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    • Making A Non-Sew Tutu

      September 29, 2008

      I was asked by many bloggers on how to make a tutu without sewing. I decided to take pictures to show you how simple it can be, since I have to make 20 of them. I will be repeating this process many times. Remember to donate to my paypal if you like it, donate icon on the right. :giggles:

      First you need to get the netting material for Kamdar. Kamdar is much cheaper than craft shops. Next you need to measure your child. You need to measure her waist and her waist to knee. Emily waist is 47cm and waist to knee is 35cm.

      You need to place the netting material onto a table for cutting.
      You need to double the “waist to knee” measurement that will be 70 cm for my case. You measure 70 cm and cut.

      Next you need to roll it like what I have in the picture. Remember to roll it the right way to get 70cm strips. You need to measure 6 inches width to cut.

      Now for the waist, you cut 3 x waist measurement in length ribbon, for me is 47×3 = 141cm. Tie a knot at the waist length marker so you know where to start and where to end. Tie the ribbon to a pillow or a chair before doing the following.

      Here is how you tie it and it should take 20 minutes while watching TV. If you are doing a fairy tutu, you can mix the color. One white strip, one colored strip, one white strip, one colored strip…..etc

      Hey here is the angel wing. I finally found a nice cloth to do the wing. Like it?

    • Self Made TuTu

      September 26, 2008

      My church will do a mini Christmas production year end. I volunteered to take charge of the props. I have to make back drop with help, shepherd costume, sheep, angel costume and wise men. Yeah it is the manger scene where Jesus was born. I just found out that the Bible didn’t mentioned that angel have wings. Anyway I still have to do the wings for the children sake.

      First up, I had to get the material. It is not easy because in Penang, there aren’t many craft shops. This production is with no budget at all. Therefore everything I get has to be low cost. I am glad Penang has Kamdar that sells variety of cloth.

      For angel costume, I need to make a tutu. First I google for patterns and I found quite helpful instructions with beautiful tutu. The angel tutu will be all white but this one I made for Emily is a fairy tutu. It is not part of the Christmas production. Just for fun for Emily. Believe me it is very easy to make. Let me know if you want to make one, it cost less RM10 to do this and no sewing skills required.

      Here is the picture…

      Next up is the wings, hey any of you know where I can get cheap white stockings or pantyhose?

    • Yeah Yeah

      September 23, 2008

      My FIL can be very funny at times and I must record this incident down. One morning he came to our home to help us to fetch the children to school. Sometimes it takes a while for Emily to fully wake up in the morning. I will turn on the TV for her to watch cartoon while she takes her milk. However the TV volume was very low.

      My FIL picked up our cordless phone on top of the TV and ask Emily to increase the volume. :giggles:

      Too bad Emily was half awake to notice that. She would have laugh at yeah yeah if she saw the cordless phone.

      Yeah Yeah does the darnest thing. :clap: At least he cheered my morning up with his little humor.

    • Something About Friday

      September 21, 2008

      It must happen on Friday, I am not sure why. Of all days, my children get sick on Friday most of the time, must be something about Friday. Friday is not a good day to be sick because none of my family pediatrician is available. There is no evening clinic and my children’s pediatric is off on Friday.

      4pm: Friday afternoon, Emily threw up her lunch and vomited a few times. It must be a tummy virus. She even threw up while I took her to the hospital. Fortunately I brought a plastic bag with me. The doctor on duty confirmed that it is a tummy virus. He asked us to let her go on liquid diet, no oily and fried food. One interesting thing he said was, it will help her if she passes motion. That will get rid of whatever toxin in her.

      I asked for a bottle of Probiotic to get some good bacteria for her tummy. I asked him about V or Y drinks, can I give her and get overdose of good bacteria. He said there is no harm because whatever overdose, the body will get rid. On top of that, those drinks may not have live bacteria in it too. Interesting isn’t it? Total cost me of the doc visit was RM138.00 and most of it was the medicine cost. Thanks goodness I can claim that back.

      When we reached home, I gave her some medicine but she vomited everything out. Nothing can get in to her little tummy. I just gave her diluted Ribena, at least there is glucose for energy in a zippy cup. She zip whenever she wants to drink. She watched some cartoon and I sent her off to bed with no milk.

      10pm: Later in the night, she had high fever and I gave her panadol. She threw up after panadol. Fortunately she threw up at the door of the toilet. I suppose she didn’t get to the toilet in time to throw up. Anyway, I cannot give her panadol again because I don’t know how much went in. I sponge her a bit and daddy put “cool fever” on her forehead.

      After 2am: She slept and I monitored her throughout the night. Funny me, I was dreaming that she got up and wanted to vomit. I woke up and gave her the bucket, I placed bucket beside me in case she wants to throw up. I opened my eyes and she was sleeping soundly. However her body is still warm, I had to sponge her again. She drank water occasionally. I had the zippy cup next to her.

      10 am: Saturday morning, she was feeling better. Fever is gone. I gave her 4oz of milk and she could drink. I asked her to sit on her potty to watch cartoon. She did and passed motion. Good for her. I gave her porridge with some tasty seed weed on it. She like it and ate some. She also had that for dinner. No vomiting. I didn’t give her any medicine but only 1 capsule of Probiotic. Doc said it is good to give 1 capsule every day. The rest of the medicine will be history.

