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    • Swinging Here & There

      April 29, 2009

      A dress does not stop Emily from climbing or swinging. The dress is made by Jess, isn’t it beautiful? I adore her dress design. As for Emily, she said “Mummy see, I can swing”. By the way, she is born in the year of “Monkey”.

    • Have you notice that the books stores in Malaysia have 70% of English books, probably 10% BM books, 15% Chinese books and the rest are others. I was looking for some BM books for my children so that they can build their BM vocab. It is so difficult to find good books.

      I remembered in my days there was Dewan Pelajar or Dewan Masyarakat magazine. I cannot locate them. I like Dewan Pelajar magazine because it has lots of education articles. I used to participate in their contest and won some prizes myself. Do they produce it anymore?

      Next, I wanted to get some education VCD but 90% are English and 10% are Chinese. No BM to be found. Sigh. I think I have better chances of searching the internet for it.

      One very interesting comic book I found for secondary students. Yes comic book for history (aka Sejarah). Too bad they do not have that during my school days, else my Sejarah marks would be better. It is a kind of neat way to teach Sejarah. Visual pictures are definitely better than a book of words. It put me to sleep.

      If any parents who know where I can find BM education VCD, I love to hear about it.

    • German Chocolates

      April 28, 2009

      I had a German visitor last week. Before he came, he messaged me to prepare his visit. Oh well, I took the opportunity to ask him to bring some German chocolates. I adore German chocolates as they have alcohol or liquor in it. It is much creamier and melts in your mouth.

      He didn’t just bring one bar of chocolate, he brought a bunch. How lovely of him. Our team certainly enjoys it. When we left the meeting room, there were only a few left. Even that didn’t last very long.

      Hehehe…I ate so much of it and I believed I need some acne treatments to recover.

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    • First Sports Day

      April 26, 2009

      Timothy has his first sports day and we were invited. I really don’t remember my parents ever attending my sports day as they were busy people. Tim’s school was really efficient by the way they run their sports day.

      First, std 1 to 3 has a separate sports day during school days. It doesn’t make a different for me because Timothy didn’t participate as only limited children were chosen. I believed he didn’t volunteer himself. On the sports day itself, only std 3 to 6 were competing. They had track running and some telematches.

      Secondly, events were held together to save time. The price giving was done while the track field running was going on.

      The weather on that day was good, not too hot. They provided a nice big tent for the parents/visitors to sit. However they put the VIP in the first row, they were not very good seats as the sun was directing the rays on them. I had a nice seat where the fan was blowing. Kind of cool for me.

      We decided to leave early before they catch us to do the parents event. They made a couple of announcement to request parents to join.

      No medal this year for Tim, oh well we will wait for next year when he volunteer himself. He got long legs, should run pretty fast.

    • Feeding The Animals

      April 23, 2009

      During the school holidays in last March, I brought my family to Bukit Merah. There was an Eco Park where we can feed the animals. Animal foods were available for the children to feed the hamsters, rabbits, mice, tortoise and fish. There was a feeding area for us to go near the rabbits. However there were so many people feeding the animals, the animals were not interested in our food. I had left over bread, some vegetables and lots of fish food.

      We walked to another area where the deer, birds and a pond of fish. I decided to throw some bread, the deer and birds were interested in my bread. When my children saw it, they started throwing bread and they were excited seeing the animals eating the food. Eventually we ran out of food. Later my children fed the deer with huge leaves. The deer approach us very near to eat those leaves. Emily and Timothy pat it. They were excited and almost tearing every leaves there to feed them.

      Later we went out of the Eco Park but my children still would like to feed animals. I bought some more bread and they threw it to the ducks. Ended up a huge crowd of ducks came to catch the bread. Wow, those animals must be under fed. My children had a good time and told me to get more bread next time to feed the animals. Yeah, mummy will buy a few loaves of bread for them.

    • Incredible Treat

      April 21, 2009

      Look what I saw in the LCCT Airport.

      I was so tempted to get this for my children but it cost RM49.90. It is not value for money. However I snapped a picture for them to see. By the way, the giant lollipop is not entirely candy. It probably takes forever to finish it. It is just a wrapped round box with normal size lollipop inside.

      I missed the Sarsi flavored lollipop. Anyone knows where I can get those. I used to get it from primary school junk food stall. I wonder do they produce it any more. Any parents see it in their children’s junk food stalls?

    • Pisa Pool

      April 20, 2009

      My hubby took Tim and Emily to visit the Pisa stadium swimming pool. He captured their pictures and updated it with captions. Tim and Emily sent this to me through email.

      Tim: My hobby is swimming.

      Emily: I love to go to swimming pool. I want to use my arm float.

      Where was I? I was in KL shopping and spending time with my parents. I have lots of annual leaves to kill. I even bumped into a blogger, guess who?

    • The Differences

      April 18, 2009

      Mummy, I will miss you. Guess who said that?

      You probably think it is Emily but it came out of Tim’s mouth. I was surprised but at the same time felt touched or in Cantonese “gum thong”. How often will you hear a boy or a man say that? Probability is very low. I will enjoy this while I can.

      Emily has a different way of showing affection. She will hug me or kiss me on my cheeks. Tim will do less of that on his own. Only when I asked him to do, he will do it. That is why I am surprised he told me that he miss me. I believed boys and girls have different ways of showing affection. One does it by words and the other does it by actions.

    • TV Not Included

      April 16, 2009

      I wonder who will expect a TV to be in this small box of game. It will be cool if TV is included with the price of RM420.00.

    • Just as I was complaining about fogging and I received news that my nanny and her son were admitted due to dengue. Oh well, thanks to my FIL and MIL who helped us to take care of things.

      Emily got her glasses and she was willing to wear it. I tried to help her feel unconscious of it. She is excited over it as she kept asking me when it is ready.
      I received a lot of comments like “She is so young, why she is wearing glasses?” when people saw her wearing glasses. One funny question I had was “How come she is long sighted and not short sighted?” I wished I knew the answer. Anyway I like what one of the parents said, let her watch TV, maybe it can help improve her long sighted.

      If you see a child wearing glasses, please do not make any funny remarks in front of her or ask her, why she is wearing glasses. It can be real sensitive to the child. Today, she told me that she didn’t want to wear her glasses to school. I guess she didn’t want her friends to say funny things to her. Anyway I told her that she looks pretty in it and asked her not to worry about it. She does look good it in. Maybe I will get another pair with the sunnies. It will be real cool.

      As for Tim, he had sports day today but he didn’t tell me that. He was in uniform until another mom told me while I was asking her about something else on the phone. I had to bring his track pants and sport shirt for him to change. His school has a real bad communication system. The teacher will instruct the children. When the message is passed, it is either lost or half of the info.

      I suggested to the school head that it is better to ask the child to copy down the instruction in a message book for us parents to see. He seems to agree and told me he will let the school teachers know. I am not the only parent who is facing this problem. I believed I need to teach Timothy to improve his Bahasa Malaysia so that he can carry back the full message back. He can read BM but most of the time, he doesn’t understand the words. Any ideas how I can improve his BM?

      *second time I am writing this post, a little geram with my itchy finger which deleted the post before Google can cache it* 🙁