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    • On the second day of Chinese New Year, Emily developed wheezing at night and a slight fever. Due to public holiday, most clinics were closed. I resort to bringing her to the hospital (Pantai Medical Cheras), at least they have emergency wad open. Oh boy, there was a queue and we waited. Everyone has to wait, no difference whether emergency or not.

      It came to our turn and here is the conversation with the MO.

      Doc: What’s wrong with her?
      Me: She has wheezing and need the nebulizer. She also has a slight fever.
      Doc: You doctor? *taken back by his sarcasm, I went speechless*
      Doc: Does she have flu?
      Me: Yes, started with runny nose 2 days ago.
      Doc: What color what her phlegm or nose discharge?
      Me: Don’t know because no discharge, she didn’t even blow her nose.
      Doc: I don’t mean to be rude but I need to understand her situation…bla bla..bla.. *yeah right*
      Doc: Is she asthmatic?
      Me: Nope. But she is allergic to certain type of food like M&M and Japanese biscuit. Every time she takes it, she will get wheezing.
      Doc: I believed she is asthmatic. Did you take her to see a specialist?
      Me: Yes, in fact her doctor is a pediatrician.
      Doc: Did she do a test?
      Me: No because her wheezing attack is not frequent. Once or twice a year.

      He kept going on about her being asthmatic. Well next time, I go to my pediatric doc, I will ask her. I still don’t believe my girl is asthmatic. Maybe she is allergy to certain food that causes the wheezing. I read in the web that allergy is not asthma.

      After she had a cause of nebulizer, she felt much better. Note to self, I need to bring the nebulizer unit with me the next time I travel with her. In fact after 1 day, she totally recovered with no fever.

      That’s not the end. I went to the pharmacy to collect medication. Guess what? The nurse gave me 2 bottles of fever medicine, 1 bottle of antibiotic, 1 bottle of ventolin and 1 bottle of cough mixture. I was shocked to see 2 bottles of fever medicine as she only have mild fever.

      I rejected 1 bottle of fever med and antibiotic. I believed it is not necessary. I got a refund of RM$60. Make sure you check the medicine that your doctor give you. Not all are needed.

      However, they couldn’t give me a bill with refund taken out. Some more the officer dared to ask me to claim more from my company. *rolled eyes* Really where is the ethics here?

      That’s it, no more Pantai Medical Cheras for me. The first time, the MO failed to put an IV and now this. Hrmm, wonder how they train the officers there.

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    • Creative Trees

      January 19, 2012

      I must say that Hong Kong people are very creative. As I was there, I saw different creation of Christmas Trees. They must put lots of thoughts into attracting people to see these trees. Let me show you the different types of Christmas trees here. Aren’t they creative?

      Chocolate Tree:

      Recycle Box Tree:

      Glass Tree:

      Colorful Tree:

      Huge Normal Tree:

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    • Eateries in Hong Kong

      January 12, 2012

      I must say that there are many food varieties in Hong Kong and most of them are delicious. However it is very expensive to eat in Hong Kong because of its high standard of living. I ran out of cash mainly due to food because most of the time we pick small eating places and they only accept cash.

      First day we tried the beef noodle and Tim tried the seafood noodle. I was disappointed with the wan tan noodle because it was difficult to chew and there is a kind of smell which Emily rejected. The Hong Kong Kai Lan was crunchy, it goes well with Oyster sauce.

      Disneyland food was extra expensive, however the portion was big. I love the morning breakfast, the simple fried noodle, somehow is tasty with the unhealthy ham.

      The “siu mei” (aka roasted) is a must try in Hong Kong. The have roasted goose, chicken, pork and duck. All of them were equally delicious. When I was there I watch a documentary on how the chef roast the delicious roasted duck or goose. The chef has to make sure that the right amount of heat and turning the goose at different period. It is done on a underground fire stove with no electronic gadget to adjust temperature. They used water to lower the temperature. That’s how they make the roasted goose or duck so tasty and delicious. You can almost get it anywhere in Hong Kong. If I stayed there long enough, I may develop high cholesterol because of this. 😛

      Dim Sum is one of the popular meal in Hong Kong and the variety of dim sum they have is amazing. We tried the Shanghai style Dim Sum, a little different from the local one. We had Shanghai noodle and the famous dumpling. Too bad I didn’t find the local dim sum place to eat. Sorry only 2 pictures as I was too hungry when the food is served.

      The best meal so far was the street meal. I still have craving over it until today. Basically you stand on the street to eat. My kids love the bbq sausages. I tried the curry tripes, curry meatballs, squid balls and curry squid. It is fantastic and smells good too!

      After the street food, we drop by Lucky Dessert place to have some delicious dessert of coz. Tim ordered the Green Tea Ice Cream. Boy it was freezing outside and he still loves the ice scraping green tea ice-cream. I had the mango sago milk dessert, the taste is superb! My hubby had the hot double boil papaya soup. You must try their desserts if you are there.

      Hot Pot is also another food I like there especially during the cold weather. Somehow my entire family loves hot pot.

      Their milk tea is different there but the teh tarik here is much better. Their curry is not so spicy, as Hong Kong people do not eat spicy food compare to the people here. I wished I had more time to eat more food, there are other food that I wanted to try but either too far or no time. Maybe next trip!

      After this post, I am getting hungry, aren’t you?

    • Hong Kong Fashion

      January 11, 2012

      As I was shopping in Hong Kong, I like to look at their boots. I really like their winter boots. In fact I got one for my girl and she loved it, so much. You can find all kinds of boots from the wooly ones to the leather ones. I almost wanted to get one for work but I didn’t. Lazy to try on.

      Boots I got for my girl:

      Besides the boots, I also like their winter collection coats. I tried most of them but their sizes are way too small for me. Anyway, a sad thing here is that we do not have winter here to enjoy those clothing.

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    • Hong Kong is a crowded city, congested with people everywhere at anytime. I was told some do not have an office to work, they are on the street all the time. I still cannot get it how people can text using their mobile phone and walk at the same time. Hong Kong is not the same as before as I see many people from China coming into that country.

      Back to my family vacation, we started with Disneyland. We check out of the hotel early morning, left the big luggage bag in the hotel’s storage facility, just took a smaller bag to check into Disneyland hotel. I bought the promo package online, 2D/1N hotel stay with 2Days park tickets.

      I anticipated a crowd but there weren’t any. We could get through all the rides and some shows on the first day. We even queue to take pictures with the Disney characters. If you are going, do plan for 2 days to cover every inch and corner. You never know when the crowd will appear. My children love the Astro Blaster from Toy Story which we went more than 9 times. Emily wanted to achieve Level 5 which she did. A few times on Pooh Honey Pot, Autopedia and Small World rides.

      I took my children to the Space Mountain ride. They didn’t know what they were in for. It was really fun but both were scared and didn’t want a repeat.

      We went to the Stitch show but after entering, Stitch spoke in Mandarin. I had to translate some of it to my children. Emily got pick to chat with the mandarin speaking Stitch. I had to be her translator. Tim wanted to watch the English version but it was at 2pm.

      The shows were superb, every one of them. I liked the 3D show and the Golden Mickeys. All shows time are listed on the brochure.

      The Christmas decorations were all over Disneyland and the night lightings were very nice. They even have fake snow there at the Main Street. The best was the fireworks! I couldn’t snap any pictures because my camera ran out of battery. So sad.

      Ready to view the pictures, warning lots of pictures to load..…

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