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    • I found this interesting Nemo Quiz. I am GILL but I really want to be Nemo. 😀 Have fun with it! :dance:

      Which Finding Nemo Character Are You?

      You’re GILL, the smart fish with sights on success.
      Take this quiz!

    • Funny Side of Tim

      July 31, 2006

      I notice Tim have a humorous character in him. Last Saturday, I followed what Jess did. I asked my hubby to take Tim to watch Superman Returns while I shopped with Emily, since both like to watch it.

      At the end of the show, I asked hubby how it was. He told me what Tim did that was really funny. There was an ad that made a cock crow sound like “Cock a doo”. After the ad, there was a couple of secs silence before the next ad comes on. Tim made a loud “Cock a doo” sound and everyone in the cinema laugh. 😆 Reminds me of children say or does the darndest thing.

      Tim likes to act out whatever cartoon or TV program that he is watching. He will follow what the cartoon says or does. One time, Mickey Mouse was hugging Minnie Mouse, he came over to me and gave me a hug. I like watching him do that, he really make me laugh at times.

      As for my shopping expedition with Emily, I managed to get 2 working blouse (50% discount with Mega Sales on), a teenage style T-Shirt and a nice skirt. After 2 hours, Emily got tired, she didn’t want to sit on the stroller and didn’t want me to carry. She always does that when she cries, she will like to roll on the floor. :wall: I managed to get her to calm down and took her to Sushi King to have dinner. She was fine after that. She wasn’t hungry as she was eating the corn kuih I bought. She finished 10 of it.

    • Malaysia moms to be may have 84 days of maternity leave. Currently it is 60 days. Let’s hope this goes through. Mothers should have more maternity leave to breastfeed their baby.

      Oh well, I will not be enjoying this as I have already made up my mind, just to have 2 children.

      Source here

    • A story of how I know twinsmom, due to sensitivity, I created a story.

      Once upon a time, there are 2 cities whose queens (Xi & Jiang) cannot see eye to eye with each other. It was mostly due to the cities’ policy that causes a conflict problem. Xi’s policy is stricter while Jiang’s policy is loose, the people has freedom do think and ask.

      Xi’s was furious when she looks at Jiang’s city. The way it was run. She couldn’t let Jiang get away with some of the policies that she condemns in her own city. She sent herself over as spy with some of her minister. She caused a big havoc in that city. Jiang’s people knew about it and that caused a flame war.

      While the war was going on in the background, a businessman (Mun) came into the cities. Mun was staying in Jiang’s city for a long time and helping the people out. Mun had a few problems, which she cannot get help from Jiang’s people. She left and went over to Xi’s city. In Xi’s city, one of the policy is to know the city policy thoroughly before you can do your business. Xi and her ministers were monitoring the people movement. Xi or the ministers thought that Mun was a spy from Jiang’s city. Mun did no harm to the city of Xi, she wanted help and seeking help from the people of Xi. She did get good knowledge from the people of Xi.

      One day, Mun receive a mysteries letter from someone unknown. In the letter, there were evidences of Xi and her ministers accusing Mun of being a spy and a lot of bad thing wrote about her. Mun was stress up due the problems she had and now she has been flame by the people of Xi. She confronted Xi and the ministers. In the end, one of the ministers asked Mun to leave. Mun shook off dust on her feet and left the land of Xi.

      Mun started her own city, she continue her business. Often, she still visits Jiang’s city and continues that relationship. After a few months/years passed, one of the ministers of Xi, Ming came to Mun’s city. She made friends with Mun, Mun welcomes her. It blossoms into a great relationship. Ming is no longer a minister of Xi, because she couldn’t live with Xi’s policy. Ming builds her own city too. Mun and Ming become great friends.

      After reading this, if you have any questions email me. Please do not disturb twinsmom, she is busy due to her family commitments. I know most of you are smart, you can basically work it out. Thanks.

      Feel free to tell this story to your children.

    • Family Vacation II

      July 26, 2006

      We embarked the ship in Singapore and head to check in to our hotel in Chinatown.


      We got a dirt cheap hotel in Duxton Rd, near Chinatown called Berjaya Hotel. My hubby’s friend is a Berjaya Vacation Club Member. He sold 3N to us for RM80 per night. I asked the front desk how much it cost for an extra bed, he told me with 15% additional charges it cost SGD50, more expensive that the room. :sc: However the room size is just nice but a queen size bed. Daddy long legs have difficulty fitting in.

      The hotel is a near to MRT stations and Chinatown. I took a stroll in Chinatown to get some cheap souvenirs while my children were having a nap with daddy. I bought 2 nice Chinese blouse.

      Clarke Quay

      We took MRT to Clarke Quay for a stroll. Beautiful night view. We dine by the river. I ordered Peking duck, something I miss for a long time. The food in Singapore has improved tremendously. I believed they imported quite a lot of overseas chef. There were a lot of varieties of food to choose from.

      Duck Tour

      We went to Suntex City for a duck tour. From the picture you can tell why it is called a duck tour. Basically it is a boat that can travel on land and river, like a duck. It took us around the Singapore River, we can see the Merlion, the Theatre on the Bay (MIL called it The Durian), Singapore City Skyline, City Hall and Supreme Court. There is a guide to tell us all about Singapore. At the end of it, he will give out a duck whistle (sound more like a fart rather than a quack) if anyone could answer his question.

      By the way, I knew what his first question was, so I won a duck whistle for Tim. The question was, Where is papa merlion? The answer is the title of my next title.

      We also got to taste the Singapore “new water”, recycle water from the sewage. My children love it because the bottle has a picture of a duck and they think it is duck water. It has some kind of taste, maybe it was psychological.

      Sentosa Island

      We are tourist right, so next spot will be Sentosa Island. Tim was very excited about the cable car. I thought he will be afraid but he was fascinated when he was on it. I was a little phobia on the height. He saw the cable car souvenirs sticker and next thing, he asked us to buy from him. It cost SGD7.90 and we didn’t get any. :giggles:

      I got some discounted tickets from Matta Fair that cover return cable car rides, sky tower, butterfly farm, 4D Magix, Images of Singapore, Cinemania, Merlion, and Images of Singapore.

      The images of Singapore improved with meaningful story line about how Singapore was formed. It has a magical show in the beginning. It was very well done.

      The underwater world was just ok. I was so disappointed with the Musical Fountain as I was looking forward to it. It turned out to be a laser show instead of musical fountain. When I was young, I remembered how the fountain dances with the music. It was splendid. However it has all changed. Just too much laser and techno stuff. 😡

      They changed the monorail system to bus system which was very chaotic. In the bus, Tim made some teenagers laugh. A bunch of young student teenagers came up the bus. They were very noisy and discussing where to go next. Tim took out his duck whistle and blow a few times. All of them laugh, one gal commented, hey X (one of the boy’s name), please don’t fart. 😆

      Cab Stories

      As we were riding on the cab, the cab men told us stories of their life. Many dislike the government and half the time complaining about it. However a cab man told us that he left his 15 years of vegetables wholesales job to become a cab man. Reason is the previous job took away all his quality time with his son and family. He quit for the family. He said that no point to earn so much and no time for the family. He is so right. :clap: He is also an expert in knowing how to see the freshness of the vegetables. It is such a waste and his knowledge can really make him a guru.

      Singapore Custom

      As we were exiting from Singapore, we need to get our passport stamped by the Singapore custom. The young lady officer looked at us sternly. She gave me a weird look that is very annoying. Anyway, I kept quiet. It took her so long to clear all the passports. Lastly she asked me how come my girl has IC number. I told her, now all birth certs will have IC number determined. She didn’t understand. What’s her problem? I am getting out of your country, what harm can I do to Singapore? :wall:

      However when we came to the Malaysia custom, they just allow us to pass without any problem. It is so weird!

