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      March 30, 2011

      I am glad my children are into reading. They love to hang around the book stores. Imagine, sometimes I have to drag them out. Even my MIL praised them for reading books on their own during free time. I really wished that we have a library near our area. Anyhow I bring them to the books stores at lease twice in a month.

      Yesterday I discovered this Korean Science comic in Bahasa Malaysia at the store. Immediately I know both my children will love it. There are pages to explain the Science part of the topics. The one I bought is on bugs. They have write up on grasshoppers, ant, firefly and other bugs.

      By the way, it is also sold online at with shipping charges. This is a good book for my children to increase their BM vocabulary. The book comes in 3 different languages, Chinese, English & BM, each sold separately.

      Books are good investment for the kids. With books, they spend less time on electronic gadgets. We must cultivate reading when they are young.

    • Homework Help!

      March 23, 2011

      The other day my boy asked me to help him with his homework because he said he didn’t know how to do. I am also the tuition teacher in the house. After dinner, he came to me and showed me his exercise book.

      One look, I called out for help. It was his Chinese homework. Although I sent him to National school, he still needs to take 1 subject in Chinese, which is good. However, I really do not know how to help him. I went outside and peep at my neighbor’s house. I saw my neighbor’s son and request him to help Tim. He was delighted to help him. My neighbor invited Tim over.

      I am so glad that I can get my neighbor to help him with this. Next time, I may just scan her homework and post it on FB for help. :giggles:

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    • Holiday Fever

      March 21, 2011

      It was not much of a holiday for the children. A day after my son had his birthday, he caught a fever. He was down for 2 days. Right after he recovered, Emily caught his fever. Both had fever as high as 38.9. I had to monitor their temperature and sponge them. Emily refused suppository and I was afraid her fever fit will return. Thank goodness, it did not.

      With 4 hourly courses of fever medication and antibiotic, both recovered on Friday. I guess it was God’s protection on both because a lot of church people have been praying for both of them. Thank you all!

      Well, it was only Saturday left. I took both of them to Borders and Toys R Us to have their fun. By the way, due to my busy work schedule, I didn’t plan much for this March School Holiday.

      However, I have planned for June holiday and I cannot wait for June to come! Now I need to start planning for December holiday.

    • As my children grow up, we have less and less formal birthday celebration for them. Our celebration tends to be a family dinner. Timothy has chosen Victoria Station because he wanted to eat Escargot. He does have an exquisite taste. I have no objection as I like it too.

      Today my boy came to me and said, “Mommy, do we have birthday eve?” He let out a cheeky smile. I wonder why he asked me that, maybe he wanted a birthday eve present.

      He already chose his gift when we last went down to KL. It was the last set and he was afraid I couldn’t get it again if I don’t buy. No prize for guessing what it is. Obviously it is another Lego set. Emily got him a Sponge Bob VCD. Now he is grinning from ear to ear.

      Happy Birthday Timothy and wished that you are one year wiser!

    • Papa Creativity

      March 7, 2011

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    • Tim lost his music text book so he needs to get another 1 from the bookshop. His daddy asked him to check the price from the book store. With his timid character, he failed to do it or he forgot. Two days ago, I fetched him to school, gave him RM4 and asked him to get the book. I told him the book may be RM5 but I only have RM4 in my wallet. He has some money in his to top it up if it cost more than RM4.

      At the end of the day, did he get the book? Here is the story.

      His Story
      Tim: You gave me RM4 and while you were driving me to school, I took RM1 from my wallet and add it to the RM4. I bought the book.

      Me: How do you know the book was RM5?

      Tim: Yeah it is RM5! *so confident*

      Emily Story
      Emily: First I parked my bag, then I followed him to the bookstore. There were noisy kids buying stuff. He asked for “buku muzik tahun 3” (music book for primary 3). The book shop guy gave him the book and took his money.

      I was still not convinced that the book was RM5. I asked Tim to bring it out for me to check. Yeap, RM5 it is. I have so little confident in him, lesson for me to increase my confident in him. However I teach him to always ask how much before giving the money.