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    • Fairy Balloon

      September 30, 2007

      My sculpture fairy balloon which I learn from a book. Anyone wants to invite me to their children’s party? It will be one of my sideline. :giggles:

    • E-M-I-L-Y

      September 29, 2007

      Finally Emily learns how to spell her name. It is not that I want to teach her spelling so early but she constantly asked me how to spell her name. After repeating many times, I decided to teach her. I did the first 2 letters with her but my hubby beats me to it.

      Hubby thought her mind mapping, something he picked up during his training to improve his memory. Mind mapping is a technique very good for students studying for exams. It uses key words and images on paper to help one remember. You can add colors to it to enhance memory. How does Emily mind map look like, here ya go.

      Bottom line she is able to spell her name now. Bravo to papa! :clap:

    • Hammer It

      September 29, 2007

      Guess what the children are up to with the hammer. In order to eat this, you need a hammer. Both are ready to give a good whack.


      Yes, we went to Tambun Fisherman’s Village to have seafood again. The seafood is cheap. For RM200 – RM300, you can feed a table of 10. There is lots of fresh seafood there with a river view. Timothy loves the prawn and we had it steam with ginger garlic sauce. Funny thing is he doesn’t get any rash from eating the prawns or seafood. Lately he developed a rash not from seafood but we didn’t know where it came from. It must have been something he eaten.

      We had the crab baked so that we can taste the natural crab taste without any sauce. It is lovely and simply delicious. Sometimes simple cooking is still the best and healthy too.

    • Who Is The Handsome Man?

      September 29, 2007

      Hubby went for a hair cut today. Emily came home from babysitter and saw his daddy. Immediately she said “Wow, Handsome Man”. Hey she stole my lines. She made daddy so happy.

      Later she told me that she wanted a hair cut with me. I was wanted to cut my hair because it is really long. I always postponed it because every time I want to go cut, something pops up. Emily wants to cut hair with me. She wants to sit next to me.

      I am glad that both my children can go to the saloon and cut hair without any problem. Timothy goes to the barber and it only cost RM5. Emily didn’t have a hair cut for a long time in the saloon. Most of the time, my babysitter or I cut for her. I will bring her to cut next week. Keeping my finger crossed.

    • Parenting Tips #8: Law & Order

      September 28, 2007

      My hubby started to teach the children about Law & Punishment. Reward alone doesn’t work as children are still prone to do naughty things like fighting. I guess fighting or toys snatching are part of growing up but children need to learn to behave.

      Previously my hubby set some simple rules and whoever breaks it will receive punishment. There are light punishments like apologizing, stand in a corner or sit on a “goodie” chair to severe punishment no sweets for a week, no TV or even caning.

      However with caning, please do not do it out of anger and stress. When you are angry and stress up, it is better for you to cool down first, taking deep breath or count 1-10. Take your child aside, you can tell him what he did wrong and that you are going to give him his punishment. This is to prevent you from abusing your child.

      It is always best to communicate to the child what he did wrong and why is he getting his punishment. That way he can learn to correct himself. Do not always associate pain with punishment. Try to be creative in giving out punishment.

      Amazingly Tim and Em understands what punishment is when daddy introduced it to them. They had no sweets for 1 week as their punishment. Grandpa offers Emily a sweet when she went to visit him. Daddy reminded Emily of her punishment and Emily gave the sweet back to grandpa. Now every time they start to misbehave, we asked them whether they want to receive punishment. Both will say “NO”, shaking their heads and hands.

    • Who Eat My MoonCake?

      September 26, 2007

      Tim adores MoonCake. Every time we passed by a moon cake, he will want me to buy for him. Funny he eats everything except the egg. Today is the day (Thanks Annie Q for reminding me) that we Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Fest aka The Lantern Fest aka The Moon Cake Fest. There is a very interesting legendary if you have read the Chinese History.

