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  • MyBabyBay

    • I have heard from many mothers that, after they wean their child from the bottle, the milk intake decreases. I would rather have my child maintain the milk intake and let her have the bottle. Milk helps them to build stronger bones and it has most of the nutrition they need. You may not see the effects now but when they grow old the bone density drop. You hear many elderly people have osteoporosis problem, right?

      Calcium is not easily absorbed when you are an adult. Children body can absorb more efficiently compare to an adult. When children get enough calcium, the can start their adult lives with stronger bones

      If you are thinking of weaning your child from bottle too early, think again. Emily still enjoyed her bottle and she been drinking 8-9oz at least twice a day. She can drink from the cup but she prefers the bottle. Other source of calcium is ice-ream, cheese, tofu, yogurt, beans, broccoli and anchovies.

    • Chatty Box

      February 26, 2008

      I love seeing my children chatting with one another. Yes, I do ease drop on their conversation. They chat with one another during play time and their conversation can be very imaginative.

      Emily has learned lots of words and she loves asking questions. She can yak yak yak and yak. When I am teaching Tim with his homework, my little gal will come around asking me questions and interrupt my teaching. I know she does that because she wants attention and of coz she wants to learn as well. Boys being boys have very short attention span and get distracted easily.

      Yesterday, my gal turned around and told me this.

      Emily: Mummy I can spell fish, see I colored the fish.
      Mummy: *disturb her and sang her favorite song* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I caught a fish alive….
      Emily: Mummy I want want want…*disturbed*
      Mummy: 6,7,8,9,10 I let it go again
      Emily: Mummy, why you talk talk talk. You stop talking, I cannot listen. (She meant she cannot talk because my singing drown her thoughts)
      Mummy: Sorry Sorry Sorry. *kept quiet*

      *Mummy noted it down. When she becomes too chatty, I will used what she said to me* :giggles:
      callerTunes I Hate!
      Feeling of Earthquake

    • Food Sampling and Promoters

      February 23, 2008

      One of the reasons when my children like to go to the supermarket is because of the food and drink sampling. They will cruise through the drink section and tried out very yogurt drink there is. One promoter kept pouring different flavors for them. Next they go on to try the ice-cream. They have tried noodles, corn flakes, biscuits, chocolates and what not.

      Some promoters are very generous but there are some who ignore the customers when they see children. They only give to selected customers. Today there was one promoter who gave me a free 1 liter of fruit yogurt drink.

      Talking about promoters, do ever get annoyed with those who constantly buzz in your ears, tell you how good their product bla bla bla non stop. Half the time, I do not understand what they say because they talk in hokkien. The best way to introduce your product is to provide customer with sample. If they like the sample, they will return to buy.

      There was once, it was a clothing store, the promoter was afraid that I get lost. She followed me closely wherever I went. Next she started telling me the offers were and what colors it came with….bla bla bla again. I cannot even shop in peace. The offers were written in huge letters on the chart. I told her sweetly that I wanted to browse around by myself. She backed off a few minutes and later she was at it again. My steam engine kicked in and told her off. I told her that I can see the colors and I can read the offer. Please let me shop in peace. She was stunt and walked away. Hey if you see a shirt that says “Don’t follow me!”, let me know. I would want to own one.

    • Office Humor

      February 20, 2008

      Humor keeps my work stress away. In a way, I get fewer wrinkles. It really saves me a lot of money on wrinkle cream. If you want some free wrinkle cream, read this.

      Today I was in a project tele-conference with a team of people. You know my name is pretty common and there was another member with the same first name as me.

      Team Lead: Mxxxx
      Mxxxx: Yes
      Team Lead: I meant the other Mxxxx Lxxxx. Did I get that right?
      Me: Yes or you can pronounced it Lxxxx as most American do.
      Team Lead: Mxxxx, bla bla bla. Opps.I meant Mxxxx Lxxxx.
      Me: You can call me ML, easier for the team to differentiate us.
      Mxxxx: And you can call me MT.

      *Everyone burst out laughing* Guess which blogger laugh exceptionally loud?

      Team Lead: No, we won’t want to call you empty.

      I am still laughing while writing this. Sorry, I didn’t really mean to trick her in saying that. I really thought to help the team, they can use my initial instead. I didn’t even expect her to response. I hope she is not reading this.

    • Talented 6 Year Olds

      February 19, 2008

      The other day I was surfing the net and I found 2 talented and gifted 6 years old gals. The first one from UK, her name is Connie Talbot. She contested in the competition called Britain’s Got Talent and went into finals. She sang in front of a crowd without any fear. She sang beautifully and her pitch was perfect. Imagine Simon Cowell gave her thumbs up. Now she has her own debut album. She can sing difficult song like “I will always love you”. She is really gifted.

      Next gal, she is a pianist, also a 6 year old named Emily Bear. She can compose songs within 10 minutes. Her creation was being used by a movie producer as a theme song. How cool is that?

      I am sure there are many more talented and gifted children out there. I just wanted to share their talent with you.

