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    • Gift From the Bird

      September 22, 2009

      My family and I went down to KL during the Raya holidays and we got back today. It was a smooth drive with not much traffic. On the other side of the road, traffic was bad. We intended to stop by Ipoh for breakfast but we missed the turning. Well it was not a turning but we need to keep left if we want to go to Ipoh. Some wise guy split the road into 2. It was rather confusing for us. We had to drive about 5 minutes to Simpang Pulai make a U-turn up. Today I saw that they painted the road to Ipoh and with lots of signs.

      We decided to make a trip to the bird park. It was like ages since we went there. I think it was before we had children. Yeap, it was once where my hubby and I dated. Anyway it was not a good time to go because there were lots of people. I couldn’t find a car park. They should have opened the car park at the memorial but they didn’t. I had to park quite far away.

      The park was huge. We managed to catch the 12:30pm bird show at the amphitheatre. It was almost the same as the one in Bukit Merah. Bird racing on a bicycle, bird doing math, bird finding the ball, bird putting the rings, eagle flying and bird recycling.

      Next, Tim and Emily wanted to feed the fish and we went to a place where there was a nice pond with waterfall.

      Lastly, Emily got a little gift from the bird that is a splat of papaya juice. I believed it was near the feeding area where the bird carried the papaya and flew above her. She pretty much had it at the point and wanted to go home. She told me she didn’t like bird park because of that. Poor Emily. Fortunately it is not bird droppings. Later she was willing to carry on after Timothy covered her with an umbrella.

      It was a good exercise for us under the hot sun and we ended up soaking wet with sweat. I wonder why foreigners can still eat lunch outside while the locals want to eat inside where the air condition is.

      Front & Back of A Peacock

    • Petronas Twin Towers

      February 10, 2008

      The Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers is the pride of Malaysia. I always admire the height and the beauty of it. It glows beautifully at night.

      I had a chance to take my children up to the 41st floor on the sky bridge that joins both towers together. We got there at about 9:30am and got tickets for 12:00pm. Tickets are free but parking is not. A tip, if you want to save time, you need to before 8:30am. The counter opens at 8:30am and there is always a queue. Never go on a Monday because it is closed.

      We lingered in the bookshop and had lunch before going up. As we entered in, there is a short 3D video presentation and after that we made our way up in groups. One lift can only take about 15 people. It is on the 41st floor. The sky bridge can withstand a movement of 10 inches. Any strong wind, we will need to evacuate.

      It is a great view up there. My children have fun looking down on the scenery. Tim saw the big huge swimming pool and asked me to take him there next time. They fooled around. Tim started performing some kung fu move and Emily showing off her Ultraman hand gesture.

      I am afraid of height and while standing on a platform that is up on midair gave me goose bumps. It was all gone when I saw the beauty of the surrounding. Oh well, that was 15 minutes of excitement and it was time for us to get back down. It is certainly another great place to go in Kuala Lumpur.

    • Monorail experience

      October 17, 2007

      It was the first time for my family to experience the KL Monorail. Every time we went to the city, my children will be fascinated by the passing of the monorail. They get excited. Oh well, I thought I will bring them to experience it.

      Basically the monorail goes from Titiwangsa to KL Sentral. The fare isn’t too expensive it was RM2.50 from end to end. My children are free. I parked at Berjaya Times Square and went on from there. Parking in Berjaya Times Square burn a hole in my pocket, I should have park somewhere cheaper.

      We went from Imbi station to Titiwangsa and back. It took us about 30 minutes in total. Verdict from my children, they want to ride it again. They think it is the same monorail from Genting.

    • Pho Hoa @ Curve

      October 16, 2007

      We tried the Vietnamese Beef Noodles, Pho at Curve. Actually it is not bad and has a lot of beef stuff in it. You never can imagine so many parts of the cow can be eaten until you have this. The noodle was a bit thin and they didn’t give enough bean sprout and basil leaves. Common, those are not very expensive, they should give us each one place rather than a plate for 2.

      Of course, the one in the Bay Area US is still the best. If you are going to US, you must try it. Anyway back to the one at Curve, it is RM11 for regular and RM13 for a super duper bowl. Trust me it is really huge. For me, the regular is enough to stuff me. So far, it is the best Pho I ever eaten in Malaysia. If you know another, please ping me.

    • Mandatory Stop in KL

      October 16, 2007

      For me, I must make a stop to this shopping place whenever I go down to KL. I will squeeze some time from the busy schedule of family and friends gatherings. It is none other than Ikea. I am not sure why but I love looking at household stuff. By the way, I grabbed 5 catalogs while I was there. If any Penang folks want a copy, let me know.

      There was one item in my list for me to get in Ikea. My children love to go there because the get to maneuver the trolleys around and play with the children furniture there. It is a great setup for children to have some fun there.

      What did I get? I got some decoration stuff, some children plates, cups & pens, some small bowls and a big item. After a long one and a half hour there, Timothy decided to take a rest on top of box. I will let you know in details what the big item is, in the next post.

    • Petrosains – KLCC

      February 22, 2007

      My sister recommended that we visit the Petrosains rather than the Pusat Sains Center. I took my family there. It is at the KLCC Suria top floor. If you haven’t visited, you should go. It is RM12 for adult and RM4 for 5-12. Children below 5, it is free.

      There are lots to see and play for children. First we start off with a ride in the dark with lighted screens and beautiful artificial rainforest. There are over 70 stations for children to learn and discover, from energy, petrojaya displaying wayang kulit (shadow play), dinosaur, science & petroleum, exploration on how to drill oil, science play, helicopter ride, oil platform, products that uses oil with F1 ride, molecule nano technology, metre city, fun with atoms & molecules, mini theatre show with 3D effects and dark ride again to exit. Lastly the souvenir shop. We spend almost 2 hours there and we couldn’t finish all the stations. The children were tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at the Spring Garden restaurant. It has a pretty high tech wireless service button on the table to call for service, bill or water.

    • Childhood I

      March 22, 2006

      I have a very fun childhood. I stayed in a very happening place in KL. Have a guess where I stayed? I stay in a 3 storeys flat. Below the flat, there is the famous “pan mee” (flour noodle). I believe Pan Mee originated from there. They started selling 26 years ago.

      Up in the flat, there is an open rooftop where I can go up to play. I played hopscotch and high jump up there. It is like a playground, of coz there is no grass, slides or sea saw. My sister and brother will go up there to play badminton. Once the shuttlecock felt over and went on top of someone’s soup. We ran and hide ourselves. Fortunately no one came up to scold us.

      By the way, we are so creative that we played football in the house, where the doors were the goal post and living hall was the open field. We were careful and never broke anything. Sometimes, we used the window that has grill as our goal post. Whoever managed to shoot the ball at the grill, scores.

      5-10 mins away, there is also a “wai sek kai” (Food Street). It has been relocated now. Not sure where. My family used to have supper there or ask my godfather to pack us supper. My favourite was half boil “see hum” (shellfish). Fortunately I didn’t get any hep. It is eaten with the garlic chilli and simply delicious. Other than that it has chow kuey tiew, hokkien mee, sotong kankung, ice kacang, toong sui, lok lok and etc…

      However that area becomes a place for crime, there are drug addicts, aqua, lots of foreigners and robbery. My house was robbed twice. Once the robber was tailgating my dad. He held a gun at my dad and robbed our place. I was asleep, so is my sister and brother. Fortunately they wanted money and didn’t harm any of us. After that, my family decided to move away from that area.