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    • Strike Three

      May 30, 2007

      I am in London now. I am very fortunate and I tell you why. Few weeks before I left for Scotland, I had planned to go to Paris and London. However I don’t know anyone in Paris or London. Oh well, I thought I plan for an ad hoc trip as I didn’t know my project schedule in Scotland. By the way, nothing is cheap here, hotel can cost up to more than 100 pounds. Believe me I did a lot of Google searches.

      A few days before I left, my best friend, didn’t see her for like 13 years when I left Australia after my studies. I knew her when we were in secondary school and later she migrated to Sydney where I was in University. Anyway, she sent email to me and her friends updating us of her latest news. I notice his brother was in London. My prayers were answered. Thanks to him and his wife, they offered me a place to stay. Paris didn’t happen. I need to book in advance if I want cheap deals.

      3 strikes to my camera trouble. 😥

      Strike 1

      While I was in Scotland, I visited Glasgow, very beautiful city on one of the Sunday. I will upload the pictures later when I return. While I was snapping away with my digital camera, my 1G card shouted “Memory Full”. What? There was only less than 100 pictures in there, it can’t be. I missed out on some good shots due to memory full. I had to reformat the card after I download my pictures, it returns back to normal.

      Strike 2

      I did some city tour in Edinburgh also on Sunday and my camera ran out of battery. Sigh.

      Strike 3.

      Last Monday, while I flew from Edinburgh to London, I saw a nice view up the air and guess what happen to my camera? Sigh, it was no where to be found. I remembered I packed it but it is not there. I am not even sure where I misplaced it. Isn’t it frustrated? London has so many beautiful sceneries that I need to capture. Anyway you cannot believe what I did. Nope, I didn’t get a new digital camera in pounds. No way. I tell ya later if the pictures turn out nice.

      Last, I need your help if you have a blog. Please put this banner up to find Madeleine who was abducted. Help the parents to find her. It is just so sad as she is only 4 year old. Lets spread the word around the world and pray that she will be found.


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      More code here:

    • Independence Day

      May 29, 2007

      The other day, we were sharing with the UK team, how Malaysia has so many public holidays. We were asking them, what holidays they have. Apparently there are not many in UK.

      UK: You guys have a lot of public holidays.

      MYS: Yeah we have Chinese New Year, Raya Holidays and Depavalli. We are a multi cultural country.

      UK: Wow great to have that many holidays.

      MYS: Independence Day is coming up too. You know Independence Day. Do you have it?

      UK: Nope, we don’t.

      MYS: Why not? US has it.

      UK: Because never been conquered before.

      MYS: *duh, slap forehead*

      I got this info from a friend of mine, so if you are talking to the English, please do not repeat the same mistake. 😆

    • Deal Or No Deal II

      May 25, 2007

      Sorry to keep you all in suspense if you gals are really waiting for the result. I was caught up with a lot of work.

      The guy actually took the banker’s offer which is really a smart move as he needed the money. From my perspective, he is not greedy. If someone didn’t really need the money, he probably will go further. So the results, lets watch.

      Sigh, he did have the 250,000 Pounds.

    • Deal Or No Deal

      May 22, 2007

      Deal Or No Deal

      I was watching the English Version of Deal Or No Deal on Saturday. The player opened the case 1 by 1. He did very well as he clear off most of the lowest amount. However he ended with 1 Pound and 250,000 Pound (RM1.7 million). The banker offer 75,000 to buy over his case. If you were him, will you take your chance to win 250,000 or you take 75,000. You may end of with 1 Pound. Tough decision yeah. What is your decision and What do you think happen?

      Answers in the next post.

    • Hello From Edinburgh

      May 20, 2007

      Source of the above map from:

      Yeah I have arrived in Edinburgh UK, 14 hours flight. I must say that I have a pleasant flight with SIA. I was fortunate as I was given a very good seat. The seat next to me was empty given me some space. However the guy who sat near the aisle hardly went to the gents. I had to excuse myself 2 times as I drank lots of water.

      Edinburgh is a very beautiful city with lots of old buildings. It reminds me of Sydney of Australia. You can hardly see any tall building here except the Cathedral Churches. It is freezing here with strong wind. I was almost blown off the street.

      The strange thing in Edinburgh, the daylight is almost all day. It is still bright until 9pm and sun rises very early, 4am. When we go for dinner at 7pm, it looks like afternoon. I can say that I hardly in the dark. You can walk until late evening and still not feel it.

      I am staying in a very nice apartment with a dinning hall and kitchen, just like a studio. I am traveling with 14 others colleagues and more to come. It is just like having a school excursion. I must say that I can see a strong team dynamics in them and everyone is friendly.

      Here are the pictures:

      The Edinburgh Castle on the second picture:

      Love the house structure:

      Lady Statue

      Cathedral Church

      Statue Came Alive:

    • Traveling Again!

      May 16, 2007

      Yes, I am going on a business trip Guess where I will be going? For those already know, please refrain from telling yeah. Let make this more interesting, if you can guess, I will get a souvenir for you from there. I must tell you that I never been to this place before.

      I was supposed to go 2 years ago but I couldn’t because Emily was still small and I need to take care of her. I gave the project to my project manager. Now my project manager cannot go because she is pregnant. It is like a cycle.

