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    • Surprised

      August 10, 2010

      Last week, someone found me from my blog that I do sculpture balloon. Yeah, I do it for interest and also for my Sunday School children. I started learning when I bought a balloon kit from MPH. It was scary at first because I have phobia in balloon bursting. Any balloon bursting will give me a fright.

      Anyway, I am glad I learnt a few tips from the internet.
      1. Let out some air after you pump up the balloon so that it is soft and easy to twist.
      2. Some models required some space at the end of the balloon. Don’t inflate it fully.
      3. Buy good quality balloon.

      YouTube has a lot of free tutorial on making nice balloon models. I got most of the ideas from there.

      By the way, the person who ordered the balloons from me, we had some much in common. It is a very small world in this island. I am glad her party friends like my balloons.

      If any of you who have children who wants to go Sunday School in Penang island, drop me a comment and I will contact you. I am from the Christian Gospel Hall community. Children age 5 to 12.

    • Bicycle Replica

      October 20, 2007

      Do you like my replica of the bicycle? Yes, some of you said that it was expensive buying the balloons for my children. Actually the other reason I wanted to get the balloon is so that I can learn from it to make one myself. Now I can make bicycle balloon. My children pretend to ride on it and go around the house making noise. It is worth the money.

    • Fairy Balloon

      September 30, 2007

      My sculpture fairy balloon which I learn from a book. Anyone wants to invite me to their children’s party? It will be one of my sideline. :giggles:

    • Kids Fun Time 2007

      August 25, 2007

      Today my church held a fun time for children. 100++ children came and we were overwhelm with the great response. The children had fun because of all the activities line up for them, we have simple bible quiz, mini stores for games, balloon making and bible story time. Of coz not forgetting the food like fish balls, sausages, nuggets, ice-creams and many more finger foods. We even have candy floss and ice popsicles. Yeap, we got a candy floss machine.

      Children were coming to me for balloons. I made flowers, swords, hats, dogs and others. Thanks to Hooi Lin who was able to get some tough good quality balloons for me to do balloon twisting. I hope her gal’s birthday party turns out great. It was a tiring day for my family. My children were overwhelmed with all the food and games. I do not know how many ice popsicles, fish balls, sausages and ice-cream they have eaten. It was a great day to sum it all. Sorry I didn’t have much time to take pictures of the event.

    • Balloon Sculpture II

      August 17, 2007

      Lately, I am learning how to do more sculpture balloons. Not that I am going to be a clown. :giggles: My church is having a fun event for children. It has lots of children activities and fun fair type of games. If you are in Penang and would like to go, ping me.

      Of coz, I volunteer myself to do balloon sculpturing. I found a collection of videos of an expect doing different balloon sculpturing. He is good, professional, can even knot a balloon with one hand. I learn to do a cool sword, flower and butterfly by watching those videos. The website: Videos here. Now my house is filled with sculptured balloon and I need to get more. Now anyone want to invite me to your child’s birthday party?

      One tip I learn about balloon sculpturing that is to prevent the balloon from popping, you let out some air after you inflate it. You need to even out the air in the balloon. It is very fun thing to do as I love doing things with my hands. Try it and you will never need to queue infront of a clown to get balloons for your kids.

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    • Balloon Sculpture

      February 28, 2007

      Long time ago, I admired clowns who can make balloon sculpture. Now clowns are not the only one who can do balloon sculpture. I picked up this hobby when I found a book on how to do it. Now I am kind of an expert in it. It is very easy. You just need to be brave and not afraid of bursting balloons.

      My children love those balloons sculpture. Most children love it. It can be used for party time. If your kids want to fight, create some balloon swords, they can fight all they want without physical injuries. :giggles:

      Materials required are balloons, a good pump and a pair of hands. It is really fun, you can try it. Here is a gallery of patterns you can follow: and

      Basically I love to do things with my hands like origami, beading, balloon sculpture, cards making, 3D deco and paper cutting.