      Why MoonCake? During the Chinese war, the ministers used moon cake to pass secret messages. The messages were hidden in the moon cake. It all happens during the Mid Autumn Festival. There are other stories about the rabbit and the lady on the moon which is legendary.

      Today the tradition especially for children is to carry their lighted lantern and walk around the neighborhood or park or swimming pool. That’s what we did. There is just one glitch because I forgot that today was the day and I ran out of candles. I could only get birthday candles which burned out very fast.

      Why no MoonCake pictures on this post? That’s because Tim wallops all of it before I can take any pictures.

      Happy Moon Cake Festival to all my readers!!!!

    • Boys Toys Girls Toys

      September 25, 2007

      I took Emily to get the Ultraman gift for Timothy for his reward. Timothy was attending art class and could not go with us. I asked Emily to pick a nice Ultraman for her brother. It was not very successful because she was looking for one for herself.

      I know Timothy like the blue Ultraman but there was only one left, it was a small one but with a huge plane. Emily picked a huge red one for herself.

      After I picked Tim from class, he was not happy as his blue Ultraman is smaller. However I told him that there isn’t a big blue Ultraman. Anyway he was ok with it.

      Tim: Ultraman is for boys.
      Emily: No, I want to play Ultraman.
      Mummy: Girls should play dolls. *trying to tease her*
      Tim: Ultraman for boys. Dolls for girls.
      Emily: Ultraman for Emily. I want to play Ultraman. *kissing her Ultraman*

      I don’t know about you but I am not afraid of Emily playing Ultraman. I am more afraid if Tim likes Barbie dolls.

    • Disney Mickey Magic Show

      September 24, 2007

      Yes, Disney is coming here again on Nov 3 & 4. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald will be coming to PISA Penang to perform their own magic show spectacular. They will be in Bukit Jalil too. It is called Disney Mickey Magic Show.

      The program will be:

      • Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy
      • Cinderella and Fairy Godmother
      • The Seven Dwarves and the Wicked Queen
      • Beast and Belle
      • Jasmine and Magic Carpet Dancers
      • Ariel, Ursula and Sebastian

      They are giving my company a 25% discount. Let me know if any of you wants to get the tickets. Offers end on 29th Sept.

      My family will be there! Tim and Emily were so excited when I told them Mickey is coming to town. By the way, the tickets were sponsored by PPP, if you know what I mean. See ya there!

    • Colorful Hippo

      September 24, 2007

      Emily has improved her coloring. Often she can hardly complete her coloring piece. She will color bits and pieces here and there but never complete a single piece. Today she finally did complete the picture of the hippo without help.

      I find that oil pastel crayons are better for teaching a child how to color. With color pencil, the child has difficulty learning to color the entire picture without seeing any uncolored spots. I guess it is the way they hold their color pencils. Often before finishing the area, the pencil gets blunt. With pastel crayon, the crayon covers a wider area.

      Oh well, not sure where Emily got the idea that the Hippo head is pink. :giggles:

    • Parenting Tip #7 Sleep

      September 22, 2007

      Train your child to sleep early, it will benefit the child as sleep will allow the body to generate cells for growth. You need more sleep when you are young compare to elderly person. If you child sleeps late say 11pm, you can slowly move his/her sleeping time earlier by 15-30 minutes until you hit a suitable time. I get my children to sleep by 9:30pm.

      When you child understands you (above 2), you can train her very easily. Tug your child in with a dim light, you can also read a bedtime story or sing her a lullaby. Teach your child to sleep on her own.

      The hard part is she cries when you leave. You leave the room and tell her that you are outside, it is ok. If she doesn’t stop, you go in after 10 minutes and tell her that you are outside. Try to use positive words like she is a big girl or a good girl. Do these steps until she sleeps on her own. It is tough but you need to be persistent.

      You can use security blankets like a blanket, a toy or a teddy bear to accompany her. Some extra, you can make your child room as comfy as she wants to sleep in there with toy area, books area and lots of posters of her favorite cartoons.