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    • Graduation & Concert 2010

      October 30, 2010

      Clank, Jump, Shake, Twist…you name it, they have it. Yes, today is my girl’s graduation and concert day.

      Yippy!! Emily graduated from kindy and moving into primary school. Today she has a grand concert. I feel for the teachers who spent more than half a year preparing all the children to give a good performance. I like the last part where they did the Sound of Music. Remarkable piece!

      Emily performed in 3 categories, Percussion to the song of Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), Rock ’n’ Roll Dance and acted in a small part of Beauty & Beast.

      This Gal Can Dance & I vote her the best dancer in the concert:

    • Por Por Will Be Here!!!

      October 29, 2010

      It is so hard to get my mum to come to Penang. Only one person that can make her come. Guess who? None other than Emily.

      It is better for Emily to ask. She only needs to do it once and she would agree. I have to ask a thousand times and yet, she will make excuses to reject me. You see how precious a grandchild request would be. I wonder will I be like that to my grand children.

      Anyway my mum is here just to attend my gal’s graduation and concert day. I am so proud of her.

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    • Don’t Look

      October 28, 2010

      Got you looking, didn’t I? Actually I was referring to Tim’s exam papers. He came home with his first BM paper. I regretted that I checked his paper and here is why.

      I scanned through the first page and second page, I was so happy that no wrong so far. I praised him and then……. I came to the kefahaman (aka comprehension). He got all wrong for the passage. I suspect he didn’t read the passage. First question appear on the first line of the passage exactly the same.

      The passage stated “Ikan berdarah sejuk”
      The question: Ikan berdarah _____ and he can answer “panas”

      You can see me steam up liao. I don’t know why, he can get some of the tough questions right and get all the easy questions wrong. I believed the easy questions are there given by the teacher for the children to score some marks. Tim doesn’t know how to grab that.

      The funny thing is, the second passage, he got all the answers correct from the passage. You tell me how not to “geram” (aka frustrated) with him.

      I don’t expect him to get full or above 90 marks. I am alright if he doesn’t know and learn from it. What I am frustrated about is that he is very careless. He knows and he gets it wrong.

      I made him repeat after me….“I will read the question properly and check my work.” I just hope he does that.

      I am not going to check any more of his papers.

    • Went Shopping

      October 26, 2010

      Guess what went shopping? My gal always complained that she is not creative. She told me that she cannot build certain things with Lego like her kor kor.

      Here is a conversation we had when she was playing her new construction magnet toy.

      Emily: Mummy please helped me to build a car where the little man can ride in it.
      Mummy: Why don’t you try and I help you.
      Emily: I am not creative and I don’t know how.
      Mummy: You try first.

      Mummy was interrupted by other things while she is building on her own.

      Mummy: Wow! See you made it.
      Emily: Yeah my creativity just came back after shopping.
      Mummy: LOL :giggles:

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    • Revision Time

      October 21, 2010

      Tim is having exams next week. Like every mother, I have to spend time revising with him. Actually both my hubby and I. Sometimes if he is in the mood, he will do everything correctly. However at times, he can drive me up the wall. When he does that, I will calm down and make some humor to release the tension. He will let out a shy smile.

      For example, I asked him does pepper powder dissolved in water. He looked blank. I took him to the kitchen to show it to him. And he took it to test it out and he smelled it, which I asked him not to. He didn’t sneeze but his nose sure was itchy. He said the smell was yeaky. By the way, some Science questions were ambiguous.

      The Science text book said that flour, pepper powder and curry powder don’t dissolve in water. Some of it actually does so it is not correct. Then they learned about seeds, asking the students which fruits have seeds. One of the questions asking does grape have seeds? My boy answered No but the book answer said yes. My boy told me what about seedless grape. You see what I mean???!!!


    • Santa came early, that’s me. When my children knew that I was going to US, they started ordering toys. As usual, my boy asked for Lego and Emily, she didn’t know what she wants at first. She asked for Dora Lego but I didn’t find any in Then she asked for Barbie which she has a couple but hardly play with it. Later I suggested a magnet construction toy. She was excited. Before I left, I ordered those toys and send it to my friend’s place.

      By the way, my friend also got the same magnetic toys for my children but different model. Now we have 2 sets.

      I was going to Delaware and it is one of the US states without tax. Isn’t it great? It will be shopping time there. I went into Apple Store and I came back broke. One present for me and the other for my hubby. He was really surprised when it was presented to him. It was an early birthday present for him that is 2 months away.

      Now I am waiting for the hacker to release an unlock version for my iPhone 4. Sorry, not much stuff I bought this round because I am all broke now after entering Apple Store. No Correlle plates this round. The Coach bags are for sale if anyone wants, leave your email in my comment box.

      Tim’s Toy:

      Emily’s Toy

      Papa’s iPad & iPhone 4 For Me

      Other stuff:

      Fabric For Me To Sew Bags (If I have time….)

      Coach Bags For Sale

    • Skype

      October 8, 2010

      A new word that my children learn. My new notebook comes with a build in camera and I used skype to call home when I am traveling. With the camera, I can do video calls with my children. A few days ago, I called home and Emily picked up the phone.

      First thing she said, mummy I want to talk to you in skype. She went calling the papa to allow her to skype. She knows how to on the computer now and also know how to call me from skype. Same goes for Tim. However, we do insist they asked permission before turning on the computer.

      When we are on skype, they like to view my hotel. I turned my camera around to show them. It was kind of cute. Next they want to watch the US channel. I switched on Cartoon Network for them. Their attention was directed to watching cartoon then talking to me. See how important I am compare to watching cartoons. I allowed them to watch for a short while because I had to head off for breakfast before they close the counter.

      I cannot wait to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can do more skype with them…..

    • Craft Time With Emily

      October 1, 2010

      Emily and I discovered the likings of doing this craft. I am not sure what you call it but the end product is a glass deco where you can stick it on any window or mirror. It can be found in Mid Valley, the upper floor outside of the big indoor playground.

      First you have to choose a picture. Med size picture is RM5 and big size is RM10-12. You are given bottles of special paint. All you have to do is to fill up the picture with colors. To make it more interesting, you can mix colors too. For the edges, you need to use a toothpick. Cotton buds are given to clean up accidents like over spilled of paint to the edges.

      After completing it, it will go through the process of baking. The paint will harden like jelly after they dipped it into cold water. You can stick it on any windows or mirror.