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    • Fresh Toilet

      February 27, 2011

      My girl and I have a problem with dirty toilet. Emily got my gene as she would refuse to enter a smelly and dirty toilet. She rather holds her pee or she will not drink water. When she first enters into primary 1, she would not go to the school toilet. Yeah, the toilet is very smelly. I can smell it a mile away.

      However, her brother knowing that she didn’t like it, told her there is a better toilet in the new block. I am glad the school built a new block with better toilet. Tim brought her to new toilet. It is nice to have a brother to take good care of his sister. Kudos to him!

      By the way, I am glad now Tim has overcome her anxiety in school. He is able to talk to some teacher and all his friends. He is able to have fun and last I heard, he even go to the book store to get some books. It is great to see his progress in school.

    • Proud Of Her

      February 24, 2011

      Last Monday, my girl came back with 2 silver medals. She told me that she won 2 competitions, one for coloring and the other for origami. I didn’t know she was participating in any competitions. I knew she did some origami in school.

      Apparently during assembly, she was called to receive the medals. I am so proud of her. I am so glad she has my origami gene. I will passed my origami skills to her one of these days.

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    • Angpows

      February 21, 2011

      My kids received angpows that come in many shape and sizes, some even have eyes and ears. Somehow this year, they are excited or motivated to collect angpows. They finally understood the money collected can be used for vacation. However, I don’t do that but keeps all their money in their own bank accounts. To date, all their angpows and birthday money gifts go to their bank account.

      Emily was very keen on helping to take the money out and count how much she has collected. By the way, those that were given to my hubby and I by our parents will also go to their collection, divide equally within the 2 of them.

      I also recycle the new notes so that I don’t have to go to the bank every year to change new notes. Yeap, I already packed for next year Chinese New Year. For both their shares, I transfer money from my account to theirs which is easier.

    • Maid Drama

      February 17, 2011

      I read plenty of maid drama and I am sure you do too. I believed many maids are not trained properly, not taught the culture or some of them are plain lazy. Anyway that’s not what I want to blog about. I want to talk about some good maids’ story.

      Every year my mother will get a part time maid to stay in for a few days to help her cook, wash and do chores. I went home this Chinese New Year and stayed in my parents place.

      I must that tell that this maid is an angel. First thing in the morning, she greets me Good Morning with a big smile. She is very young from her look but very pleasant looking. A couple of days later, she asked me if there are clothes to wash or iron. She cleans well too. I would recommend her to anyone. She is all smiles.

      Even when she didn’t understand my dad, she tried to help him. My dad speaks no bahasa. On the last day, when the driver came and fetch her, she told me to search her things. I decline and told her it is alright, she can go. However she insisted and poured everything on the floor. I had to stuff everything back into her bag.

      I hope to meet her again someday and pray that she will have a good life moving forward. Good maids are hard to get. If you are having one, treasure it!

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    • It has been a long time since I had buffet in Shogun. Whenever we go back to KL, I always bring my family to Ikea, Curve, MidValley or 1Utama. We rarely go to Sunway side. I decided to make a trip there. By the way, that is the first mall I date my hubby.

      I didn’t know there was Shogun there until I saw the signage. We were there about 5:15pm but dinner only start at 6pm. I decided to make a booking on the spot. It was also on 30% discount, only had to pay RM40++ per adult with oyster, isn’t it a great deal or what? We got a nice spot with a view to Sunway Lagoon too.

      My Plate

      Emily’s Plate

      Tim’s Plate

      The View Where We Sit

      Later after dinner, we took a stroll to the Sunway Resort Hotel. There is a joining walkway from the mall to the hotel, how convenient! I must say the hotel put up a very nice Chinese New Year lighting in the surrounding. My kids want to visit the swimming pool which is underground. Later they were dipping their hands into it. It was a great stroll after dinner. Before we head off to home, I took my kids to visit the bowling alley. They wanted to bowl and I told them, they can bowl if they can carry the ball. The lightest was an 8 pound ball. Tim could carry with 2 hands and Emily could hardly lift it up. Oh well, I guess when they are older, they can learn to bowl.

      The King & Queen

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    • My Little Vain Pot

      February 10, 2011

      Upon hearing my cousins who are able to do manicure, my little vain port kept persuading me to ask them to paint her nails. She was showing me her little puppy face. She dare not ask them but secretly whisper to me.

      Of coz, my cousins would be delighted to paint her nail and stick those lovely prints for her. She was grinning from ear to ear when everyone praised her pretty nails. However I have to remove it the day before she start school. I kept her toes nails color since it will be covered by her socks.

      Do you know those nail prints are selling for RM5 in Daiso? My cousins told me in pasar malam (aka night market), the prints are only selling for RM2.50. I guess I have to get some for her.