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    • Small Eaters

      September 27, 2010

      Both my children are underweight after taking their BMI score. They are fussy eater too. One takes super long time to eat but eat very fast at babysitter place. I believed his nanny is always feeding them. From the start, I told her to let them eat on their own. I believed she has no time and don’t want them to dirty her floor. Therefore the bad eating habit.

      However there are some meals where both my children will eat super fast. Hahaha…it is called FAST FOOD, not any fast food but pizza. Tim loves pizza, he can eat 3 big pieces and Emily loves the chicken wings.

      Another meal that is their favorite is pasta. Tim loves the Bolognaise sauce but Emily loves the white creamy sauce. One of my favorite pasta places will be Pasta Mania. Look, my children can wallop a big plate of pasta all by themselves.

    • Lantern Day 2010

      September 23, 2010

      Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival To All My Readers!!!

      Yesterday, my children were invited to play lantern at my SIL apartment. Living in an apartment has its advantages because they will have these types of activities together. The residents bought food, their kids and lanterns. It was very “lau juak” (aka party).

      My children played with traditional lantern. They used back the old lanterns that I kept. There was one musical lantern that my FIL got for my son when he was 1 year old. It still work, the light but no music. I also have paper lanterns for younger children. A safe way to lit up those paper lanterns is to use a flat candle rather than long candle. One kid was holding a paper lantern with long candle and it got burned because the candle fell onto the paper. It is a little dangerous for younger children.

      All the children went around the block with their lanterns while I sat and eat the delicious food. I got to eat the water caltrop that I haven’t eaten since I was 7, I think.

      I also got some red bean mooncakes for RM6, 4 pieces per pack. My children loved it. Hubby said it is healthier as it has less sugar and oil. It is definitely better than those over priced branded mooncakes.

      Some pictures for you to enjoy….

      Walter Caltrop – Like Bull’s Horn

      Traditional Dragon Lantern

      Burnt Lantern

    • Music To My Ear

      September 17, 2010

      After much investment, here is what I got from my 6 year old. Priceless….

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    • Longest Night Market

      September 16, 2010

      I believed Taman Connaught, Cheras has the longest pasar malam (aka night market). It is as long as the road from the garden entrance right to the other end where McDonald is. If you have not been, you should make your way there.

      I bought Emily there and she had fun. At first, she said she was bored. However when she saw her stuff as in toys, fun things and hair clips, her eyes were wide open. She loved to eat the pan cake shaped like Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Doremon and other cartoon. She can wallop 2 or more.

      I saw a chow tau fu (aka smelly bean curd) stall where there was a long Q. It was really stinky, I can smell it a mile away. Worst, those who ate it were walking with those breaths.

      I was quite satisfied because I got a RM10 croc for Emily, a few nice homemade air clips, cute erasers for SS children (only RM2) and of course lots of food.

      Emily gave thumbs up and she definitely wants to go again. The night market is only active on Wednesday night.

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    • Scary World

      September 11, 2010

      I am back home at my parents place and we were catching up with each other over dinner. I heard lots of scary stories that were happening in Klang Valley. Looks like crime rates has been increasing. I heard cases of caller disguising themselves as kidnapper and claim to kidnap your love ones, demanding for ransom money.

      Another one was while driving, robbers smashing your window to steal your handbag if you put next to the window. It usually happened when you stopped at the traffic light or jam. You cannot really do anything. Maybe you can put that good quality tint for the window that is not smash-able.

      This happen to my mom and it was quite funny….not the exact words.

      Caller: I have kidnap your father and if you want me to realized him, pay up!

      Mom: My father? You sure?

      Caller: Yes, pay up!

      Mom: My father is dead long time ago! *hang up*

      It is really a scary world out there! I constantly pray that my living God will protect my family and I. He never fails.

    • School Is Out

      September 7, 2010

      Yippy school is out. My children are happy and I am happy. I guess it is bonding time. I am dating my gal to a shopping spree and my hubby is taking my boy to camping.

      The things my children would love to do and do it for hours are

      1. Play water in the swimming pool
      2. Play sand at the beach
      3. Read books at the book shop
      4. Watch cartoon (limited by us)
      5. Play computer games (limited by us)

      Let’s hope they will enjoy this short holiday. Actually I am looking forward to the next one… :giggle:

      What are you doing with your children during the school holiday? Remember to spend quality time with them.

    • Cultivate Reading

      September 1, 2010

      Children are always exposed to video games or TV and many youth don’t read anymore. Or they don’t read enough. I am not talking about games manual but story books or novels. I want my children to read more books. I do wish there are good libraries here but it is quite a distance from my place.

      Anyway I always bring my kids to Borders or MPH to read books. I must say that some parents do not teach their children how to handle books. It is always sad to see a lot of good books are either torn or place all over the floor. Please teach your children to handle the books properly and teach them to put back the books.

      Tim got another Wimpy Kid book called “Do It Yourself” where he can put his own cartoon and his own diary. There are comics that allowed him to fill in the conversation too. It is kind of fun for him to create his own pretend world. That’s creativity. Here are some pictures of the book….

      Emily went for Geronimo Stilton book, I still have problem pronouncing it. My guess is she likes the different fonts to different expressions or actions.

      Great to see them reading, while I enjoyed my cuppa of tea at Starbucks hogging over some of the magazines.

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