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    • Little Picasso

      October 30, 2006

      Timothy likes to draw. Whatever he sees, he draws. Not sure where he develop the love for drawing but he can sit for an hour drawing and drawing. He has been using up my A4 printing paper. I got him a huge roll of paper from Ikea, cost RM15 for him to draw.

      When we were at Ikea, he saw the chair testing machinery display. He took a free pencil and paper and drew that. Sigh, I misplaced that paper.

      I told my hubby, when he is 5-6 years old, maybe will let him taking proper drawing class. That will be another option to his future career. As for Emily, I haven’t detected her talent yet. I think she probably love music.

      Mummy, Daddy, Tim & Em out in the rain, with a rainbow:

    • Adult: RM25 *expensive*
      Child: RM15 (above 3)
      UOB CC member – 15% discount

      We went on train ride, truck ride, merry go round and playground. There were other ship ride, bumper bee, bumper car and bus ride that go up high. For the ship rides, only children allowed, no adult. It was fun for the children. We couldn’t stay long as Emily wasn’t feeling well. 🙁

      More Info here:

      Pan Mee

      I love a pan mee stall in KL. It is in Chow Kit Lorong Haji Taib 4 Road. That is where I grew up. The flat that I used to stay, now become a Tiong Nam Union (aka Persatuan Penjaja Tiong Nam). It has a lot of “lieu” as in mushroom strips, minced pork and vege. Pan Mee is a self-made flour noodle. It taste better when you add chilli and lime in it. Simply delicious!!!

    • Mid Valley KL

      October 26, 2006

      On Saturday, Deepavali day, I went to MidValley. At first, I thought many should have left KL and not many people around. I saw from a far that not much traffic into MidValley. However when I got there, all the parking bays were closed, cars were bumper to bumper, some lanes, not moving at all. I was there at 3:30pm. There were sure a whole lot of cars there. Surprisingly about 5pm, all cars were gone. Do they go there in batches?

      I was about to turn around and leave. I was heading to zone C parking lot and suddenly the attendant directed us to enter the new apartment car park. Some more it was FREE. How fortunate. :clap:

      Reason to go there, Tim wanted to ride on the trolley car. Oh well, this will be the last for him to sit as he won’t be able to fit in there due to long legs. By the way, Berjaya Times Square also has trolley cars too. It will be fun for the children but you cannot go to any shop with it especially small shops. You also cannot use the elevators so have to find a lift.

    • Fit Again

      October 24, 2006

      I had to rush back from our vacation in KL one day early. Yesterday, Emily had a seizure fit in Sushi King at Berjaya Times Square. She wasn’t having any fever when we left the house. We spent 1 hour at the Children Theme Park, later we head to Sushi King for lunch. At that moment, she had mild fever. Half way through the lunch, she felt uneasy and wanted to sleep. I let her lie down on the bench.

      At the same time, I asked hubby to look for a pharmacy to get cool fever. I should have asked him to get fever medicine. Anyway, we put the cool fever on her forehead but that wasn’t good enough. After 5 minutes, I saw her go unconscious and had a less than 1 minute fit. I had to put her by her side and make sure nothing is blocking her airway. I wasn’t afraid when she had the fit but it was afterwards when I didn’t know she was out of the fit or she was sleepy. She did response to me which was a good sign after the fit but she was very tired. (According to the doctor, it is normal that she will be tired and would let her sleep).

      We paid the bill and rushed her to a nearby clinic. However, first time in the mall, didn’t know where it was or was it open. Anyway, my hubby (good thinking) approached the security officer. He made way and brought us to the emergency room at the theme park. The assistant (not sure his qualification, probably he had some certified training in emergency management) examined her heartbeat and gave her some oxygen. That’s when my gal cried and I felt relief. At least I know she was conscious. However she still had a high fever, worried she might have a second attack of fit. The assistant officer called an ambulance. I am really impressed that he acted fast. However, the ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive, sent her to Pantai Cheras for further care. Hubby and Emily went on the ambulance, while I drove Tim there.

      At Pantai, I am really upset with the MO, he took 30 minutes to try to put the IV into Emily’s hand. My hubby said that he already had it in but then removed it again. Of coz, Emily was screaming. He gave Emily the suppository to bring the fever down. When I reached there, the IV wasn’t in. He tried the other hand, still failed. According to my hubby, he wanted to admit Emily that is a must. However, I saw Emily recovered and alert, because of the fear of having her hand poked again, she wanted to get out of the hospital. I discussed with my hubby that we will monitor her and we drove back to Penang. At Penang, it is easier for us if she is admitted.

      Thank God, throughout the day, I was praying to him :pray: and he really did help us. At home, I gave Emily Paracetamol as she still have a slight fever. She slept and her fever was gone. She woke up hungry. I fed her and she slept some more. This morning she was fine, active and back to normal. I took her to her paed and have her checked. She is fine now, fever is off but I still have to monitor her closely.

    • Humor Me

      October 20, 2006

      Weird act my children do…

      Have A Great Depa Raya!!