    • Birthday Reminder

      February 18, 2008

      How do you know your child’s birthday is coming? When he starts reminding you to buy his favorite toy and cake. It is part of motherhood to get what a child wants on his birthday. I was given a mission by Tim to hunt for his transformer toy called “Bumble Bee”. Last week, I thought I have completed the mission when I placed the order online.

      Today, I found out that I ordered the wrong thing. Back to square 1. One other blogger is hunting down the same thing for her son. Her husband told her that it is difficult to get because limited edition. I found a couple but it is overpriced. I mean double the price.

      One online store I found had stocks in March. Let’s hope the stock will come in. I thought I better update Tim.

      Mummy: Hey Tim, the transformer bumblebee is no more in stock. Have to wait for uncle to make more.

      Tim: Why no more?

      Mummy: By the way, the one you selected can only sing and dance but cannot transform.

      Tim: Huh? I want to transform. *look strangely at me*

      Mummy: Then you have to wait.

      Tim: You find for me yeah. *look a bit disappointed*

      Mummy: Ok, I will do my best.

      Tim: Ok.

      If you know where I can find one of these for not more than RM50, let me know.

    • No Entry!

      February 16, 2008

      Tim surprises me all the time with his funny bone. Today I went to the study room and saw this on the wall.

      He told me that he saw some ants on the wall and he put this up so that the ants do not go there. :think: How cute. He is really good in expressing himself with drawing. I think he uses his right brain more. My hubby said that Tim is a visual person like him and he picks up things faster if he sees it.

      It explains why I had difficulty teaching him spelling. He doesn’t like doing memory work. I must think of a more visual way to teach him spelling.

      As Vien puts it: No Ant-ry!

    • Valentine’s Humor

      February 15, 2008

      What’s with the flowers? Besides being expensive, over price and selling like hot cakes. Do you think that Valentine’s Day have become too commercial. Yeah, I bet the florist or the choc stores are very happy with the profit they made.

      Anyway, yesterday I received a company memo stating that our guard house is looking like a florist shop and running out of space. Hey we have a big guard house. It shows how many available girls are there in my company. Ooh! don’t get me wrong, married women received flowers too. Wives are smart to tell the husband to buy diamond instead. :giggles: Back to the guard house, the admin asked those who were called, to go collect the flowers immediately.

      The message ended with “Unclaimed flowers by 7pm will be disposed”. Some of the guys jokingly said that they will stay back till 7pm, go the guard house and collect free flowers. I am not sure whether any of them successfully get a free bouquet for his love one as I went home early.

      One guy (last minute buyer) went to the florist shop to book a bouquet to be sent to the company for his girlfriend. The florist told him that there are too many orders, you want you have to wait and send it yourself. It shows that the florist shop owners get the last laugh, laughing all the way to the bank and those poor guys had a big hole in their pocket.

    • Where Are My Things?

      February 13, 2008

      First my angpows went missing. I opened my drawer and saw only 6 angpow packets left. My hubby told me that he only gave out less than 10. Yes, this year we did not give many out because we didn’t meet many children. I packed about 50 angpow packets. Where are they? I counted and counted, kept recalling how many packets we gave away. Later I remembered that before I left for KL, I kept some in another bag because I didn’t want to bring so many to KL. Found them!

      Next, I lost my safe deposit keys. I hardly visit the safe deposit box as it is in town. As I was packing my drawers, I found a receipt for the rental. I realized the postal address is not up to date. I wanted to make a trip to change the address and also take a look in the box. The problem is I forgot where I placed the keys. It was like 3 to 4 years ago that I took it out. I dig through every cupboards and drawers. Fortunately I found it. While looking, I did some spring cleaning too.

      Lastly I lost my doc appointment card. It was always in my wallet but it is no where to be found. Now I don’t know when my next doc’s appointment is. Oh well, I will wait for his SMS reminder to come. The nurse will be angry as this is the 2nd card I lost.

      At this point in time, I forgot what I forgot. Let’s hope I don’t have to remember what I forgot, else I will have to waste time finding it. That’s motherhood!

    • Petronas Twin Towers

      February 10, 2008

      The Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers is the pride of Malaysia. I always admire the height and the beauty of it. It glows beautifully at night.

      I had a chance to take my children up to the 41st floor on the sky bridge that joins both towers together. We got there at about 9:30am and got tickets for 12:00pm. Tickets are free but parking is not. A tip, if you want to save time, you need to before 8:30am. The counter opens at 8:30am and there is always a queue. Never go on a Monday because it is closed.

      We lingered in the bookshop and had lunch before going up. As we entered in, there is a short 3D video presentation and after that we made our way up in groups. One lift can only take about 15 people. It is on the 41st floor. The sky bridge can withstand a movement of 10 inches. Any strong wind, we will need to evacuate.

      It is a great view up there. My children have fun looking down on the scenery. Tim saw the big huge swimming pool and asked me to take him there next time. They fooled around. Tim started performing some kung fu move and Emily showing off her Ultraman hand gesture.

      I am afraid of height and while standing on a platform that is up on midair gave me goose bumps. It was all gone when I saw the beauty of the surrounding. Oh well, that was 15 minutes of excitement and it was time for us to get back down. It is certainly another great place to go in Kuala Lumpur.