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    • Crazy Stuff

      July 31, 2009

      I am not home and this is what daddy does in our living room. The children definitely are having too much fun.

      By the way, Timothy had his exams while I am not around. I wonder how he did for his exams. He is doing fine in school. He loves Science and Maths and does well in it. He still got a little work to improve his Bahasa Malaysia. Let’s hope he does well and he will received surprises from me.

    • Wordless Shopper

      July 28, 2009

      More details in

    • Shoe Wash Stunt

      July 27, 2009

      Every Saturday, my hubby will ask the children to wash their school shoe. Well I am sure hubby got a good motivator after they clean their shoe.

      What do you need to do to ensure the shoe is well clean?

      Soap? Nope
      Water? Nope
      Brush? Nope
      Whitener? Nope

      There is one method to wash to ensure the school is clean. Let Emily show you how….

      Click here.

      I laugh my head out when I saw this picture. Let me go find a photo contest and send this great picture in. I am sure she will win a prize.

      Hey if you want to know what I am up to, go to More fun there!

    • Night Chat

      July 25, 2009

      One night I was chatting with Emily on the bed. It was her bed time but she couldn’t sleep so we chat.

      Mummy: I will missed you when I go to US. So how?

      Emily: Let me kiss you so you will not miss me. *kiss kiss*

      Mummy: But I still miss you.

      Emily: You hide me inside your bags. When I want to breath, you open your bag. *showing her actions*

      Mummy: *laugh* Next time I bring you to US.

      Emily: If you bring me to Legoland, my eyes will turn to heart shape eyes. Coz I love to go Legoland.

      She can be very comical when she talks. Actually both Tim and Emily are funny. They are good in applying words in a very funny manner.

    • The other day I was told a child was cane because she is slow, her work is untidy, unable to finish her homework and others. This is just not only happening in her school but a lot of Chinese school. I really sympathize with the child as she is living in fear every day all because her development is not on par with the school’s expectation.

      Please parents out there, if your child is in this category, do change him/her into another school. Don’t let your child suffer in such a manner. I am still very unsupportive of canning for petty things. It just takes out the fun in learning. Your child is going to school in fear. What character do you think she/he will grow up to be? It is really quite sad to hear this.

      In addition if the child is lacking behind in the school syllabus, she/he will not magically turn into a bright student overnight. She will lose interest in her studies and maybe even drop out. If you see this red warning signal, it is better to let her/him go to a National school. I have seen parents do that and their children excel. Of course, they are happier too. Don’t allow your child to suffer silently over your expectations.

    • Funny Boy

      July 19, 2009

      Tim: Mummy/Papa, look the caterpillar and the spider are having sports day outside. :giggles:

      On another note, my hubby caught a toad last week. My children were having fun and they called it “A Science Project”. Poor toad. Tim wanted to feed it.

      Tim: Mummy/Papa, lets cook some rice to attract the flies. We catch the flies and give it to the toad.

      Yeah, he never caught a fly before. Anyway, papa caught a big worm for the toad. Later papa said that the toad decided to make friend with the worm. That’s the end of the Science project. Papa let it go. Good for the worm and the toad.

      Lastly, today someone broke this, guess who but no prize for guessing. Sigh, there goes my precious Corelle. I need to stock up more soon.

    • Gift From Japan

      July 16, 2009

      I always wanted Emily to have a Japanese costume like a Kimono. I love looking at children in Kimono. My manager is coming from Japan, I thought I asked him to get one for me. However he told me that it will be too hot to wear kimono.

      He suggested Yukata. He got Emily a very pretty Yukata. Doesn’t she look Japanese?

      Read a funny post about BM Vs English in If you are drinking any hot beverage, please put it down first.

    • Pray For My Dad

      July 14, 2009

      Please pray for my dad. I got an SMS from my brother this evening that he had breathing difficulty yesterday night. It may be another heart attack. He got a mild heart attack once. Imagine, my aunt told me that all the government hospital is full. I wonder why.

      Let’s hope he is going to be fine. Pray for his salvation and I really hope he will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

      P/S Thanks for all your prayer. My mom said that it wasn’t another heart attack, thank goodness. It was a lung infection. Please continue to pray for his salvation.

    • Just Two Of Us

      July 13, 2009

      Today is a day off for my hubby and I. It is a replacement holiday for Saturday Governor’s Day public holiday. However no replacement for school, so Tim and Emily has to go school. Yeah for us! My hubby and I went paktor in Gurney Plaza. It has been a long time since we went out without the children.

      I must say that it was good but at some point, I felt it was a little quiet without the kids. Ooh guess what? They didn’t know about our outing. I can assure you if they find out it will be 101 questions time. Anyhow, I got them both transformer pajamas which they were so happy once they saw it. Both wanted to wear them immediately.

      By the way, today is Monday and some shops do not provide plastic bags. This is to reduce the use of plastic bags, which is very good. I do keep recycle bag in my car. This is what I overheard yesterday from some “lau yi” (aka elderly aunties)

      Cashier: Tomorrow you have to bring your own bags, we do not provide any plastic bag tomorrow. *It is a gentle reminder*

      Lau Yi: Kang kor (aka difficult) with no plastic bags.

      Cashier: Yeah I understand but what to do. I want to give plastic bags but we cannot. Use recycle bag.

      Lau Yi: Better we don’t shop on Monday.

      I meant why it is so hard for folks to carry recycle bag. Well it is a slow process but I hope the people understand that it is for the environment.

    • Superb Day

      July 11, 2009

      Date: 9th July 2009
      Time: 11 pm after we came back from prayer meeting.

      It is always nice to hear this….

      Mummy: What are the kids doing upstairs?

      Papa: They are reading their bibles. *Sometimes they read their bibles before sleep*

      Mummy: Aren’t you helping Emily with her reading tonight? *Emily still needs help with certain words*

      Papa: Timothy is helping her.

      It just melts my heart to hear that. After 30 minutes, I go check on them. Both fell asleep on their bed, with bibles kept and lights off except the toilet light.

      I wished more days like these where both of them help each other, play and have fun together. Things like these ensure my hubby and I that we are doing something right in parenting them.