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    • 10th Anniversary

      July 1, 2010

      Today marks my 10th Anniversary…

    • First Sports Day

      April 26, 2009

      Timothy has his first sports day and we were invited. I really don’t remember my parents ever attending my sports day as they were busy people. Tim’s school was really efficient by the way they run their sports day.

      First, std 1 to 3 has a separate sports day during school days. It doesn’t make a different for me because Timothy didn’t participate as only limited children were chosen. I believed he didn’t volunteer himself. On the sports day itself, only std 3 to 6 were competing. They had track running and some telematches.

      Secondly, events were held together to save time. The price giving was done while the track field running was going on.

      The weather on that day was good, not too hot. They provided a nice big tent for the parents/visitors to sit. However they put the VIP in the first row, they were not very good seats as the sun was directing the rays on them. I had a nice seat where the fan was blowing. Kind of cool for me.

      We decided to leave early before they catch us to do the parents event. They made a couple of announcement to request parents to join.

      No medal this year for Tim, oh well we will wait for next year when he volunteer himself. He got long legs, should run pretty fast.

    • Of Olympic Day & 080808

      August 8, 2008

      Yeap many of you were correct, Tim drew the one of the Olympic Mascots, Jingjing – bring smiles to children. He got the toy from McDonalds. Today is the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening day. It also falls on 080808. Anyway what is supposed to happen on 080808? People getting married? People delivering babies? For me, it is just another working day.

      I heard from my Beijing counterparts that the site decided to shutdown and request workers to work from home. How nice. I guess it is to reduce traffic congestion on the road. After all, it is a grand day for Beijing.

      By the way, the opening ceremony for Beijing Olympic will be @ 8pm on 08/08/08 Beijing time. If I see another 8, I will go crazy! Talk about auspicious who can beat us Chinese.

      Tell me what you are doing on 08/08/08?

      Someone just send me this, we know what some people will do….Get Themselves Stuck.

    • Bronze Year

      July 1, 2008

      Today is my marriage anniversary. Wow, time really flies. I must thank God for the lovely years that He has given to my hubby and I. I prayed that many more will come.

      “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Mark 10:9

    • Happy Day!

      June 4, 2008

      This is how I feel today:

      It’s a happy day, and I thank God for the weather
      It’s a happy day, living it for my Lord
      It’s a happy day, things are gonna get better
      Living each day by the promises in God’s word

      I sang this to Emily early in the morning..

         Happy Birthday to you
         Happy Birthday to you
         Happy Birthday to Emily
         Happy Birthday to you

      Emily sang this to me..

         May the good Lord bless you
         May the good Lord bless you
         May the good Lord bless mummy
         May the good Lord bless you.

      Isn’t it sweet that Emily and I are born on the same day? Precious. :jump:

      Thank you Vien for getting the lovely cakes made by Alice for me and Emily. Can you see that the pretty doll is holding an iPhone? :dance:

    • Fun With Fruits

      May 19, 2008

      Remembered the mother’s day fruits arrangement contest that I had won. Here are the pictures of it. The pictures are taken by my friend and I had to wait for him to process it. Enjoy!

      It was done by a mum, her daughter and me. A team must consist of a mum, a child and a teacher. She is from Korea and very creative too. I cannot take all the credit but it was a team work. We just work together. Funny thing is we ran out of grapes, I had to turn over and take some grapes from her son. He was reluctant to give until I said, hey it is for your mom. He gave it all to me. It was fun!

    • My church has a special mother day’s program on Sunday. First we were given a small little token appreciation from the youth group. We received prayers from the church. Mothers do need constant prayers so that we will bring our children up according to His will.

      After that, we have a Sunday School Mother’s Day program. Here I played dual roles where I am a teacher as well as a mother. We had fun games and we taught the children how to make delicious fruit platters for their mothers. How lovely! I had 2 boxes of delicious fruit platters. Emily brought it to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day!!” A few seconds later, Emily came around and said “Mummy, my tummy wants to eat the fruit” *roll eyes*.

      We also had a fruit arranging contest for the mothers to show their skills. The team consists of a mother, a child and the child’s teacher. I was a teacher here. Everyone was so enthusiastic on creating a center piece. We had fun! Believe me I never do any decorating of fruits in my life. Opps I think I did when I was in secondary school for home science. Guess what, my team came up first and we won a bouquet of flowers. It just made my day! :jump:

      The day ended up with a cell group gathering at a church friend’s house. She told every mother to come celebrate together as she said no mothers are allowed to cook today. It was very nice of her to open her house. She made very delicious beef stew too!. It was really a cool day for me and a very enjoyable one. Nothing can beat having a Mother’s Day celebration with friends. How did your Mother’s Day went?

