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    • Night Call

      May 19, 2012

      At 11:30pm, a call for my girl. Wow at this hour, her friend call for her. My girl is already asleep. I told her friend that it is late to be calling your friend. Then she asked me what time my girl will be free tomorrow. *faint*

      I wonder does her parent know she is calling at this hour. Fortunately she is not a boy, else there will be 101 questions from me.

      It is really amazing how girls start boiling porridge with the phone at such a young age. First call received on May 15, 8pm and I must record this down.

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    • The Note

      May 6, 2012

      Finally my free Note came. Yes, it is the Samsung Note. I gave it to my husband to use because his phone is acting funny lately. He used it for 1 night and gave it back to me, saying “It is too complicated and it cannot sync with the Mac Book”

      Oh well, I will use it then as a tablet PC. I do not intent to give up my iPhone. I found that The Note is not very user friendly. First let me talk about the likes:

      1. I can watch flash!!! Hooray.
      2. Many Android games are free.
      3. Many cool apps that came with the phone. However I still do not have time to play with them.

      Now the not so good part:

      1. Not easy to use especially for a beginner.
      2. Icons all over the place, a little disorganized.
      3. Cannot find delete function.
      4. Design flaws between the volume and power off button. When I try to turn on the volume, often I turn off the power, due to the fact that it is placed side by side.

      I am still figuring things out.