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    • Girls Have Better Memory

      October 5, 2007

      I have to say girls have better memory. Let me proof it here. After Emily successfully learn how to spell her name. I thought her to spell “mummy” without mind map and the next day she could remember it.

      I am not trying to pressure her into learning spelling. I still think she is too young for that. No need to stress your poor kids. Just want to proof that gals have better memory. Yes we do. We remember all grudges and faults. Oh well, it is not our fault that the brains store it. Men tend to forget which is a good thing for them. It reduces the aging process. You want to age slowly, don’t hold any grudges or faults. Just let it go.

      Let’s use our good memory into good use. Girls can remember birthdays, anniversaries, special days and all. Men need technology to help them. If you don’t believe, ask them to give you the dates of their best friend’s birthday. I am sure they cannot dig it out of their heads.

      Who remembers what they did on the first date? I rest my case.