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    • Chicken Pork

      Mummy: What do you want to eat for lunch?
      Emily: I want fries on tomato sauce.
      Mummy: You cannot always eat fries, later you get cough.
      Emily: I want to eat chicken pork
      Mummy: Chicken pork?? :giggles:
      Emily: Yes Chicken pork.


      Emily displayed her cunningness:

      Grandpa bought some junk food crackers for Tim and Emily after dinner. Tim and Emily showed me.

      Tim & Emily: Mummy, we got crackers. *big smiles on their face*
      Mummy: Later papa sees, he will scold.
      Emily: Faster hide, don’t let papa see. *she took out a packet and hide behind her back. Tim followed her.*
      Mummy: *roll eyes*

      Published on November 9, 2007 · Filed under: Emily;

    13 Responses to “Chicken Pork”

    1. hehe yr girl ah …so cheeky and her brother follow her pulak πŸ˜€

    2. Emily meant to have chicken chop? Or maybe she would like to have both – chicken and pork. Hahaha.

      Wah! Emily’s teaching kor kor to be cunning too?

      My girl can be cunning at times too if she doesn’t want her Pappy to know, she’ll hide away her junk food but she dares not hide from me esp when her teacher gives her sweets or biscuits, she’ll show me first.

    3. Your daughter are so cute.Somemore the brother also follow what she do..funny.

    4. muahaha..chicken pork!

    5. LOL! My eyes went o_O when I read “chicken pork”.

    6. what is chicken pork? chicken chop?

    7. Chicken pork = pork made to look like chicken? πŸ™‚

    8. Michelle, Emily looks like she is cheekier than Timothy…

    9. Did Emily get to eat her chicken pork? XY oso vy cunning these days. When she knows I won’t let her eat those junk food, she’ll ask PaPa w/o my knowledge. Coz PaPa will normally allow her to eat.

    10. How did that word “chicken pork” get into her head? Haha.

      A tag for you, Michelle. Please hunt for it in my blog as there are many tags lying there. Thanks.

    11. hahaha!!!!

    12. Everyone: I haven’t figure what chicken pork is. I assume it is chicken + pork but then again, I could be wrong.

    13. Haha.. papa is the ‘chao yan’.. πŸ˜›