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    • Clawdeen is the daughter of the Werewolf. She is a gorgeous and loyal to her friends. She is a fierce fashionista. In fact I love her shoes or boots. She is Frankie Stein and Draculaura BFF. She is gorgeous with her purple outfit. She also has a pet name Crescent, a cute little kitten.

      Emily found her profile from the Monster High Booklet:

      Clawdeen Doll By Mattel

      I must say she is one classy doll! She also comes with an elegant bag, diary, brush and doll stand. Again I like her boots! She also has cool earrings. This fierce fashionista definitely knows how to rock an animal print. With touches of “gold” (to showcase her favorite color) and claw-accented accessories (to celebrate her heritage), this outfit is something to roar about.

      Emily likes reading her diary and she kept telling me about her. The diary does have very interesting stories about her. The diary is a superb way of getting to know the doll more!

      Giveaway: Next Post!

      Yes, you can win one of the 9 most fabulous Monster High Dolls. I am excited to give it to you. Watch and read the next post. With a little creativity, you can be the winner! Do look out for it….

      Now here is the Monster High family, one of them is a human. Do you know who? Ask Emily, she been telling me over and over again. You can also check it out at

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    • Banking Day

      November 26, 2012

      Date: Oct 25, 2012

      Emily wanted to see how coins are counted in the bank. She pestered me for a long time to bring her to deposit all her money in the piggy bank. I was procrastinating but finally I did.

      At first, the teller told me that I need to separate the coins first. She was reluctant to help me. After a few questions, she called her manager. Her manager asked another staff to help. The first teller told me that the machine cannot separate the coins. Actually it can but a very tedious process. Anyhow, she got all the coins counted.

      Both my kids had a good banking experience. It is good to teach our kids how to save money from a young age.

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    • Know More About Frankie Stein

      Frankie Stein™ daughter of Frankenstein, has a monster sense of style. She has the perfect figure for fashion with touches of black and white and a mix of colors and prints (to celebrate her own “mixed” heritage), this outfit gives fashionistas something to scream for. She has a pet named Watzit™. Her favorite colors are black and white stripes.

      Her freaky flaw is that her stitches sometimes come loose at the worst possible moments. Once her arm flew off at fearleading tryouts and landed right in front of the most creeporific guy at Monster High. She was mortalfied.

      Frankie Stein Doll By Mattel

      She comes with beautiful shiny gold hair with black stripes. She doesn’t look freaky to me. My girl was happy to read her diary and get to know more about her. She wanted to play the iPhone quiz game. She did manage to unlock the code without the electronic key.

      The doll comes with doll stand, brush, diary and accessory. I was reading her diary too and found some very interesting stories about her. Now I do wish Mattel will create a book series on Monster High if they haven’t done it yet. I always love to see my children reading books.

      Emily captured some nice shots on the dolls, don’t you reckon? These dolls are great for Christmas gifts!!!

      Frankie Stein iPhoneApp Quiz Using The Diary


      Next Up, I will introduce Clawdeen Wolf™ to you. Another fierce but sweet doll.


      Baby Darren

      You have won either a Draculaura or Frankie Stein Doll! For those who didn’t win, wait for the upcoming post for more giveaways!!!

      Please contact asha [at} and provide your delivery address and contact number.

      Baby Darren Says:
      1. Special Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2. My freaky flaw is my “bulging tummy”..people always asked am I pregnant and I told them..”Yes..I am pregnant with fats..and there are not due yet..”So, I embraced it with funny replies to them and of course, I try to wear loose fitting to hide them.

      Sharine Says:
      1) Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2) I’m super scare of chicken, moreover an alive chicken which I dare not go near. But whenever I need to help MIL or my mother to prepare a chicken meal, I make sure I don’t see the whole chicken. So I overcome it by purposely buy chicken with no head, feet, and cut into separated portion then only I can cook. Yes, I’m weird!

      Tatiyana Says:
      I hope I’m not too late. Here goes…
      01. Exclusive skeleton key
      02. I’m socially awkward. I find it hard to interact with people, let alone adjusting myself into new environments. As a result, I only have a small circle of friends. Years have passed though, I am now a lonely soul who ventures alone. It’s not that I dislike company, and would rather enjoyed being confined in solitude. Truth be told, I just don’t have the nerve. I have thought of a thousand ways to make people like me. But instead, all I ever did is scaring them off. It sort of makes me feel inhuman.

      Despite the fact of having affected only a number of people in my life… Well, they like me because of the way I am. And that’s something 🙂

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    • My girl took the final exam but the teachers didn’t reveal her marks or send me the report card. She got some of her papers back but not the Maths & Science. Now how do I gauge how she is doing in school The KSSR System seems to be very ambiguous. Up till now, I still do not understand the system and assessment.

      My girl told me that the teachers only show some of the students the subject marks but not all. For KBSR, at least I know my son’s marks and I can help him to improve on certain subjects or area where he is weak.

      I did receive the band report for my girl. Below is part of her report and it is very hard for me to tell which area I should help my child to improve. Band 6 is the highest. The Moral teacher gave her band 4 although my girl did a lot but the BM teacher gave my band 5 for doing not as much as Moral. The band ranking has nothing to do with her exam marks. She did get 100 for Moral, yet only get band 4.

      But the report doesn’t mean a thing to me as I cannot tell how to help my child to focus on the weak area. I don’t get her exams paper back. Although I know she did above 95 for most subjects. Looks like I need to do my own assessment. This is the downfall of the KSSR System.

    • Tim’s Comic

      November 8, 2012

      Tim loves to draw. Basically he can draw to occupy himself. He creates his own characters, combine it with things he sees or cartoons he watches. Believed me he had draw over thousands of comics over the years. One day I was looking at what he was drawing and I was really pleased with his imagination. Here are some of the pictures.

      Station-ery Battle:

      Glue Attack!

      Sharpener Tanker

      Pencil Jet Got Hit

      Motor Scissors

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      Yes you can be one of the 3 winners to get these lovely dolls for your child either Draculaura or Frankie Stein doll. The dolls are worth are between RM79.90 and RM99.90. Even if you are a teenager, you also can participate. Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysian address. The comment box is opened for you to type your answers. READY??!!

      To enter, it is very simple. Answer these questions below in your own words in the comments box.

          1. What comes with the Draculaura Sweet 1600 set that automatically invites you to the party?
          2. What’s your Freaky Flaw and how do you embrace it?

      Simple right? Hint to Q1 is in here. Remember to leave your email address so that we can contact you if you win! All the best!

      Closing Date: Fri 11th Nov 2012.
      Results Date: Week of the 12th Nov
      Open to all who has a Malaysian address to ship the doll to!

      *Hint*:Be very creative in answering Q2 so that your answers stand out, increase your chances of winning! 🙂


      Next up, do you know who Frankenstein daughter is? She is BFF with Draculaura. She wears a very cool blue outfit! And she is only 15 days old. I will share more in the next post. Stay tune and read it so that you can win more dolls for your child.