      Dead Rat

      I opened my back porch door, pungent smell came on. I walked to my washing machine and asked my hubby. Maybe there is a dead rat in the drain or something. Little did I know the dead rat was just behind me! Fortunately I didn’t step on it. I am not a person who would scream at dead animals. Anyway, I ask my hubby to take a pair of chopsticks, dump into a double plastic bag and throw it away. After that, I cleaned the floor with dettol. My hubby found another one at the corner. It must be the stupid cat who always climb in to my back porch and chased after them.

    • Rubber Tongue

      July 25, 2006

      We went passed some fruits stall and Tim said something to make us all laugh.

      Tim: I want to eat rubber tongue.

      Mum & Dad look puzzled. :sc: Figuring out what he was saying. Suddenly…

      Mum & Dad: oooooh rambutan! 😆
      Tim: Rambutongue. Mummy Buy!

      We never gave him rambutan before, I wonder who thought him that, maybe he learned it from school.

    • We went on a 3N Singapore-Phuket-Langkawi cruise (won from a contest) and spent 3N in Singapore. It was a great experience and bumpy vacation too. I am back, now I need a week’s MC to recover.


      My family flew down to JB on dirt-cheap AA flights on Sat night. The schedule was changed a week before departure to 1 hour earlier. Thank goodness for that, otherwise we will have to check into JB hotel nearing midnight.

      We arrived JB about 9pm, checked in to Pan Putri, a nice spacious hotel. Next morning we took a cab directly across Singapore. There are certain licensed cabs that can enter Singapore. It cost us RM50 per cab. With family, it is better to take a cab, as we do not need to exit for custom clearance. Everything is done in the cab. The cab can only go direct to Queen St in Singapore and from there you can take the Singapore cab to anywhere. We went to Harbour Front to embark our ship Super Virgo.

      A limousine cab is very costly from airport to Singapore. There are also bus rides from Senai Airport to Singapore. However with bus ride, you need to queue for custom clearance. If you want to save some money, it is better to take the airport taxi to any nearby hotel and from there, ask the hoteliers to call a cab to go to Singapore.

      Similarly on our way back, we took a cab to Singapore Queen St -> Senai Airport (SGD55).

      By the way, in this trip we went on cab, ship, MRT train, Sentosa cable car and buses.


      Tim started bad. He was fine when we arrived in JB. Next morning he had motion sickness as we were travelling to Singapore. He felt like vomiting and lost his appetite on the ship. He refused to take lunch. If he continue to refuse food, with tummy acid filling up, he will become worst. Mummy had an idea to coax him into eating.

      Guess what make him alive? We went to the ice-cream bar and got him some banana split. How can anyone refuse a banana split? 😀 After that, he was back to normal. :clap:

      By the way, Tim got 3 free Sentosa souvenir buses from special mystery draws. One for himself, one for Emily and one for his cousin brother.


      Emily was worst. She has flu a week before we travelled and I thought she would be fine. Hey she finished a course of flu antibiotic, should be strong right? Nope, she had a bad urine infection. Totally lost her appetite, no breakfast, lunch and dinner. Occasionally after much persuasion she will take her milk. I have to feed her when she wants to eat. Worst is that, we cannot take any restaurant food into our cabin. We did sneak some muffins in. 😆

      At Phuket, I did get her a bunch of banana, which she took. When we reached Langkawi, we took her to a nearby clinic. There wasn’t any paediatrician around in Langkawi and the ship doctor is hopeless, as he didn’t have any children medication. After visiting the Langkawi doctor, she seems a bit fine. She was sticky to me and always wants me to carry her, not the daddy. 🙁

      When we reached Singapore, we took her in to the famous KK Children hospital, as she was not getting any better. After the examination, she told me that it was not serious and changed her antibiotic. It cost me SGD 65 for medication and consultation. The pharmacies that gave us the medication got confused with the doctor prescriptions. I was frustrated as it was late and the children haven’t had any dinner yet. After the doctor verified, we left without checking further. Later in the night as I was about to give Emily her medication, her new antibiotic was double (8.2ml) her normal dosage (4ml). 😯 If you were me, what will you do?

