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    • My New Domain:

      December 31, 2007

      It is New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year everyone, if I have not wish you yet. To kick into the New Year, I just bought another domain. I will be moving my personal gbay blog to I hope to move most of the “P” post to my new domain and keep this site clean.

      If you have link into gbay, please help to update your link to If you want link exchange, do leave me a comment.

      Have a GREAT NEW YEAR ahead!

    • My children was looking forward to this day because they finally can unwrapped the presents. I love the look on their face when they saw what they get. The moment is priceless to me, seeing their happy face.

      Timothy got a set of 8 Ultramans plus a few airplanes that come with a noisy launcher. Emily got her doll and her favorite stroller. She has been taking care of the baby doll since.

      Hey I got a present too! I was surprised because we don’t give each other presents during Christmas except for the children. Another surprising thing is that my husband pays attention to my needs. I got an ionic hair dryer. The old one was about to break.

      Hubby got a photography book for his birthday as his birthday falls on Christmas Eve. It is also his Christmas present.

      Priceless moments here:

    • Christmas Costume

      December 26, 2007

      My church organized a Christmas party for the children and adults. There were exchanging of gifts, carol singing, sermon and food. Children were required to dress up as shepherd, wiseman or angel. My hubby decided to be creative and asked my help to create a special Christmas costume for Tim and Emily.

      Here is what I made for them. They were very sporting, after I bribed them with party pack, to wear it throughout the party. Both of them also display themselves on stage for the judges. Nope they didn’t get the top three prizes because they were out of the specified category. It was fun for them though. I still think the Emily will make a very pretty angel.

    • Christmas Gift For You II

      December 23, 2007

      Christmas is here again but I hope all of you will receive a gift that you will treasure forever. Yeah Yeah Yeah a lot of people exchange gift during Christmas. I did that in my recent company’s Christmas party. I did spend some money to get gifts for my children, just so that I can see their happy faces. Believe me, those gifts will not last forever.

      However, let me share this gift from God that will last forever. It is the gift from God and he presented the gift during Christmas. Hope you will receive the gift from Him and have a blessed Christmas!


      See here if you have problem viewing or hearing the music.

    • Bukit Merah Fun

      December 19, 2007

      It was all fun for the children in Bukit Merah and a time of relaxing for me & hubby. No work, no email, no Internet and no blogging. We stayed in a nice apartment that only cost RM59, cheap deal eh? It also has a very huge swimming pool. One set back about the pool is that there are no rules and you see lots of people swimming without wearing proper swim wear. Yes there are people swimming with “tudung”. :wall:

      Let me start with an interpretation of Tim’s second drawing. Tim & Emily had lots of fun in the water park. Emily enjoyed the water slide down. There is a ship with canon of water shooting out and Tim enjoyed fighting against it. He also fought with the waves. The bottle that he is holding in the picture is sun block, to protect his skin. The 2 round circles are big floats we rent to sail across the water.

      What else is there in Bukit Merah? A boat ride to visit the Orang Utan island, Ecopark and a nice scenery. At night, you can head to the arcade center to play some arcade games.

      Lastly, I thought I can escape from blogging but it just hunts me down. Yes at 8:30pm, I turned on the TV, I saw Kenny Sia on air playing Deal or No Deal. He really entertained us well not only in his blog but also live on air. First he opened all the big money. If you know the game well, that is not how it is played. I think he got the lowest offer in history from the banker if I am not wrong. The banker offers him RM50 at one moment. The rest you don’t want to know, watch it for yourself. He took home RM100.

    • Short Vacation

      December 17, 2007

      I was away for a short vacation and just got back today. Tim will share with you where we went to. Opps, if you cannot figure it out, place your notebook on the mirror. Or the other way around. How did he do that? He was copying his T-Shirt!

      I will upload more pictures later. Let me clear my email first, that’s the downside after a vacation.

    • Signal All The Way

      December 15, 2007

      Everywhere I go, I have signal. You want to know why? That’s because I have 2 yellow man following me. Yes, it is handphone signal I am talking about. Look!

      Oh, the only place I do not have signal is when I am at work. Yeah, my company do not allow non-employee to enter. Once my hubby had to drop me at the guard house because my son was in the car. It is so different compare to other sites. I have seen a father bringing her gal into the office in US. Anyway, I wished to take my children in to where I work some day. Maybe family day!

    • A lot of mothers, especially new mothers have lots of worries. That’s the reason why we are very forgetful at times. I know I had 101 worries when I was carrying my son. However many of those problems are a passing phase, which means the problem can correct itself eventually or can be corrected. At that moment, it may seem to be a big issue but it is not.

      What are my children’s passing phases that they have outgrew them?

      1. At baby stage, Tim’s head was not symmetrical and one sided.


      2. At baby stage, Tim wakes up every 3-4 hours until age 2. :wall:
      3. At baby stage, Emily had bad rash on her face.
      4. Tim refuse to drink milk at age 1+, I had to spoon feed him until 2.
      5. At age of 2, Tim still was speaking baby language.
      6. Emily refused to call “mummy”.
      7. Toddler age, both Tim & Emily doesn’t like to eat. Tim improved after he went to nursery and Emily improved after age of 2.5+.
      8. Constipation problem.

      I am sure you can add to this list. A word of advice to all, it will be a passing phase, so why worry. Have a fun journey free from worry!

    • Christmas Gift For You

      December 11, 2007

      You get a special Christmas gift if you can guess this. Link: All I Want For Christmas Is?

      Sorry I know the comment box was out of order but now it is fix. Happy Guessing!

    • Anticipation

      December 9, 2007

      Everyday my children are asking when Christmas will be here. I guess they are looking forward to see their favorite toys. I taught them how to read the calendar. I have a small calendar for Tim to mark each day. Every evening, he will take a red pen to mark the calendar until 25th December.

      I will be looking forward to Christmas too because I am always happy to see them grin from ear to ear when receiving their favorite toys. Children, it takes so little to make them happy.