even if she didn’t, I am sure she will get lots of attention especially with the boys.

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  • Emily Baptism

    October 2, 2013

    Emily got baptized on 29th September 2013. I am so proud of her taking the step of obedience and following the Lord’s command.

    She did ask for baptism at a very young age but we hold off until she is ready. And now she is.

    Praise the LORD for blessing our family!

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  • Bak Zhang – Dumpling

    September 17, 2013

    My church group organized a day to make bak zhang together. It was fun for me to learn how to make bak zhang. It is not too difficult to make all the ingredients. The difficulty is wrapping it properly. For those first timers, they really had a hard time keeping the ingredient together in those bamboo leaves.

    After wrapping it, you need to boil it for 2-3 hours. I will not post the recipe here because there are many recipes out there. Just Google it or watch it on YouTube!

    Here are the ones I made….

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  • I won some vouchers to have Japanese Seafood Buffett at Eastin Hotel Penang. There were a varieties of sushi and sashimi, seafood, fresh oyster, sukiyaki, tempura, unagi, garlic rice and lots of desserts. It comes with chocolate fountain and ice-creams for the kids. Here are the pictures:

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  • Next week will be the Raya Holidays and my kids are looking forward to the 2 weeks break. One day my boy came home trying to weave a ketupat. He told me some steps on how to do it. I am always interested in doing these types of craft. Quickly I went to search YouTube for video on how to do this.

    WAH LAH…..

    Happy Raya Holidays!!!

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  • Differences

    August 1, 2013

    When I give out instructions to my boy, he only carried out half of it. Often he will do things without paying attention to the environment. I have to keep reminding him of the same thing over and over again. However he is not emotional, not get sad over small petty things.

    When I give out instructions to my girl, she will do all that I ask. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask but she does it for me. She is very aware and observant too.

    Both like to create a mess! Well we don’t have a maid which is a good thing, so they have to clean up their own mess.

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  • Shooting Up

    August 1, 2013

    My boy is taller than me and he is only 11 years old. He grew up really fast as I still remember giving birth to him. He has grown up so fast. I missed him as a baby. Now I wonder will he be taller than his papa.

    However he needs to put on some weight. He is shooting up but not sideways. It really makes him look like a stick. I will update his height again after he grew pass his papa’s height.

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