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    • Finally!

      August 30, 2006

      Finally I have finished my exams and it is raining outside. The papers were difficult, as the answers were so close to each other. It was an objective paper. I am keeping my finger crossed and hope to receive good news 4 weeks down the road.

      Since I am stuck in the hotel, by the way, I am in Singapore, right now. I called my children.

      Emily: Hello Mummy.
      Mummy: Hello.
      Emily: Buy me teddy bear.
      Mummy: Already bought.
      Emily: I few, I few.
      Mummy: Ask kor kor to come.
      Emily: Kor Kor, where are you? Go, mummy called!
      Tim: Buy me teddy bear.
      Mummy: ok

      *Tim ran away*. So much, for talking to them. I think they will grow up like me, do not like to talk on the phone.

      I saw a few incidents with children in Singapore.

      Incident #1:

      Boy: Mummy, you must buy me this, or this or this.
      Mom: *ignore his son*
      Boy: Buy me this.
      Mom: *ignore him*
      Boy: *grumbling* *whining* *very frustrated*
      I didn’t hear his exact words but he was very frustrated and scolding the mother. The mother was calm and spoke softly but not answering the boy’s demand. She said “Lets’ go.” The boy was still complaining.

      Incident #2

      Boy (about 3 year old) crying at the MRT station, I was not sure what. I was observing the boy and the mother’s reaction. There were also 2 other relatives. Mother was ignoring the boy’s cry. He kept crying and holding the mother’s leg. Mother folding her arms and ignoring him. Everyone was staring at the boy by now and he was so cute to be ignored. I felt like going there and saying sweet things to make him happy. It went on for almost 4-5 mins. Then I realized I was on the wrong platform, I didn’t observe further but I had to leave.

    • MIA

      August 26, 2006

      I will MIA next week to study and take exam. Please do miss me but pray :pray: for me that I pass. I was telling Jess, when my children grow up to a manageable age, I probably want to go back to do some part time studying.

      The thing is I do not know what I want to study? I probably do not want to do a master or a PHD. I have an interest in child development. Anyway, it is a long long way before I reach there.

      Here’s wishing all of you:


    • Motivation

      August 23, 2006

      Finally Emily didn’t cry for consecutive 2 days in the morning when I send her to school. Yesterday hubby and I encourage her, if she doesn’t cry, we will get her a small present. Today we will give her roti canai. It makes us think whether this a motivation or a bribe?

      I read some where that we should not bribe our children. Do we consider rewarding for doing well a bribe or a motivator? I watched a TV program whereby the teacher was rewarding the under achiever students with a gift, even though they score 35 /100. The teacher was motivating them to do well. However the principal think otherwise, saying it is not good to attract student to do well, with reward. If no reward, they will slack. Next scene, they show a corporate meeting where the manager told everyone, if they successfully complete the project, they will receive 5 months bonus. Ha! What an irony? :duh:

      What do I think? Bribing a child is wrong but rewarding for good behavior is alright. Example if the child is crying, telling the child not to cry if you give him a candy is bribing. Next time, he will cry double as loud because he knows he will get a candy for stopping. However if the child shows good behavior like keeping his toys, rewarding him for doing so is alright.

      Reward doesn’t have to be material, praise, a kiss, a clap or taking them to special places like park or playground will be rewarding. However, never over do it because it is no good if the child is always waiting for a reward if he shows good behavior. What do you think?

      Emily: Papa, I few.
      Emily: Mummy I few.
      Emily: Kor Kor I few.
      Mummy, Papa, Kor Kor: :think: :eh: :sc:

      Mummy: Ahhh….I love you too, Emily. 😀

    • Penang Blog

      August 22, 2006

      I found there are readers of my blogs who are interested in Penang, I decided to start a new blog and copy some of my previous post about Penang into the new site. I hope to share more interesting post about Penang to you.

      Here is the new URL:

      I still have problem making the subdomain point to the above URL. Any expert out there who can help? I tried every solution I have in my tiny brain but it didn’t work. Sigh.

    • Test The Water

      August 17, 2006

      I was reading blogs on my computer in the study room. Emily took my calculator. I told her “You cannot take the calculator outside of the room to play, later papa scold”. She froze and took smaller step to try to leave the room with the calculator. “Mummy, take cane”. She still taking smaller steps and she dare not look at me with a deep thought expression. I took the cane and she gave the crying expression. I carried her back to the room. She cried for a short 30 secs. Later she said, “Cannot take out, later papa scold. Bye Bye Cya” :naughty: She left the room after placing the calculator back on the table. Mummy 1 Emily 0.

    • Breastfeeding Days

      August 16, 2006

      When I started becoming a mother, I never prepare myself for breastfeeding. My mentality was if it is successful, it will be good. If not, so be it. If I had to do it all over again, I will put 100% effort.

      First Time

      The very first time I tried, my boy was sleeping when I latched him. No suction from him. Later the head nurse came in and thought me how to hold the baby to the breast. He managed to suck and I can feel it. It was exciting. However it didn’t last long as he fell asleep again. Next session, the holding position was wrong and the nurse could not help me as she is not trained to do. After the third session, everything went down hill. Every time I latched him, my son started yelling on top of his voice. He didn’t want to be near me. Poor me, all the mothers in the nursery gave me the stare.


      During my confinement, I asked my husband to go get me a battery operated cheapo pump. I had to express milk out every 3-4 hourly, only 3-4oz per session. There was enough milk for the day but not for night. I continued for 2 months and stopped when I started work. During that time, my work place does not provide facility for breastfeeding.