    • Silent Tears

      October 15, 2006

      During our nap time, my son was moving around and not sleeping. Usually he is not like that, he will just go and sleep. I scolded him and he was still doing it. Anyway I was too tired and felt asleep. When I woke up, he didn’t sleep at all. He wanted to go out and play, I told him to get back to bed and sleep.

      Later, he made so much noise that Emily woke up. There is no point getting him to sleep now. Both of them were playing. At one point, Emily wanted to take the box of toys, he tried to snatch it away. Both were not letting the toy go. I walked up to Tim and grabbed him by his arms and make him let go of the toys. Emily ran away with the toy. Suddenly Tim silently let out his tears. Tears just flow out like a broken pipe. There wasn’t any sound in his cry. He must be really sad. It was an unusual cry. It cut through my heart to see him cry this way. I grab him and gave him a hug. He stopped and later Emily came to sayang him. Everything went back to normal.

    • Chicken Pox

      October 12, 2006

      Oh no, Timothy got chicken pox. He took the jab when he is 1. The paed said he is not responding to the vaccine or he didn’t produce any antibody. The paed also gave him a anti-viral medicine so that he will not get a full blown chicken pox that may take longer to heal. He got it from his school mates. What a timing? My hubby is away and MIL is going on vacation. I have to take care of him until MIL returns. Fortunately I can work from home and take care of him.

      The funny thing is I discover the spots yesterday. I thought it was bed bugs’ bites. I change all my bed sheets and clean the room. I burned LB to get rid of any bed bugs. Now I know it is not bed bugs.

      Tomorrow I have to coax Emily to go to school without his brother. Emily was asking for the brother in school when I took him to see the doctor. Pray that Emily will not get Chicken Pox and she have immunity. :pray:

    • Buzz & Little Mermaid

      October 11, 2006

      I got these towels for my children when I was in Singapore. Both my children loved it. Every bath time, they want to be mermaid or buzz. Sometimes they exchange. At least now, they don’t run around naked after bath time.

    • Health Screening II

      October 10, 2006

      I had to fast the night before, no food after 12 midnight. First test was to get morning stool, was a yeaky process. Anyway, I don’t do big business in the morning, so that was unsuccessful. Second test was to do the Xray. Next was the ultrasound to check my liver, kidney and womb. Later I had to proceed to the lab for lab for blood test, and urine test.

      After which, I was served with breakfast at a nice room, with tea and water. I did the blood pressure check, colour-blind test, take weight, height and chest measurement. The doctor arrived, he proceed with some health questions on my health history and family history. He took out his tools, check my eye, ear and reflex. He also did the breast examination to ensure no lumps.

      The nurse came in and wired me up for ECG and stress test. I have to walk on the treadmill. It was slow at first, later it become faster and faster. At each interval, the doc will check my blood pressure and the heartbeat rate is shown on the computer. I completed all levels and the doc said “well done”. I was happy to hear that. I didn’t do much exercise since becoming a mom. The only exercise I do is housework and taking care of the children. However, every morning I made it a point to climb 3 flights of stairs, rather than taking the lift. After the treadmill, I had to rest on the bed till my heartbeat returned back to normal. The nurse did a pressure check and I can proceed to the next test.

      Next test was a hearing test. I was put in a sound proof room and different tone of sound were played. If I hear it, I press a button. I find that sometimes the sound still stay in the brain memory and not the actual hearing.

      The last test was my most feared, pap smear. I have to see the gynae to do that. He also did an ultrasound to check my womb. He told me that the pap smear test was just uncomfortable but not painful. I was all tensed up and wasn’t cooperating very well. I tried but it was painful for me. That minute was the longest minute that I ever felt. I am glad that was over.


      The good news, I passed everything with flying colours. My heart, liver, kidney, cervix, lungs, ear, and eye are all normal. My cholesterol was superb. :dance:

      Cholesterol (Total) 3.7 mmol/L (Desirable < 5.2)
      HDL-Cholesterol 1.96 mmol/L (Normal > 1.03)
      HDL-Cholesterol (Calculated) 1.3 mmol/L (< 2.58 Optimal)
      Cholesterol/HDL-Cholesterol 1.89

      The chance of developing a coronary heart disease within 10 years < 1%. :dance:

      The bad news I am underweight and anemia. As for the anemia part, I need to go for more tests to see whether I have iron deficiency.

      The doc made a remark saying “Your cholesterol result is very good, that because you are not eating anything.” I told him, you should see the way I eat, it will frighten him. Once I was in US, my counterpart was amazed of how much food I took on my tray. I had soup, main course and dessert. I even ate more than the US guys. Anyway I am under by 3kg. You know any good buffet in town?

      It was a great experience and happy to know that I am 99% healthy. :dance:

    • Japanese Weekend

      October 9, 2006

      I was too lazy to cook over the weekend, so I took my children out for dinner. It is easy for me too as they can dirty the floor and I do not have to mop it. Tim love to eat at Sushi King because of the Edamame. We went there on Sat.

      On Sunday, we went to another Japanese Restaurant called ICHIYO. What I love about this place is that it is a Children Friendly Restaurant. They have a small TV screen at the side for children to watch cartoons. They have special bowls for them and they give out stickers. My children are well entertained where I can have a quiet dinner.

      Both trying to be Japanese: