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    • Youngest Star

      June 30, 2006

      I will call her one in a million, isn’t she talented? She is a malaysian as posted in Fish@Me. She is so adorable with all the cute expressions as she sang through the song.

      Found this at Fish@Me

    • Surgery

      June 28, 2006

      I am back!! I had my surgery on Monday morning and it was very successful that I recovered on the same day. The surgeon was surprised to see me so alert after the surgery. I am in not much pain. Anyway, it was over and I am glad.

      The waiting for the surgery drove me crazy. I went in at 8:00am, kept asking the nurse when is my turn? It was schedule at 9:30am but only called to go into the operation theatre at 10:00am. Hehehe, I was anxious to get it done. I had terrible thoughts that I will not come out alive. I had 2 surgical on thyroid and 2 c-sect operations. Funny I wasn’t afraid when I had the c-sect, maybe because at the end I had something to look forward too, like Tim & Emily.

      The first thyroid op was very frightening to me. I cried all the way into the op. It was my first ever and they left me in the cold and quiet waiting area. I was so frightened. They left me there for 10-15 minutes it is like forever. The one I just had was not so bad but the anaesthetic doctor prick me real painful. After many silly questions, they pushed me into the op theatre. They moved me to the op table. The spotlights were above me. Let me inhale some oxygen while the anaesthetic doctor pricks me some more. After that, I passed out and action begun.

      When the surgery is over, the nurse will wake you up. You have to answer them, else they will keep calling and hit your face. They put me under a warmer and observed me for a few minutes. Later pushed me to the observation wad. That’s it. The first day, I am not supposed to eat anything. I had to wait for the anaesthetic to vanish from my body. It may cause vomiting if I did. I could walk down the bed and talk on the first day. 2nd day was very alert, could watch TV and eat. Third day, I was out of there. Anyway there was no rest in the hospital, nurses come in and out to check your temperature, BP and pulse. At 8am, they come in to change the bed sheets. Home is the best.

      The surgeon is darn funny, at least he made me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Here are his funny remarks:

      Surgeon: I am having flu but I didn’t have any chicken.

      Surgeon: Later they will push you into the ops theatre, and the anaesthetic doctor will take a hammer and knock you out.

      Me: My left lip is swollen, what happened in the op?
      Surgeon: When they pull out the breathing tube must have injured your lip. Do you have a lawyer? You can sue the hospital for negligence, if you are in US.

      Me: I don’t have to take the pain killer if I feel no pain.
      Surgeon: Are you a ninja? So tough ah?

      Thanks for those praying for me. :pray:

    • Father 1 Tim 0

      June 25, 2006

      Tim took a catalogue that have Cars™ merchandize in it.

      Tim: Mummy buy this, yeah.
      Mum: Ask your daddy.

      Tim showed daddy.

      Tim: Papa, buy this.
      Papa: This one.
      Tim: Yes this one.

      Papa took the catalogue and went into the kitchen. After a while, he came back out and passed the thing to Tim. Actually papa took a scissors and cut out whatever Tim wanted.

      Papa: Nah, now say thank you.
      Tim: Thank you.
      Mum: :giggles:

    • Project Manager: Me
      Team Players: Timothy & Emily

      Mission: Stay Alive :giggles:
      Completion Date: 21st June 2006.
      Issue: Daddy Away on Business Trip for 7 weeks (Extended).

      Major Accomplishments:

      1. KL Trip During Wesak Week.

        a. Experienced AA Flights.
        b. Experienced LCCT.
        c. Shopping Spree.

      2. First Experience Watching Movie on Big Screen with Tim & Emily
      3. Emily’s Birthday Celebration
      4. Penang Beach Vacation
      5. Emily’s MCU Examination
      6. Drive through hilly, windy and narrow road alone to get to Penang Tropical Fruit Farm. If you know Penang road, it is from Bayan Lepas -> Balik Pulau -> Teluk Bahang, shorter and very beautiful view.

      Now I know being a single mother is so difficult if no help is offered. At least for me, if I don’t like it, I can get out of it when daddy returned. I have to say I am proud of myself. My sister was surprised I told her I had to cross the airplane runway with 2 children. 😯 I prayed everyday for God to give me strength. He did protect my children and I, plus he gave us plenty of fun!

      Pictures below show what daddy got for the kids and me. :clap: He bought me a watch which I selected from the net, clothes, Legos, nuts, cheries, shoes, lots of clothes and etc…

      Now it is daddy’s turn with the children. I will be away on vacation! 😆 Actually to start my next mission. :pray:

      p/s The children were shy to see papa after 7 weeks. 😯

      Watch for me:




    • Just One More Day

      June 20, 2006

    • Dilemma

      June 20, 2006

      I had an early telecon this morning and had to go to the office for it. Tim & Emily were still sleeping. I carried Emily out quietly but she woke up. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw mummy. As I was walking out the main door, she started crying. I carry her back in, she stopped. I walk out, she struggled. Back in, she stopped. :wall: If you were there, you will see me walking back and forth, while carrying her.

      In my mind, I could have just let her down on the sofa and let her wake up fully. Switch on some cartoon to make her happy. However, I know when its time for her to go to the nanny, she will cry. I decided to let her cry and carried her over. When she reached the nanny, the nanny asked her to stop crying. She stopped. Sigh, how come she bullied me?! :sc: My nanny is fairly strict with her and she listens to her more than me.

      I notice that she could be bored at the nanny’s place. I am still thinking whether to start her with nursery (preschool) together with her brother? At least she will have more fun in school. I know she will enjoy it. What do you think?

    • From 8 months onwards, my son Tim dislikes milk from the bottle. I had to spoon feed him through spoon. I have changed his milk powder to variety of brands or add milo but he just doesn’t want to take it from the bottle. Strange, he takes water from milk bottle. Anyway, it didn’t stop me from discontinuing his milk intake. I believe milk is important for his growing bones.

      When he was older and learns how to sip from the cup, he takes milk from the cup. However he is very slow in finishing it. Sometimes it can take 45 minutes to finish it and the fastest was 15 minutes. As you read, I always have to remind him to finish it fast. Even Emily can drink faster than him.

      Once I said to both him and Emily, whoever drinks the fastest can receive a present from me. However, that didn’t work either but it did improve his finishing time. By the way, his normal routine is after finishing the milk he will put the cup in the sink.

      One day, the usual I gave the bottle to Emily and gave Tim the cup of milk. I walked to the study room and do my usual surfing, while they watch TV drinking milk. I think I sat for 2 minutes and I saw Tim walking to the sink. I asked him whether he finished his milk, he nod his head. I said “Wow, you so clever boy today, finished faster than Emily.” He was very happy and said “Got present, yeah”. :giggles: After that day, it takes less than 5 minutes for him to finish his milk.

      Tim likes it when I say, “you so clever boy” or “you are a good boy”. Oh well, here is another method of disciplining your child, better than the usual cane.

    • Thyroid

      June 16, 2006

      I am trying to write a medical post with no medical background whatsoever. Often a lot of people confuse thyroid with tonsils. Both are totally different and function differently. Thyroid disorder will make hormones go amok.

      Basically Thyroid is a gland takes iodine in the body and manufacture hormones called thyroxine (T4) and thriiodothyronine (T3). All the cells in the body depends on the hormones to regulate metabolism.

      There is 2 types of Thyroid disorder, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Hyper is overproducing of T4 & T3. Hypo is of coz lacking of T4 & T3.

      Symptoms of Hyper could be:
      Weight Loss
      Heat Intolerance
      Hands Tremor
      Muscles Weakness
      Irregular Period
      Vision Problem
      Hair Loss
      Fast Heart Rate
      Increase in Bowel Movement

      Symptoms of Hypo:
      Weight Gain
      Sensitivity to the cold
      Slower pulse rate
      Heavy Period
      Dry skin/hair
      Muscle Cramp
      Memory Loss

      There are a few ways to treat this disorder. If you go untreated, it will become severe. Example too much weight lost, suffer insomnia, heart complication and sometimes the thyroid will become cancerous. Treatments such as Anti Thyroid Hormones Drug, Radioactive Iodine, Surgical Removal or taking thyroxine to restore level, if you are under.

      By the way, a clear symptoms that can show you that you have thyroid problem is the neck area when the thyroid gland is, is swollen. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor, he will run a blood test to see your T3 & T4 level.

      After much said, I am hyper with T3 & T4 normal but I have goitre. Probably the hormones are trapped in the gland and no where to go. I have seek many specialist advise, seems that no medicine for me. 🙁 The only means is to go for a surgery to remove it. Oh well, this is my next mission. The good side of it all, I get 15 days of MC. :dance:

    • The Little Actress

      June 13, 2006

      Here’s presenting Emily, the little actress. Scene 23, take 1 in Aladdin, where Jafar thought he has the lamp.

      Click HERE to download video.

      Line: Mummy It’s all Mine, Mummy It’s all Mine, Mummy It’s all Mine…

      By the way, she also learns to answer this question from the cartoon, “What’s your name?” Tim thought her. Yeah yeah yeah, both of them watch too much cartoons. :naughty:

    • Buy Buy Buy

      June 8, 2006

      Tim just learns this word. Mummy buy this. Mummy buy that. Mummy also thought him these 2 words “No money”.

      Tim: Mummy buy black car.
      Mummy: No money. You got money?
      Tim: Got in the Barney’s coin box. :wall:

      He took the McD discount promotion coupons that was recently received and asked me to get things for him. Things like sharpener and Thomas train VCD. Better not tell Tim how much he got in his bank account. :giggles:

      One time, I was giving them honey stars for breakfast. I told him, must pay me for the honey stars. He went to the table, took 10 sen (which I left there) and pay me. :giggles:

      Now someone else catches on.

      Tim: Mummy go Giant buy Nemo.
      Emily: No money. 😆

      She is really my assistance and she has been very talkative. It is amazing how she pick up words. The latest is “Mummy, go follow kor kor to school”. Not sure she asked me to go to school with Tim or she wants to go to school.