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    • Mess Up Mornings

      June 29, 2008

      I am not a morning person and I love to stay up late. My hubby is the opposite so I gave him the honored to prepare Tim & Em to school in the morning. I will squeeze out every minute of sleep I can get in the morning.

      Last week, my hubby was away to Singapore for training. There goes my morning and here is what it is like.

      9:30pm Lights out for the children.

      Lights out for me. I don’t usually sleep so early, sometimes I can sleep @ 3am.

      7:15am Alarm Rings

      Washed Up & boiled water

      7:30am Children wake up. Hype them up a bit so that they start off the morning with laughter. They washed up & changed. They do not give me much problem.

      7:40am Go downstairs for milk and breakfast.

      Ready for school.

      That is pretty much my mornings and I am glad that I can return back to “sleep in”. Guess what I asked my hubby to buy for me in Singapore. Nothing is cheap in Singapore except for electronic stuff. Here is what he got for me. What an irony, I do need batteries to charge up for holding the fort alone…hehehehe.

      By the way, these Sanyo Eneloop batteries are very good rechargeable batteries and can last very long. Most of the rechargeable batteries will lose its power if it is not in use for a while. The rate of Eneloop rechargeable batteries losing power is very low so you do not need to charge them all the time. It will save a lot of energy. It is the number 1 selling batteries in Japan. If you want to save the environment switched to use this. This is not a paid post.

    • How Was I Made?

      June 28, 2008

      Wen posted The Day Has Come with regards to her children asking her how they were made.

      My children asked me the same thing. Mummy, how was I made? They asked that when we talked about things before they were born. How did I tackle this question? I told them they were swimming inside my body. Swimming until it was time for them to become a baby. They were excited because they like swimming (or playing with water)

      Tim: I come out of your body and I do what?

      Mummy: Doc whacked your buttock and you cry.

      Tim: Why doctor whacked me?

      Mummy: When you cry, you can breathe.

      Emily: Mummy, when I was in your body, I eat ice-cream when you eat ice-cream?

      Mummy: Yes, when I eat, you eat.

      Emily trying to be cute: Mummy, when you eat chips, I swim in your body and catch the chips. Then I go munch munch munch…

      Mummy: :rolleyes: & :giggles:

      Anyway a good way to explain to them is to show them pictures. Pictures paint a thousand words. I wonder what I will say when they start to ask about the birds and the bees. :think:

    • My mother relayed this incident about my children to me. I was in the living hall watching TV while my children were upstairs playing with por por. I told my mother not to feed them with too much junk food. I was afraid they may get sick and would not be able to enjoy the vacation.

      My mother took out a box of chocolate and asked them to take one. That’s what por por do behind my back.

      Tim: Mummy said cannot have chocolate.

      Emily took the chocolate and took a bite quickly.

      Tim: Emily, you better tell mummy you ate the choc.

      Emily ignored him and finished the choc. She felt satisfied. Tim didn’t have any but insisted Emily to tell me that she had the chocolate.

      Emily came to me but didn’t tell me about the chocolate. Later Tim came down.

      Tim: Did Emily tell you anything?

      Mummy: What is Emily suppose to tell me?

      I can see Timothy wanted to protect her sister and at the same time wanted the sister to be honest. However Emily pretended nothing happen.

    • Emily Shifu

      June 23, 2008

      Emily is teaching me Chinese and she is very good at it. At least she got me speechless. It is tough to ever argue with her. I think she can be a lawyer.

      Emily: Mummy ren () is children

      Mummy: ren () is people

      Emily: No ah, teacher said ren () is children *Using the “teacher is always right” tactic*

      Mummy: ren () is people that includes children mah.

      Emily: No, no, no…Child(). Got () at the end of children.

      Mummy: Ohhh…. :rolleyes: & speechless

    • Emily and I got 2 free tickets from Golden Screen Cinema for our birthday in June. You can also get free tickets on your birthday month. Just sign in to as a member. No age limit. Now the tickets are getting expensive, an adult cost RM10 and a child ticket is RM5. So I save RM15.