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    • Ferry Day

      May 2, 2008

      What did we do on Labor Day? We went on a ferry ride across the main land. Here is one fun thing that we, Penanites can do during our free time with our family. It was a fast ride as the ferry went like a speed boat.

      Tim and Emily were pretty excited when they heard we are going for a ferry ride. Anyway, anything that is done outside of the house, pretty much excite them. We drove on to the ferry and went up to the upper deck for a nice view. Tim was excited and went up the steep stairs. Halfway up, he felt frightened as he look down. He was screaming “mummy” all the way up. Yeap, the steep stairway is not very children friendly. Tim was reluctant to go down by himself. Daddy had piggy back them all the way down. Tough, if I were there with them alone.

      The view was a little hazy but the weather was not that hot. We got a nice breeze and a great view. Emily was enjoying her Cheezels with Tim at the upper deck. It was a good ride.

      Total Cost the Ride: A pack of Cheezels and the ride is free.

      By the way, the ferry was not very well maintained. I saw a lot of rusty areas on the ferry. I couldn’t find any life jackets anywhere too. It is just danger waiting to happen. If disaster happens, then the govt will look at the problem. If you ever go on a ferry, take some floats with you.

    • The Miracle Day

      March 23, 2008

      Today is the day to remember God’s greatest miracle ever done. Today is the day where we remember the risen Lord. Jesus came 2000 years ago and he died on the cross for all of us, yes everyone. Not only that, God raised him up on the 3rd day and he is alive. He has conquered death and sin for us all.

      I heard a story once, if all of us were in a fire and there is a door of escape. Would you walk through that door? If you did you will be save. Similarly Christ has provided us a way, trust in him and you will be save.

      Ask yourself this, if you die tonight, do you know where you are going after that? Heaven or Hell? Good works does not lead us into heaven because no matter how many good works we done, we cannot clean ourselves. If you have told a lie, you are a liar. If you watched pirated VCD, you have stolen. If you hate anyone, you have already murdered. I am guilty of it all. Therefore I need Jesus to rescue me. God is a just God and he cannot allow any sinful man to go unpunished.

      Just like a murderer who is caught. If there is a just judge, he cannot allow him to go free even if the murdered did a lot of good works before. If he did, he will be unjust. However God provided a way, the ONLY way for us, he provided Jesus Christ to take the punishment for us. Not only that, he raised him up on the third day so that whoever believed in Jesus will be saved and have eternal life. John 3:16.

      A lot of people have a misconception that Christian is holy people and they must always do right. No, a Christian is someone who acknowledged they are sinful and want Jesus Christ to cleanse him/her. Just like a patient who is sick and needs a doctor to cure his sickness.

      Happy Easter!!

    • Birthday Vacation

      March 17, 2008

      Where did we go? Hawaii? Nah, it was like Hawaii but we were at Penang Golden Sands Hotel. First it had a great view from our room. I booked a sea view room. Look what my 2 monkeys did when they check in to the room?

      My children were too excited, at least for Tim, he didn’t nap. He was anxious to swim and play water at the pool. Both of them had a great time in the pool with dad, while I relaxed at the sun bathing bench, catching up with some reading. It has wifi in the hotel.

      Emily was brave, she tried out horse riding on her own. The horseman was clever, he carried Emily to sit on the horse although we didn’t agree on the price of the ride. It was RM50. 😯 I was clever too and made a bargain for it, brought it down. Most of the activities on the beach were RM50. No wonder they had so many Jet Skies lined up. Of coz, sand play was FREE. By the way, there is also an Adventurous Zone for kids, just like kidsport in 1 Utama.

      At night, my hubby decided to take us to SPICE MARKET in Rasa Sayang Shangri-la for buffet. We only had to pay for 2 adults. It was a great buffet with lots of fresh oyster, clams, big prawns, lobsters, Japanese food, satay, Indian Tandoori, sharkfin soup, local desserts, cakes, ice-cream, waffles, fruit juices and lots of food. I was so full when I finished. Oooh, there was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and dried peaches. Yummy! The price was RM120++ per adult. On special day, it may differ.

      Oh well, it was worth the vacation for just 1 night. Who sez we have to go to Bali to enjoy?!! Guess what cartoon cake we got for Timothy? His gift is on the way, when it reaches Penang next week, I will tell you what it is. My gift too…hehehehe.