      Second Attempt

      My pediatric doctor advised me to breastfeed my second child as the first had allergy problem. Chances of second child follow will be high. I read up on breastfeeding and prepared for it. However I failed to latch her too. I decided to fully express for her. I got a better pump this time. I had sufficient supply for day. I carried on during confinement and for 8 months.

      After a few moms at my work place started to breastfeed, HR decided to provide a better facility for us. Every 3 hours, I will go to the room to express. I really love the Avent ISIS pump. My first session in the morning, I can pump 12-15 oz, after that it will be 3-4 oz per session. My record was 25 oz per day. However Emily had a great appetite, she drinks every 3 hourly at 6oz. I had to supplement her night feeding with formula. I also gave 3 oz per day added to my son’s milk.

      Emily took all my baby fat away. She was a real chubby baby. I lost all my weight right after confinement. Everyone was so surprised that I could wear jeans to work after my confinement. Imagine I shred all 20kg that I put on during my pregnancy.

      I had to drink 2-3L of water everyday, drank lots of soup, eat fish daily and no seafood or allergy prone food. Tip for breastfeeding, get a good pump, go for Avent ISIS. Many mothers that I introduce this to, came back with a thump up! :good:

      I really missed those breastfeeding days.

    • Dinner Gone

      August 15, 2006

      I decided to go for fast food as I have to rush home, pick up the children and fetch husband from the hospital. I bought a tub of corn (for the children), some nuggets, 1 fillet o’fish burger with a carbonated drink.

      My 2 hungry children, probably school activities created a great appetite in them. By the way the school feed them dinner at 5pm. They came home ate all the corns, all my nuggets and ½ of my fillet o’fish burger. I don’t encourage them to drink carbonated drink as it is not good for their teeth. I allowed them to have 1-2 sips.

      What is left for me was ½ of the burger and the carbonated drink. Later at the hospital, they asked me to buy cream puff for them. They came home and walloped 1 cream puff each and drank their milk. What an appetite?!

      My hubby is still in the hospital as the doc doesn’t allow him to be discharged. He has no fever but the hemoglobin is a little low. The doc gave him MC till Friday and allowed him to take wad leave to go home to sleep. He needs to return to the hospital in the morning. Thank you for all your wishes. He will be fine.

    • Helpful Tim

      August 14, 2006

      Tim is a great helper around the house. He is my right hand man in the house. He gets the trait from his father, as both do things for the household. He has helped me to

    • Run up the stairs to get things for mummy, like diaper cream for Emily, talc powder, diapers, white cloth etc…
    • Throws rubbish into the bin.
    • Bring dirty bowls onto the sink for washing.
    • Keep his toys in the toys’ box, sometimes need a little nag.
    • Mop the floor. Once Emily accidentally pee on the floor, he ran to the toilet to get the mop to dry the floor. Although we need to mop it again with Kleen Floor.
    • Find pacifier for Emily.
    • Take remote controls for mummy.
    • Put his dirty laundry into the basket.
    • Somehow he feels happy after helping me because he loves praises from me. I hope this will lasts a long time.

      Mummy: Tim, please get the “woon po” (a.k.a dish cloth) for me.
      Tim: “woon po”, what’s that?
      Mummy & Daddy: 😆
      Mummy: White cloth, near the sink.
      Tim: oooh white cloth ah. *he goes and takes it* Oh! There you are.
      Mummy: Thank you, you are a genius.
      Tim: *all smiles on his face*

      Well, whether a boy or gal, all mothers should train their child to do some kind of housework. They will turn out to be a fine boy or shall I say “every gal’s dream hubby” or “every MIL’s dream SIL”.

      He loves hearing Chinese or Cantonese, he thinks it is funny. One time, daddy played his toy story DVD in Cantonese. He was giggling over the dialogues and he learns another language from it too.

      Today my hubby has been admitted to the hospital, due to his prolong fever. His doc referred to the hospital for a thorough examination and blood test. I must have owed the hospital, my family have been visiting it very often. 🙁

  • Emily Oh Emily

    August 11, 2006

    I told you before that whenever Emily wants to throw tantrum, she would go for the floor, even in public. She will not allowed anyone to touch her. If you give anything to her, she will push it or kick it away. There is nothing you can do but let her stay there for a while. I have no idea where she picks it from. She started this while she was about 8 months.

    Kodak moments…

  • What a Mistake??!!

    August 10, 2006

    Few months back, my credit card sent me a brochure with promotion of knockdown gift points exchanged. I saw the 18 pieces soup set that I wanted. Soup set come with a big bowl, a big spoon, 4 soup bowls, 4 soup spoons, 4 small & 4 big plates, I took it. A few weeks later, they delivered it. I opened it and saw it was not what I ordered. The gift that came was a dinner set, with 4 big plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups and 4 saucers. The pattern was ugly. I called to request them to take it back. How can they send something that is not what the customer ordered? They arranged for pick up and refund all my points.

    I helped my friend to order something from Walmart US because I have friend going to US and can help to bring it back for her. I keyed in the ship to address, which is San Jose. However when they shipped, they delivered to Milpitas. The system must have a BIG bug in there. I called them to investigate. Investigation takes 7 days. I told them I want a refund if the error was made by them. They kept apologizing and will get back to me within the next 7 days. Knowing it is a big mall, they won’t run away with my money.