      As for Kungfu Panda, it is suitable for children above 5. Emily said she didn’t like it because too much fighting. However during the fighting scene, she was so focus on the screen. The art, the graphics, whatever you called it, was superb and the humor was good too. It made everyone laugh at one point in time. The plot was good, just like any Disney story. My favorite character is Oogway which is the tortoise. He said:

      Yesterday is history and the future is mystery but today is a gift, that why they called it “present”.

      The plot is about a village of China looking for a Dragon Warrior to fight the vicious Tai Lung. Tai Lung escaped from prison after 20 years of bondage. However Po, the panda just wanted to learn kungfu. He knows a lot about kungfu but he cannot fight. At the moment where they were choosing the Dragon Warrior, panda somehow fell from the sky onto Oogway’s finger. It was no accident and Panda was the chosen one. Master Shifu was very disappointed, he is to train the overweight Panda to become the Dragon Warrior. Watch out on how Master Shifu succeeds in doing the impossible.

    • Spelling Bees

      June 19, 2008

      Tim & Emily are fantastic in spelling some words that you never imagine they can spell. It is amazingly humorous.

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell KFC.
      Emily & Tim: K F C

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell TGIF.
      Emily & Tim: T G I F

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell DHA.
      Emily & Tim: D H A

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell OK.
      Emily & Tim: O K

      :rolleyes: Are they amazingly cute?! :giggles:

    • Hey you must get this cool toy for your children. Hubby got this for Emily and Tim got the Kungfu Panda. No other toy can do a perfect somersault like Master Tigress. Hehehe..makes me sound like a kid again. Where to get it? No other than the burger toy store called McDonald. Here is the video of how Master Tigress does a perfect 10 somersault.

    • Feeling Sick

      June 16, 2008

      All started on Friday, I think it was the Economy rice. I swallowed something that smell bad. I had diarrhea on Saturday, purging 3 times. I was still alright as I could follow Emily to music class and cooked a nice herbal chicken for a friend get together dinner.

      Sunday came, my body was aching and I had a bad headache. I had to leave church after the morning service. I went home, drank lots of water and slept a lot. I mean a lot. I had porridge the whole day until it was tasteless for me to eat anything.

      Monday, still purging but not very frequent. I had 100 Plus to ensure that I get glucose and energy in me. I went to work but tummy was still upset. I felt like drifting in work.

      I never get fever, no matter how sick I am. Maybe I should say it out loud so that the jinx will come. Nah, it never happens. You may think I am silly to want to have fever. Without fever, I cannot get MC. It is so very sad. Tummy grumbling again, I got to go.

    • Knick Knacks

      June 14, 2008

      I got this for myself on my birthday. I love shopping at knick knacks gift shop. The moment I saw the picture frame, I fell in love with it. The branch is made out of steel where the apple frames are magnetic. I like the black branch but that comes with heart shape frames. I like the apple frames better. It costs only about RM12.

      I went home and printed Tim & Emily photos with my Canon Printer that can print photo quality pictures. Cut it in apple shape and wah lah…a nice office deco. Not only that, I can stare at my children‘s picture every day when I am work. They give me the joy and clear my stress.

      By the way, the picture above is created using Office 2007. Recently I just upgraded it and I really like the appearance of the Outlook 07 and the features of PowerPoint 07 which can produce professional presentation slides. It has a nice user interface. Only setback, Microsoft changed the user interface concept which I have to relearn. I have a guru sitting behind me who can help me. :giggles:

    • Hotel Experiences

      June 13, 2008

      Tim was very afraid to stay in a hotel when he was 2. Every time we have a vacation, I have difficulty with him. We entered the hotel, he will stick to me like a panda. Refuse to let me go. That was before Emily was born. I still could not figure out his phobia. He didn’t have any problem when he was 1.

      Now, every now and then, he will ask me when will I bring him to stay in a hotel. He will like any hotels. When he reached the room, he will climb on the bed with Emily and jump around. It is like his indoor playground. Maybe our bed is not as good as the hotel.

      Most of all, I am glad both Tim and Emily can sleep anywhere without any problem. Just like mom and dad. 😛