      I didn’t give Emily her new antibiotic as her appetite came back after we saw the doctor. It was like magical. I continued her old antibiotic and she recovered. Thank God for that.

      Super Virgo Cruise

      The cruise was a great experience on a very beautiful ship. However most of the fun activities were around adult centric like gambling, disco, pubs and topless shows. First day, we had to get familiar with the places. It has from 4th – 13th floor. It is HUGE.

      There were 3 restaurants where we can dine for free, Mediterranean International Buffet, Pavilion Room (Chinese) and Bella Vista (Western). The rest, we have to pay. There are Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Asian Bistro restaurant. There is plenty of food but most of the food is not appetizing to children. We went to the restaurants at odd hours to avoid the rush.

      The ship was packed with people from all races, a huge percentage were Indians. There were many older folks and I bet they are on board because of gambling. I overheard some conversation on how their betting went in the casino. There were also BINGO running on certain hours and the jackpot was SGD24,000. I forgot to tell you that I don’t gamble, although I like to sit through a bingo game and watch people win.

      There are tours which you can take when the ship embark in Phuket and Langkawi. Most of the tours are costly and in SGD. In Phuket, there is a shopping tour that cost 18SGD per pax. You can also book your own cab with a bargain to those places but make sure you are back before the ship leave.

      There were free movies on board in the Picture House such as Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of Geisha, King Kong, Four Brothers and Fun With Dick & Jane. At the Lido, there were special gymnasts & dancers show called the Kingdom of Kung Fu and Tropicalia. They mixed dancing (samba, mambo & tango) with kung fu gymnast. Excellent. My children enjoyed it. Tim made a funny remark on their dressing, he said “Papa, power rangers”.

      I brought the children to play at the children pool called the Neptune Wet & Wild. Funny the pool was with warm water. There is also a spa pool for adult. If I am not having my PMS (sigh), I probably will jump right in.

      Fine Dine

      Everyone is invited to a Gala Dinner on Tuesday night with a choice of 2-4 restaurants. We chose to do a fine dine in Bella Vista Western Restaurant with 3 course meal. Everyone Some will be dressed with formal attire. You probably think I am crazy to bring 2 children to do a fine dine. It turned out to be a great experience, except they didn’t use the right spoons or fork.

      They were so well behave that the couple that sat behind us came over and complimented them. :clap: At least we didn’t disrupt their evening. They were from Australia.

      More about our trip (Sentosa Island, Clarke Quay & DuckTour) in the next post….stay tune & enjoy. :dance:

      Map of the Cruise Super Virgo Ship:

      More cruise picture here.

    • Emily sulking on the kitchen floor, as usual. By the way, my dry kitchen floor is very clean. I have another wet kitchen which I do all the oily cooking.

      Mummy: Emily, please do not sleep on the floor.
      Tim: Yeah, ants come and bite you.
      Emily: *ignore us*
      Tim: Cockroach come and kiss… kiss… (*his brain working, thinking kiss is a good thing*) kor kor. 😆
      Mummy: Why kiss kor kor and not Emily.
      Tim: Kiss kor kor and bite Emily. Emily sleeps on the floor. :giggles:

      Emily: *ran to mummy* Kor Kor crying. No ice-cream for kor kor.
      Mummy: Why no ice-cream for kor kor?
      Emily: Kor Kor crying. Only give Emily ice-cream.
      Mummy: You still cough cough, cannot eat ice-cream.
      Emily: *shake head* No more cough cough already.
      Mummy: Go sayang Kor Kor first.
      Emily: Kor Kor no cry ah.

      The other day Emily was having fever, so I took her and Tim to the clinic. Ever seen children eager to go clinic? Both of them were very excited to go to the clinic. It has lots of toys in the waiting area. Plus, the doctor gives them surprises.

      Emily & Tim took out their shoes.
      Entered into the Clinic.
      Emily stood on the scale to weigh herself. (12.2kg)
      Emily grabbed a nice toy police car to play.
      Doctor called Emily.
      Mummy took her in and she sat on the chair closest to the doctor.
      Doctor checked her heartbeat and temperature. (37.9)
      Emily said “I want vitamin C *pointing at the big bottle*”

      Doctor continued to examine her, as he didn’t hear her because he was talking at the same time. Tim ran into the room, asking for the same.

      At this point, Emily doesn’t like it because the doctor wanted to poke her mouth to check the throat. Mummy had to hold her down. She screamed and doctor was able to view her throat. (Red)

      Doctor took a few vitamins C for both Tim and Emily. Both ran out to play.

      By the way, consultation with the doctor here is RM20 per child and the rest is medication. Usually the antibiotic is the most expensive medicine, the rest is like RM10-20. This clinic is good as they put name and date of the medicine on the label. That way, I know what the medicine is and when it will expire. All the medicine is kept in the fridge. It saves some money, as I do not have to keep buying fever, cough and runny nose medicine.

      I will be MIA for a whole week, so don’t miss me yeah. :dance: I will tell you all about it after I returned.

    • Florist II

      July 13, 2006

      Continuing my story from yesterday, about the extremely unsatisfactory florist. As most of you commented, it will be offensive to tell my kind friend about it. On the other hand, I was very grateful what she has done. I send a thank you message to her, expressing my gratitude. Knowing her, she asked me how was the gift. Oh oh. In the end, I told her about it, in a tactful manner. She said she wants to look at it, so I took a picture and send it to her.

      What I got: What was ordered:

      She was furious, not with me but with the florist. She called the florist and I suppose bombarded her. They were in shocked when they saw the picture too. They apologized and will resend another bouquet to me. Weird, they should send an apology bouquet to my friend too. They have to send it to my office as I already started work. The bouquet came, a very small one. Peculiarly, it was send to an admin, usually bouquet are received by the receptionist. The admin called me to pass it to me. Casually I asked, why did it land on your desk? You know what she told me? The florist shop belongs to her manager’s (Senior Manager’s position) wife. Oh oh. What a small world?

      I blog this NOT because I want to offend my friend or put her in an awkward position. I really thank her for the special gift and the thoughtfulness of her. This blog is to let you know that when you order anything from the Internet, you really have to be careful, especially from people you do not know. There is a case where this guy bought a second hand notebook and when he got it, it was already broken.

      As for florist, usually they will use affiliate florist if it is from another state. The affiliate florist will not have a clue or picture what the customer order. It is merely base on descriptions.

      p/s The chicken essences are at the bottom of the basket but a different brand. Not sure whether it tastes good, I let you know when I tasted it. 😛

      Tracy’s side of the story.

    • Back To Work

      July 12, 2006

      Yesterday I was back to work. A lot of friends asked me why not take more MCs? If I take more, the load of backlog will probably kill me. Everything seems urgent and needs to be done like yesterday. Fortunately while I was on MC, I cleared some emails. I am a person who doesn’t like my Inbox to fill up. My Inbox must only have 10-15 emails.

      I really do not understand why people can have 200-300 emails in the inbox. How do they ever find what they need? One of my colleagues is like that. She will ask you to resend or forward it to her again if she cannot find it. :eh: It will add more garbage to her Inbox. Besides that, you will never get a quick response from her.

      Anyway, besides work, friends will come around to kepoh. I didn’t tell many that I had a surgery. Now it is obvious as I was not in the office for 2 weeks and had a scar around my neck. They will curiously come and ask me what’s wrong, what is thyroid and look at me as if I was not normal. I am normal with missing thyroid gland, no big deal. By the way, I had to take long term medication, 1 small pill a day and visit the doc long term, few months once.

      A funny thing happened. It started when someone very kind and thoughtful ordered something from the Net, to send me a get well soon gift with flowers. The gift was sent to my house while I was MCing. The flowers & gifts were not very presentable and I suppose the florist was not very professional. Imagine that, the price tag was still on the gift. What would you do if you were me? Tell your friend about it? Keep quiet, after all it is the thought that counts. I tell you all about it in the next post.