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      Hubby is into photography, most of the pictures taken in this blog are done by him. I have to buy a separate theft insurance to cover his photography gadgets. He has won a couple of prizes from his award winning pictures. I am proud of him.

      Now he is teaching his son to follow his interest. Oh, previously he had a different interest, diving. However because he wants to spend more time with the children, he put that on hold. As for Tim, I think he prefers to be in front of the camera then behind. He only wants to get behind after a shot, to see himself. :giggles:

      Published on October 3, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    17 Responses to “Photographer”

    1. wow, but insurance just for his cameras? you all must have spent quite a good lump sum on the camera… that one of the camera your boy is carrying??? so huge leh!!!

    2. Waww..won prizes summore, emm must be vy professional :clap:
      Tim like to be daddy model πŸ˜€

    3. that is a huge lens!

    4. Winnie Khoo said on

      did Tim can hold the camera steady when he wanna take photo? the camera quite heavy ler.

    5. my son is the opposite, he wants to be behind the camera… taking pictures of whatever! πŸ™„

    6. An amateur photographer!
      This photo is special, seems like a lot of “objects” there….even got tricycle!

    7. michelle said on

      Jan: The insurance is not just for the camera, but a high percentage is for the camera, lens and what not.

      Rachel: I don’t mine the prizes but at this moment, not profiting. :giggles:

      Egghead: Costly too.

      Winnie: Welcome to my blog. I will dig out his first shot with that camera and post it here tomorrow.

      DG: I hope he takes good pictures.

      Huisia: Messy house isn’t it? Can you guess what the green cloth is? It is a tent for my hubby to hide so that he can capture close up pictures of birds. Fortunately, you cannot zoom down, else you will see dirty stains on my sofa. :giggles:

    8. Hehe, I wasn’t that interested in your hub’s camera..but I can’t help to notice the lush green garden of yours! Sooooo summery..soooo beautiful..sooo warm! As you can tell, it is freezing cold at this end of the world. πŸ™

    9. I’m into photography too and have a D-SLR camera. Can share notes with him next time lor. But I’m still tagged with an L license for photography. Still got a lot of things to learn.

    10. michelle said on

      Vien: You are welcome to come over here and enjoy the sun & green. By the way, sometimes the birds come by to nest in our garden. I think we are the only few houses with garden, neighbors tend to remove the garden and filled it will tiles so that they can park additional car.

      Julian: Welcome to my blog. If you want his email, do let me know. By the way, website has a forum for Malaysian Photographers.

    11. Nice garden and a huge camera lense…haha! Tim seems to handle to camera like a pro. πŸ™‚

    12. ermm just curious, what’s that black piece of thing on the floor huh?

    13. hey, I like your little garden too! 😎

    14. Allyfeel: Thanks. Not sure whether Tim can handle such sophisticated camera, maybe when he grows up.

      Jazz: It is a cloth, army like pattern tent for my hubby to hide behind so that he can capture birds shot at close distance. He got it from US.

      Jess: Thanks. πŸ˜‰

    15. those gadgets must have cost a bomb for you to insure them.

      Btw, what’s the black black lump of thing in between the kids? Loooks like some alien has invaded the house.

    16. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: Please refer to my comments back to Jazz. πŸ™‚

    17. In other words, camouflage (right spelling kah?) to hide yourself from cheeky birds that you want to take the photo .. heheheh. Not easy to take animals/nature photography, must have lots of patience