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    • Emily In A Music Band

      Emily loves playing the tambourine, either that or she loves making noise. Every time she is in Sunday School, she will go grab the tambourine to play during singing session. Last Sunday the teacher called her out to join the musician to play. She was overjoyed and walk out without the fear of being looked at. I guess she was not shy to be in the front stage. Timothy stood there for less than a minute, he wanted to return to his seat.

      Now I have to think of starting Emily on some music lessons. I am sure she will be interested. I hope she has my father’s gift, able to pick up music and play by ear. I know I am not talented in music. Once I did drive my organ teacher crazy, I really cannot get the rhythm and coordination at all. As for my hubby’s side, no sign of any music talent seen.

      I will let both my children have a go at music lessons, will see whether they can succeed in at least playing a nice piece of Beethoven for me. :think:

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      Published on August 14, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Entertainment, Gift, Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Emily In A Music Band”

    1. Well done Emily… quite daring huh?
      I think Zara will also move away. She’s only brave when she’s with people she knows well.. shy among strangers.

    2. Michelle, do update me yeah, when you decide which music class ur kid will attend? Currently, now, I’m still dilemma of which type of music class for Jona and the ages?? Some said, piano – 5 yrs old wor…

    3. Bravo Emily :clap: well done! yes, most importantly she has the interest in music 🙂

    4. Can see dat Emily’s not shy and he’s braver than Timothy. So, u’ve decided to send them for music lessons? I’ve yet to discover Des’s talent – seems she’s interested in everything for ‘3 minutes’ only *duh*. I might send her for art lessons since she likes drawing as for now.

    5. Yeah… I’m expecting ur Bethoven too, Emily! I’m sure you’ll look great when playing on pianos… Wish you all the best! 🙂

    6. Bravo, Emily! No stage fright. I’m planning to send XY to dance classes. Let her shake off the extra energy. :dance:

    7. Bravo, Emily! No stage fright. I’m planning to send XY to dance classes. To shake off the extra energy. :dance:

    8. So clever Emily….Qiqi is very shy. Hey, on Sept, can’t make it to Genting on that day. Cos my following nieces are still having exam at that time. We will go to Langkawi instead during their holiday later 🙂