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    • Feeding Your Children

      September 30, 2006

      As your child grows up to an age of 2-4, it is easier to feed them food. You must think I am crazy but it is true. Many parents have difficulty in telling the children to eat vegetables, meat or any kind of food. They worry about their weight gain. However you will find children have no problem eating candy, chocolate and ice cream. Sweet and colourful.

      What is my secret? When a child is above 2, he or she will understand what you say to them. You have to speak in their language. You want them to eat green vegetables, introduce POPEYE. POPEYE eats spinach. Associate all green vegetables with spinach. You want them to eat chicken, introduce them to Chicken Little. Fish, Nemo. Pork, Piglet. Sometimes you don’t even have to find cartoon that is similar to the food.

      I tell my gal, you want Tigger milk tonight? She recognized Tigger and she will be happy to finish all her Tigger milk. So be creative and cook your child, Mickey Pasta, Donald Rice, Mermaid Noodle, Barney Soup and Piglet Sausage. Besides naming your food, the food also have to be tasty & colourful. It works, try it! :good:

    • Expression II

      September 29, 2006

      Last time I did a project to put all my children expression pictures into 1 page. Click here to view.

      I have done up another one to show how my children have grown. As I was scanning through their photos by month, it was like yesterday I delivered them. It really brought back lots of good memories. Enjoy the Canon moments:



    • Feminine & Fierce

      September 26, 2006

      Emily has dual F character. Today while Tim was wailing, she went up to him.

      Emily: Kor Kor don’t cry yeah. *pat him*
      Emily: Come, mei mei give you food. *takes food and put near Tim’s mouth*
      Emily: Mei Mei sayang. *kiss kor kor forehead*
      Emily: Stop crying yeah.

      As I was preparing both of them to bed, Emily helped me to put back the Vicks and talcum powder. However she has no hands to put her worn clothes into the laundry basket. She wanted to do all at once.

      Emily: Mummy put down the clothes. *she was halfway walking towards the cupboard, she turned back*
      Emily: Put there, don’t touch. *raised her voice* 😡
      Emily: Put there! Mei mei will put into the basket. *gave a fierce look* :naughty:
      Mummy: Ok, you put back the powder first. 😯
      Emily: No, you put the clothes down. Mei mei wants to put in the basket.

      Mummy gave in, put the clothes down. Who knows what she will do if I don’t. Probably takes a toy gun and shoot me down. :giggles:

    • Who Gets What Gens?

      September 23, 2006


      Can burp anytime From Daddy
      Easily get jealous From Mummy
      Wakes up early From Daddy
      Dislike bread From Mummy
      Like Sour Food From Mummy & Daddy
      Tall From Daddy
      Like to take his time From Daddy


      Like to sleep in From Mummy
      Friendly From Mummy & Daddy
      Like to eat bread From Daddy
      Like to walk tiptoe From Mummy
      Fierce at times From Mummy
      Not a fussy eater From Mummy & Daddy

      More to discover about them and myself….to be cont.

    • I PASSED

      September 18, 2006

      Thanks for all your wishes. I received an email from the trainer that I passed my ITIL. :dance: It just came at the right time as I was really stress last week because one of my projects messed up. Now cleaning the mess. 😥

      Hooray I am ITIL certified. What next? What should I study next? Any ideas?

    • Cannot Take This Home

      September 18, 2006

      Yesterday, at church, I was carrying a 1 year old baby. Tim saw and he was concerned. As for Emily, she didn’t bother but continued what she was doing.

      Tim: Who is that?
      Mum: This is Michelle, say hello.
      Tim: Mummy, you cannot take this home.
      Mum: Why not? *teasing him*
      Tim: Please, put it back.
      Mum: 😯

      After the service, we had to send one of the children home. He saw the gal coming into the car.

      Tim: Who is this?
      Mum: We will take her home.
      Tim: No, cannot take her home. :naughty:
      Mum: I meant, take her to her home, not your home. :eh:

      Tim is very concern if I bring back a third child. He has a jealous character in him. Last time, when his class has a new student and the teacher pays more attention to the new person, he will be very unhappy. I hope someday he will know how to overcome his jealousy or at least control it.

    • Dating

      September 13, 2006

      How old should you allow your child to date? 21? 18? 16? Do you forbid them to date if younger? How do you go about doing that?

      One day as I was picking up my children, I have a little chat with the school principal. I was surprised at what she told me. Usually Tim is very quiet in school, hardly mix around with his friends. Lately he improves. He even has a girlfriend. :naughty: He is very close to this gal, chatting with her, going everywhere with her and doing things together. I have no idea who started what or when it started. It is fun for me to hear such story. Love is in the air for a 4 year old. :giggles:

      Oh, sometimes I like to tease him and ask him what do you do with Melissa? What a bad mum. :giggles:

      Let’s hope Emily doesn’t start any at this age. :naughty:

    • Examination Again

      September 12, 2006

      I have to go for another examination but this time I do not have to study for it. Guess what? :sc:


      It is that time of the year that I have to go for Health Screening, sponsored by my company. 2 years ago, I booked for it and was about to go. However I got pregnant before the appointment date, I had to cancel it.

      The health screening is a comprehensive medical examination for early detection of common disorders such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Heart Diseases. Through these tests we can detect abnormalities in the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and urinary tract. It takes half a day for all the test and procedures to complete. The medical report will be completed and interpreted by the doctor.

      Chest X-Ray
      Electro Cardiogram (ECG)
      Stress Test (Treadmill) – must build up my stamina!! :wall:
      ESP (blood & urine test)
      Lung Function Test
      Ultrasound of Full Abdomen
      Full Vision Test by Eye Specialist

      I will blog further once I have the whole thing done. It is good to have your health check every other year when you reach my age.:pray: Pray that I pass this with flying colors!

    • Small Talk

      September 11, 2006

      I was having a conversation with Emily before bed time while I was ironing and she was having her milk.

      Emily: This is papa’s “sam” (aka shirt).
      Mummy: Yes, papa sam
      Emily: This is kor kor uniform.
      Mummy: Yes, kor kor uniform.
      Emily: See mummy, got sound one. *making some sound with her leg hitting the bed*
      Mummy: Yeap, got sound.
      Emily: Mummy, see so funny one.
      Mummy: Yeap, so funny. Faster finish up your milk.
      Emily: Mummy cannot scold Emily.
      Mummy: 😯 Mummy didn’t scold you, just asking you to finish your milk.

      She is growing to be kind of sensitive. I have to be careful my tone of voice with her. I think she learn it from her kor kor. She does imitate kor kor once in a while like:

      Emily: Later buy for Emily yeahhhh…. *give a funny but fake expression*

      Emily: Aha! There you ah!

      Emily: Oh no, I donno.

      Lately she allowed me to dress her up and tie up her hair. She looks so adorable and sweet. Now I can buy more pretty dresses for her.

    • Spectacles

      September 5, 2006

      After the last incident of infected eyes, my specialist request that I should minimized the usage of contact lens. Not that I do not want to wear my spectacles but it is really troublesome. 10 reasons why.

      1. With spectacles, when it rained or bathed the children, I need a wiper on it.
      2. With spectacles, when I get out of a cool air cond car, it fogs up.
      3. With spectacles, when I wake up, I cannot see the clock.
      4. With spectacles, I cannot bath with it.
      5. With spectacles, I need to wipe the glasses every now and then, because it gets oily.
      6. With spectacles, my children always like to leave fingers prints on it.
      7. With spectacles, I have to remember where I put it.
      8. With spectacles, I have to remember to wear it.
      9. With spectacles, I tears when I chop onions.
      10. With spectacles, I look intelligent geeky.