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    • I wanted to blog about this but I often forget. I am very frustrated with our local TV channels – NTV7, 8TV and TV3 are all guilty of it. Very often during a commercial break, you will find horror tv ads, horror movie ads or violence shows ads pop on. It really frightened the children. Worst is, sometimes these bad commercials come up in between a cartoon program break. It is horrifying.

      The cartoon is U rated which means it is suitable for children. However the commercials in between are not U rated and definitely not suited for children. Don’t you really hate that?!!

      I had to quickly switched channels so that my children will not see the horror stuff on TV. Now I cannot leave them alone it watching any TV programs without supervision. Any way I can complain about this?

      Universal rating states that it is for general viewing and should not contain material that may evoke fear or concern, no violence, no sexual acts, no language, no drug abuse, no nudity. Rate the commercials too! Malaysia TV, please adhere to this for our children sake!

    • WHI – Moms On Air

      October 22, 2007

      Sasha, Shannon, Chinnee and Siew Ting were the guests of TV3 Wanita Hari Ini. They have taken blogging to a whole new level, sharing their blogging experience on TV. Bravo to them and it is just so cool! At least now other mothers who are new will be introduced to the blogging world, building a stronger mother network. :clap:

      Chinnee email me last night, telling me that she and some blogger mothers will be on TV3 Wanita Hari Ini 12-1pm. That’s the time I go back home for lunch. I thought of watching and recording it with my camera. Quality is not as good, if Chinnee told me earlier, I could ask my BIL to record it on his computer.

      Here are the video clips that are hot from the oven:

      Credit: TV3 Malaysia Wanita Hari Ini

      More videos here.

    • Parenting Tips #8: Law & Order

      September 28, 2007

      My hubby started to teach the children about Law & Punishment. Reward alone doesn’t work as children are still prone to do naughty things like fighting. I guess fighting or toys snatching are part of growing up but children need to learn to behave.

      Previously my hubby set some simple rules and whoever breaks it will receive punishment. There are light punishments like apologizing, stand in a corner or sit on a “goodie” chair to severe punishment no sweets for a week, no TV or even caning.

      However with caning, please do not do it out of anger and stress. When you are angry and stress up, it is better for you to cool down first, taking deep breath or count 1-10. Take your child aside, you can tell him what he did wrong and that you are going to give him his punishment. This is to prevent you from abusing your child.

      It is always best to communicate to the child what he did wrong and why is he getting his punishment. That way he can learn to correct himself. Do not always associate pain with punishment. Try to be creative in giving out punishment.

      Amazingly Tim and Em understands what punishment is when daddy introduced it to them. They had no sweets for 1 week as their punishment. Grandpa offers Emily a sweet when she went to visit him. Daddy reminded Emily of her punishment and Emily gave the sweet back to grandpa. Now every time they start to misbehave, we asked them whether they want to receive punishment. Both will say “NO”, shaking their heads and hands.

    • Channel Flipping

      August 26, 2007

      How many of you like to flip channel with the remote control? I am guilty of doing this all the time. Now I cannot do this especially when the children are around. It is always 2 against 1. When the channel land on a cartoon show, I can flip no further. I have to stop for them to watch until the show is over. Darn….

      That is why I am now here blogging instead. Tim wants to watch the cartoon and I have to let him. Oh well, now you know how much control I have over the TV.

      Here is Malaysia, there are only 5 channels for me to flip, RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 and TV9. Not that many huh? Yeah I don’t have Astro. It is a good thing. Spend more time on useful stuff. I wish they have a feeder for TV in one channel, just like blogs.