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    • Hiking

      March 22, 2010

      Today I took my children to hike up the Bukit Jambul hill. It is a tough hill to climb. Before having any children, I always go up with my hubby after work. It is a good workout after conquering the hill. The path was easier then. Now it looks difficult, I believed some of the pathway has eroded.

      The children were very excited at first. The climbing up for us took a long time as I need to guide Emily up every step. It was a long way up and down. They were happy when we got to the top. We could enjoy the breeze and the view. The nice view was block by some big trees. Sigh, I was hoping to sip some ginger tea but none avail.

      They also got some exercise equipments up there. I wonder how they managed to carry all the way up there.

      The difficult part was getting down, some parts were slippery. I had to help Emily to take baby steps down. To add to the difficulty, it was getting dark. Emily could not see the pathway. However we managed to get down safely. We were the last family to get down. It was really an achievement for us. It took us 2 hours in total to go up and down.

      We asked the children if they want to do it again, they loudly jeered “NO”. My hubby and I enjoyed it. We need to KIV this until the next holiday.

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    • Nutritious Candy

      September 7, 2009

      My friend introduced gummy bear multi vitamin to me. I know my children would love it. I got Vien to get 2 bottles for me. Actually it can be found in Costco.

      It has 6 great natural flavors cherry, strawberry, tropical punch, orange, lemon and white grape. It has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. In addition, it has no wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts or soy. It has Vitamin A, C, D, E B-6, folic acid, B-12, Biotin, Iodine, Zinc and others. Ooh, it has received American Chefs Best Award 2009 BEST TASTE.

      When I introduced it to Emily and Timothy, they didn’t like it at first. Maybe it was the vitamin in the gummy bears. I ate some myself. I kind of like the yellow ones. I gave them the yellow ones and they changed their minds. Now they just take it without any problems. It is nutritious and taste great with no artificial stuff. Imagine I like it too. 🙂

    • Cheers To Good Health

      October 28, 2007

      Yeap, bonus is around the corner, in fact it is a few days away. However this is not the good news I want to share. Hey money is not everything you know. What I want to share is that I got back my blood test result and I did very well.

      What make me very happy was that the doctor said I have a very good gen and my cholesterol level was very good. On average women my age will get cholesterol level nearing or over the warning mark. Most cholesterol problem is mainly cause by genetics. Besides this, all other test was within range.

      Sometimes many of us do not appreciate the good health we are getting. We take it for granted. When it goes away, we will start doing everything to improve it. For all parents, do take a yearly health check and start paying attention to it. Cheers to good health.

      By the way, I will be making another US business trip next year. I cannot wait to taste the Pho again. Yummy!!

    • Parenting Tip #7 Sleep

      September 22, 2007

      Train your child to sleep early, it will benefit the child as sleep will allow the body to generate cells for growth. You need more sleep when you are young compare to elderly person. If you child sleeps late say 11pm, you can slowly move his/her sleeping time earlier by 15-30 minutes until you hit a suitable time. I get my children to sleep by 9:30pm.

      When you child understands you (above 2), you can train her very easily. Tug your child in with a dim light, you can also read a bedtime story or sing her a lullaby. Teach your child to sleep on her own.

      The hard part is she cries when you leave. You leave the room and tell her that you are outside, it is ok. If she doesn’t stop, you go in after 10 minutes and tell her that you are outside. Try to use positive words like she is a big girl or a good girl. Do these steps until she sleeps on her own. It is tough but you need to be persistent.

      You can use security blankets like a blanket, a toy or a teddy bear to accompany her. Some extra, you can make your child room as comfy as she wants to sleep in there with toy area, books area and lots of posters of her favorite cartoons.