      Today I am very happy because my company did very well and announced bonus. :dance: Anyway, I am busy this whole week, 2 days training, flying on Friday and every day got meeting here and there. I am so not prepare to fly off. I know many readers are interested in the US Stocks Online Trading, when I am on the plane, I will write about it and post it when I am in the hotel.

      By the way, pray for lovelymum, she will undergo an operation tomorrow. Link here:

      Another puzzle clue for those interested. Here is it. Routing Number for HSBC is 125007098. More Routing number here:

    • PayPal Glitches

      May 14, 2007

      Most Malaysian is having trouble accepting payment from PPP because paypal upgraded their system. Somewhere along the process of accept payment, you need to enter a US account. Paypal is going to fix it but we do not know exactly when and we have a 30 days expiry to meet. Tonight, I was trying to think out of the box and manage to successfully accept all my PPP payment, legally.

      How? All this while, I have a US trading account because my hubby and I invest in US shares. It is pretty simple to do an investment in US shares online, maybe I share about it in my next post, if I have the time.

      Anyway, I keyed in my US trading account, because that account can be use as a checking account too. Guess what, it successfully went through. Amazingly, all my payment was auto accepted. :dance: :dance: :dance:

      I have another method but it is risky.

    • I accidentally bum into this blog and I love it. I am sure you will too. It is blogging in a different manner. No words at all. Nope it is not a photoblog. Although the blog does not have words, it has a story. A very creative story. Bravo to stickgal. Am I getting all of you excited?

      Visit She uses drawings to create interesting love story with all kinds of expressions. If you are bored and doesn’t want any heavy reading, hop to her blog.

      One of cartoon:

    • Singapore ChinaTown

      May 12, 2007

      A good place to find all your souvenirs and nice cheap Singaporean flavored bags are in Singapore Chinatown. To get there, you can take the MRT directly to Chinatown station. It is also a place to eat different types of food, of coz at a tourist price. I love the pork tripes, egg omelette with seafood and dim sum there.

      It has lots of things to see and shop, like bags, dresses, skirts, deco stuff, cushion covers, watches and shoes. It is almost similar to Petaling Street but Petaling Street has more people and stores. There is one shop you should go, they sell all the nice samfu and cheong sam. It is mostly from China. There are some India clothing too.

      I was quite pissed with one stall. It is the stall that makes bookmarks, table deco and stuff with bending steel. My son was just touching one of the display, children being children, they love to touch. The stall owner shouted, “Boy don’t bend the display”. He didn’t even bend it, just merely touch it. I said out loud “Lets go if that’s they way they treat customer, so rude”. If my boy did any damage to their display, I will pay for it. He doesn’t have to shout at my boy.

      Don’t mess with my children, look here to see why….do they look like they are little FBI agents?

      I got those glasses for them from Tangs with UV protections. Do not get those cheapo toys black glasses as it will spoil their eyes.

    • Zara’s mama gave me a hard tag. I dislike writing about people’s fault. Who has no fault/mistake, cast the first stone? This sounds familiar to some right.

      I am sure there are plenty to write as we are not perfect and quiet easily find fault with others. I must say I have many more ways that piss my hubby off than he has, that pisses me off. Most of all, he has more good characters than bad.

      To be fair to him, I will write 5 ways that I dislike about him and 5 ways he dislikes about me base on my assumptions.

      1. He doesn’t like to argue and keeps silent when I voiced out my unhappiness mostly about him. Sometimes no reaction can mean a deaf ear and cause me to steam up. Maybe because I am channeling the energy and no one receiving it. At least if he comforts me, I feel a little better.

      2. He dislikes me voicing out his bad point all the time.

      3. When I asked him to help me buy stuff, he always gets the wrong things even though detail instructions were given. Most of the time, he blame the person selling it. Imagine, once I asked him to buy Emily’s diapers and he got the wrong type when Emily has been using it for 2 years. Same go for milk powder.

      4. He dislikes me hanging around the shopping mall for too long, especially when it is very late in the evening.

      5. He wakes up early in the morning and makes lots of noise. His noise wakes up my son because my son and I are light sleepers. My son starts to makes noise and I cannot sleep.

      6. He dislikes me sleeping late and waking up late.

      7. He drives me crazy when he takes his sweet time (deli dali) when we are going out. He likes to either water the garden or oil the gate when we are rushing to go out. Talk about timing. Or he likes to get everyone into the car when I am not ready and wait for me in the car with the engine turn on. What a waste of petrol?

      8. He dislikes me getting angry with him especially when I am moody.

      9. He likes to talk to me when I am watching TV especially when the exciting part is coming on.

      10. He dislikes me watching too much TV or blogging. Oooh he is also glue to his photography forum, so I asked him whether he work for the forum? Does it pay you? He spiked me by asking me back, does my blog pays me. I said YES with confident. Hehehe…Daddy 0 Mummy 1. Sorry dear…you still the greatest and I love you. I remember my vows…for better for worse…

      Now I shall pass this tag to

      Jess – She knew I am going to pass it to her even before I wrote this.
      Julian – Let’s read a guy’s perspective on it.

      You can write the original or follow my style to be fair to your spouse. :giggles: