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    • Journey Of My New iPhone6

      I heard iPhone6 launch months back, I was still wondering should I replace my phone. I need to change as iOS 8.0 is not supporting my iPhone 4 and it will be a security problem as I need to sync my work email and calender to the phone. Anyway I am also having problem with my home button with iPhone 4.

      Most of my iPhones were bought directly in US. Then I heard that my colleague will be coming here for business trip end of the month. Good timing!

      I did a pre-ordered on Apple Store on the first day. I was fortunate that the order went through within 5 minutes. However I made an error in the address and contact entry. After a day, I am glad I was able to change it.

      No sweat and no long queue to buy iPhone6. I heard in some countries, they have to queue all night just to buy it. I don’t understand why they cannot just wait nor do a pre-order on Apple online. It is so easy and it gets shipped right to your door step.

      I didn’t want to get iPhone6 Plus as I know it doesn’t fit into my jeans pocket and it is too big. I prefer smaller phone.

      Anyway, my iPhone arrived and it took 15 minutes to restore backup from my old phone to the new one. All apps installed with no problem. The only problem was Bluetooth which cannot detect any devices.

      I like the camera features, the pictures taken is so clear. Like the display too as watching video is great. However there is still no flash for me to watch kdrama. I need to go find other sites which don’t use flash and I found some.

      I wonder what is the selling price in Malaysia? Anyway it is already selling in Groupon or Lazada but I am sure it is a hike up prices.

      Published on October 21, 2014 · Filed under: Parenting, Shopping;
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