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    • Letter From The Goverment

      November 29, 2005

      Yesterday I received the above envelope. I was too afraid to open it. It is a government letter and when the government sent you letter, it is usually bad news. I thought it was a fine (saman). Anyway, no choice, I had to open it. Guess what I got? No price for guessing.

    • Anti-Smoking

      November 21, 2005

      Today I was in the Honda Service centre cum sales office. There is this nut head salesman smoking in the air condition premises. Smokes fly all over the contain space. There were children waiting in the service centre too. All of us become secondary smokers. I walk into the manager office to relay this problem. He gave me a blank face and didn’t give me a positive response.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate smokers. I just hate smokers that make other people become secondary smokers, which are more dangerous. I have come across many cases where smokers secretly smoke in air condition premises like the shopping mall, the car park and in public transport.

      The government is promoting the “Tak Nak” campaign but not enforcing the public sector to follow strict rules about not smoking areas.

      If you know me, I will surely feedback this to Honda and the government bureau. Anyone can give me any more ideas where I can bring this complain to? Please leave the contact and email address.

    • Chef Tim

      November 18, 2005

      My nursery is on holiday. They have special activities during holidays. One of it is cooking. I thought the teachers would teach me to make delicious chocolate cookies. At the end of the day I made this special delicious meal. LOOK!

      Le Chef Burger:

      Due to mummy and daddy’s busy schedules, mummy has to blog in short. Both mummy and daddy are finishing big projects. Poor daddy has to work nights too. Mummy is more privilege, can work from home as mummy’s company is more connected in technology. I hope we will be back to normal soon. Missing daddy very much.

    • Year End

      November 15, 2005

      I always look forward to year end when it comes to work. Why? Year end has the most public holidays, with Deepavali, Raya, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. Not only that, year end for me is also time to receive BIG money. My company year end doesn’t follow the standard calendar. We have an early year end, following the US financial calendar. Despite there will be loads of work to be completed by year end. At the end of it, it is very satisfying to received contractor bonus and profit sharing.

      Today, my company just announced the profit sharing for all employees. I am happy to receive something although it is NOT a lot. Well you can say that I am easily satisfied.

      Year End has the most importing event of the entire year, it is of coz the performance evaluation time. I have a very positive view on this. It is the time where you tell your boss or manager how important you are in the company. How you have made the company successful. Many of us tend to complain that it is just another piece of paperwork to fill in when it comes to performance evaluation. We shouldn’t because we should be proud of what we did.

      At the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of Gold.

    • Parking – Avoid This Style

      November 11, 2005

      One morning at my company’s car park, my colleague capture something in his camera phone. Two cars parked kissing one another. Obviously the driver didn’t know that it has bang into someone’s car and left it there.

    • Wrong Pyjamas

      November 10, 2005

      Mummy was in the room playing with Emily and Timmy. It was almost reaching bed time. The cupboard nearest to mummy was Timmy’s cupboard. I was too lazy to walk across the room to Emily’s cupboard. I took 2 sets of Timmy’s pyjamas out. 1 set was really old and Timmy outgrew it. I help Timmy to change to his pyjamas. He is now a big boy, can put on his own pants.

      Next was Emily’s turn. I put on the top and she was pulling it away. She didn’t want to wear it. Later she called out “kor kor” meaning, this one belongs to kor kor. Anyway I told her it is fine, kor kor give it to you. Later I put on the pants for her. Later she felt so uneasy and uncomfortable. She keep insisting to me that I undress her, keep lifting the top up and I can see her belly button.

      Anyway, mummy undressed her and walk across the room to get her pyjamas. After she wore hers, she was happy. What a 17 months old little gal? Mummy just discovered her new character.

      By the way, she can speak a few words now, especially Chinese.

      Almost the same syllable sound:
      Pa Pa – Daddy
      Por Por – Grandmother (Babysitter MIL)
      Pow Pow – Please carry me
      Pau Pau – Tummy filled
      Pu Yau – Don’t want
      Ball Ball – Ball
      Bear Bear – Bear
      Bye Bye – Goodbye

      Mum Mum – Food
      Mm Mm – Poo Poo
      Kor Kor – Brother
      Che Che – Sister (Babysitter daughter)
      Ko Ko – Grandfather (Babysitter FIL)
      Aiyoo – No meaning
      Oh Oh – No meaning

      I am still waiting for her to call me MUMMY!

    • First Graduation Day

      November 8, 2005

      My son just graduated from 3rd year nursery, another milestone he had completed. I hope he carry on graduating. After returning from Langkawi at 2pm, we had to attend his graduation ceremony at 4pm. It was just a small ceremony, nothing big. Some prize giving and chat with the teachers on his progress. At this stage, I don’t actually expect many achievements. I just hope he has fun in the nursery. It certainly made me happy if he succeeds.

      The teacher complains that he is very quiet. However it is not so at home, I have a difficult time asking him to keep quiet. I recorded his singing for the teacher to hear. They were pretty surprised that the fact he can sing. I told the teacher, he knows quite a lot of stuff. In turn I have to encourage the teachers that he is learning despite his quietness.

      Remember the last time I blog about his writing competition and he won first prize.

      Here is his piece of art:

      His moments:


    • I am back, back to work. 🙁 Hoping for a longer holiday. *Greedy Look* It was a great holiday in Langkawi. Two things that are real cheap there, cigarettes and alcohol. Both of which I don’t take. Imagine beer selling at RM1.50 per can. Drink till you drop. Other than that, Penang has it. The only thing that I bought back from there that is worth the money and cannot find in Penang is imported chocolates. YUMMY!!

      Talking about chocolates, you really have to be careful if it is real cheap. I saw a shop selling huge bar of imported chocolates, priced at 5 for RM5. Wow, I could just give my colleagues 1 bar each. Some has liquor in it. I took a look at the back and the expiry date was 07 Nov 2005. What a let down??!!

      I was away from Internet, TVB series (no TV8 & NTV7), newspaper, normal housework and the list goes on.


      Thursday – Nov 3rd
      12pm – Flight (Delayed – children were hungry)
      Check in Langkawi Village Resort
      Lunch and nap
      Played Sand
      Dinner at a Seafood Restaurant
      Hunt for petrol station and got lost for 20 minutes because the rented car tank was empty. Worst of all, Emily poo poo in the car. Mummy didn’t bring any diapers or tissue. Finally we found a petrol station, pump petrol. I washed Emily clean.

      Friday – Nov 4th
      Complimentary buffet breakfast in hotel
      We went to Underwater world to visit the penguin, fishes, reptiles and souvenirs store.
      Lunch & nap
      Swimming & Spa. The children enjoyed the warm water spa.
      We had steamboat for dinner.
      Drove around the area and took a stroll.

      Saturday – Nov 5th
      We went to Mangrove Tour Oriental Village (Cable Car, 7 Wells, Telaga Yatch Club). We didn’t go for the Mangrove Tour for the safety of the children. Maybe when they are older.
      Lunch & nap
      Shopping in Kuah Town
      Dinner at Thai Restaurant
      More shopping.

      Sunday – Nov 6th
      Pack and relax.
      Drove around.
      Duty Free shopping.
      Flew back

      We reach home at 2pm, send all the children to sleep. Later at 4pm, we have to rush to Timothy’s school for his prize giving day. Read more in the next blog.

      Timothy did enjoyed the experience of flying & Emily wasn’t sure.

      Plane View:

      The Resort:

      Underwater World:


      End of the Trip:

    • Happy DeepaRaya!!

      November 3, 2005

      Mybabybay blog wish all of you a Happy DeepaRaya and Happy Holidays!! Will be back soon!



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