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      On the top of Queensbay Mall Penang, there is a new skating rink. I took Emily and Tim to watch teenagers roller blading round and round. Entrance Fee is RM16 unlimited playtime. They were fascinated by it. I took a chair for Emily to stand and watch while my hubby and I took over dinner. One thing I like about the rink, the surrounding have places to eat. I wonder how long the rink will last, if it doesn’t, I hope they convert that to KidzSport. :giggles:

      The place brought back some memories of my school days. Yeap, I used to go to roller blading rinks with my friends. We used to hang out there a lot. I learn how to skate when I was six years old. My sister bought those four wheeler skates that are adjustable in size. Where I live, we have a long verandah where we can practice skating. It was fun skating back and forth.

      Published on August 27, 2007 · Filed under: Entertainment, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Skating Rink”

    1. haha….u might wanna take up the license and turn that into the 1st kidsports in penang 🙂

    2. It looks nicer than the Sunway Pyramid one though.. and good that you can have your dinner while the kids are entertained by the skaters.

    3. Looks nice. haha I just broke my leg looking at the pictures. Funny I can ice skate great, but put me on wheels and I’m going down hard. haha

    4. Skating totally out of my list…he,he..i always imagine broken jaw, lips, etc…he,he..but the idea of eating without disturbing from kid, really good lor..

    5. looks interesting…also you can consider chinnee suggestion …