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    • In And Out

      April 15, 2013

      Not The Burger, although I miss it!

      Last week, my hubby had to go outstation for work. It left me with 2 kids and lots of fetching to do. To add to it, I had to work as well. I am glad that I could work from home. Really, the tough part was waking up early in the morning to fetch one to school.

      Friday was the worst, I gout out of the house 7 times due to 2 dental appointments, school and other activities arranged. Note to self, always make dental appointment during school holidays. I am glad it was over.

      My kids were so well behave and they prepared themselves for school with no fuss. Wake up, shower, dressed up and eat, all by themselves. Actually all I need to do is to take them from A to B. They sure grown up very fast.

      At the end of it all, I rewarded them with a special dinner and moist chocolate cake! Slurp……

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    • Simple Lunch

      April 15, 2013

      Something simple for the family, whipped this up in 30 minutes. The fried calamari is done using a borrowed air fryer.

      By the way, the custard apples is from my very own tree. The thermal pot has my favorite homemade delicious minestrone soup.

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    • Lego Mini Figures

      April 15, 2013

      I am a fan of Lego Mini Figures Series. I collect those that are unique. The packaging of these mini figures make it hard for us to know what is in it. Often, I have to feel and determine what is inside. Sometimes I get it correct and sometimes not. However I am getting better at it.

      Once I have gotten 7 that I wanted. 7 out of 7, unbelievable. A tip is to feel the weapon or accessories that the mini figure comes with!

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