    • The Right Way

      September 19, 2008

      I was browsing my hubby’s iPhone and found some interesting pictures. Let my children show you the right way to eat and drink.

      The most comfortable position of eating

      Eat with 2 spoons

      Or drink with 2 straws – Orange & Coke Cooktail. Who needs a shaker??!!

    • Over A Piece Of Paper

      September 15, 2008

      Yesterday Timothy woke up from his afternoon nap and was in an annoying mood. He started to whine making noises as he wanted daddy to draw one of his Transformers. Daddy gave in and drew one for him. He was coloring it and adding some pictures of his own. He went back into his normal self. He really knows how to annoy daddy and I with his whining. If we scold him, he will cry nonstop and I am not exaggerating. However his crying has reduced as he grows up.

      I had some friends over for a pot bless dinner and he was showing his Transformer drawing to some of them. Towards the end as I was cleaning up and he was playing with his “kau fu”, my brother, I threw some paper away. I didn’t know what it was.

      After everyone left, he started looking for his drawing and couldn’t find it. He started whining again asking me to help him find. He didn’t want to go to bed until I find the drawing. I was able to send him up to his bedroom but he was still whining.

      I had no choice but to go to the dustbin and dig out the garbage to see what I threw. Fortunately it was on the top. I had to sanitize it with some dettol spray before I went up to his bedroom to show him. If he didn’t see it, I bet he will not be able to sleep in peace. He was happy again. Sigh.

      I don’t blame him as I will feel not satisfied if I lost something and couldn’t find it. However as an adult we can get over it. I guess Timothy needs to learn to get over things. Any idea how to teach a child to get over things? I tried distraction but it didn’t work.

      By the way, I tell you in a couple of days he will forget about that piece of paper and he will chucked it to the dustbin himself.

    • Amigurumi Bear

      September 11, 2008

      The other day I was in Borders browsing some books. I love to go to the craft sections. I saw this book on making Amigurumi. I never heard that word before. Amigurumi is a knitted stuff toy. It can be done either by knitting or crochet. It is a Japanese art.

      I fell in love with all the little stuff toys in the book. I didn’t get the book because I knew that the Internet will have some free patterns for me to start something. If I fail, at least I don’t waste money on the book.

      I was eager to go to the thread shop to get the yarn and a needle. I text shoppingmum to find out what needle size to buy. She is the guru when it comes to knitting or crochet. I got everything and started working. I must not stop else it will never finish. I must do from start to end.

      Hey I haven’t been crocheting for 20 years. I did a little crocheting when I was young but never really make anything out of it. I think I did make a hat, I cannot really remember. However it is amazing when I picked up the crochet needle, I started to remember the stitches. I was doing this while watching the Moonlight Resonance online.

      Here ya go…cute? Next I will make a bunny.

    • Simply Beautiful

      September 9, 2008

      Last Saturday I received a package from the postman. I always look forward when the postman comes because he may delivers some surprises for me or the family. 🙂 It was for Emily. I told her and she was all excited. It was 3 beautiful dresses made by Jess.

      Immediately Emily wanted to put it on and I took my camera. She loved the tang lung yellow dress. Now she can wear it during mooncake festival celebration in our taman next week, carrying her tang lung. Here they are and aren’t they beautiful?

      As for me, I caught a flu bug on Saturday and my system has been down since. However still no fever still…sigh. My nose is all stuff up and feeling very tired. Yesterday I had kerabu fried taufu and I can only taste spicy. I cannot taste sour or salty. :wall: My bak kut teh tasted blend, so is my hokkien mee. I lost my taste bud. Sad hor?

      Worst is I am having department team building today. We will be watching “Money Not Enough”, tell me about it.

    • Built Up Their Creativeness

      September 5, 2008

      I must say that Lego is one of the must have toys for children. It will allow you children to sit down and use their creativeness to create something. In turn it makes them use their right brain which is good. Look what Tim and Emily have made. They have hours of fun with it. Whenever I have a chance to go to US, I will loot some Lego back.

      Another good construction toys is LASY construction but I heard it is no longer in the market. I hope someone will bring it back.

      Tim’s Transformer Robot:

      Emily’s Gun:

    • Exact Words

      September 4, 2008

      Sometimes I am really amazed how children can absorb the things we say. I was telling my son things and I thought he was not listening but I often find surprises. Here is what I heard when Tim was having a conversation with Emily.

      Tim: You cannot bring this toy over there (to the babysitter’s place).
      Emily: Can.
      Tim: Later lost then you know.
      Emily: *ignore*
      Tim: You don’t listen to me, is it?

      Those were my exact words to Tim when I asked him not to bring his transformer toys to babysitter place. And I thought he was not listening to me. I have to really be careful of what I say at home. My hubby was upset with me when he copied me by saying “Your Head”. My bad. Yeah it is difficult for them to unlearn what they have learned. :wall: So next best thing is to confuse him by saying “your feet”, “your hand”,…etc. :giggles: