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    • Popular Boy

      November 30, 2007

      I was shopping with Emily. Yeah again! I went to a bookstore. Suddenly from behind, I heard a boy shouting “Timothy! Timothy!” But Timothy was not with me. The boy asked me, “Where is Timothy?” I realized he is one of Timothy’s school friends who recognize me as Timothy’s mother.

      The funny thing is that the boy sister started to follow him and wanting to look for Timothy too. Oh well, I told them Timothy was at Art Class. If I didn’t tell him that he probably will search hi and lo for Timothy around the bookstore.

      I must say Timothy is pretty popular among his friends. I bet he is known as the quiet boy. This is not the first time I encounter this where his friends saw me and asking for him in public.

      As for me, I got a nice English blouse from Summer Set on 30% discount and a nice white skirt. I hope to hear some good news next week. Oh giddytigers and justmytots will too, hopefully.

    • Tim’s Weapon: Persistence

      November 28, 2007

      Whenever Tim wants something, he will pull out his persistent weapon. He will repeat and repeat till I get annoyed. I will try to divert his attention but it does not help. He will not listen to any reasoning or rejection. If I did manage to make him forget, he will come back at it after a little while. Sigh.

      Do I give in? It depends what he really wants. If he wants me to buy him a toy, 95% it will be NO. If he wants a candy or food, yeah I give in.

      He is crazy over Ultraman toy, he wants me to get for him the red Ultraman. He already has a few in his toy box. What do I do? I told him to ask por por to buy. Por Por is in KL, so he has to wait till he sees por por. Anyway, that’s what por por does, buy whatever the grand child wants. Yeah I don’t even want to waste breath talking por por out of it. Either he waits for por por or waits for Christmas to come.

    • Talking about the brave gal reminded me something about Tim. Sometimes children are in the world of their own and do not understand a lot of things. We often have to remind them of manners, hygiene, discipline and all.

      One Sunday, at the end of the Sunday School class, sometimes the teachers will give out goodies like sweets, candy, or vitagen to the younger children. Emily’s class got lollipops. Tim saw Emily having the lollipop, he came and asked me for one. I didn’t have any but I was busy talking to another father who was holding a lollipop for her gal. Tim came by and took the lollipop from his hand. It happened so very fast that the father didn’t know what to do next.

      Fortunately I was there and return back the lollipop. I reminded Tim, he cannot take other people’s things without permission. He wanted the lollipop so much that his brain forgot about manners. Later I asked him to go Emily’s teacher and asked nicely if there is any lollipop left.

      Children are always children, they need to be taught and we have to be patient with them.

    • A Brave Gal

      November 26, 2007

      Last Friday, I was shopping alone with Emily. As usual, she will be on the stroller looking at things around. A clown gal shouted for on an upper floor asking her to go up. I couldn’t understand her as she was speaking mandarin but Emily asked me to go up. I did. She got a free round balloon and a twisted sword balloon.

      I took her to the Jusco sale. It was so crowded and people are just buying stuff like it was free. Trolleys were filled everywhere. Halfway through shopping, Emily felt a sleep despite the noise. I tied her balloon to the stroller and she was hugging her sword balloon.

      As I was queuing to pay for my groceries, a little gal saw the nice blue round balloon on my stroller. She is about 3 years old I guess. She came by my stroller, trying to get the balloon. I stood there looking at her but didn’t do anything. She was pulling and pulling. I wanted to give her the balloon but it was Emily, need to ask her permission first right. I don’t think Emily will give her balloon away. Anyway, the little gal was trying so hard to get the balloon. The mother came and pulled her away. She didn’t cry but later she tried again. I gave her a smile but she gave me a frown. Later her mother took her away. She is one brave gal.

    • BBGS Memories

      November 23, 2007

      Another ex-BBGS school friend found me in Facebook. We were good friends back in school days and attend the same church. As we were messaging one another, she gave me this site Wow there is so much memory in there about BBGS.

      As the writer of the blog is in the same year/class as me, she kept in touch with many of those I know in school. It is so great to read about them, their well being, where they are at and how they are doing. More so, the blog has lots of memories of my school.

      It is really sad that the big shopping mall called Pavilion took away many years of BBGS history. No doubt BBGS is one of the strictest schools but it moulds us to what we are today.

      I remembered the food sales, the choral speaking competition, the cheerleading competition, toilet cleaning and the strict school rules. We have a book of rules given to us on the first day of school. Some rules were:

      • Speak only English on Monday. Speak only Bahasa Malaysia on Wednesday. Other language beside BM and English are not allowed.
      • No rocking your chair, you will be fine.
      • No throwing any rubbish on the ground.
      • Toilet cleaning duty at least once a month.
      • Hair over the shoulder must be neatly tie up.
      • No long finger nails.
      • Certain things are not allowed to bring to school like celebrity magazine, love story books, music tapes..etc.
      • Skirt cannot be shorter than certain length above the knee.
      • Many Others…

      However I still proud that I am from BBGS.

    • School Holidays Schedule

      November 21, 2007

      School Holidays started on last Monday. I am at the stage of tracking when the school holidays are because Tim is attending Tadika (Kindy) which follows the normal school holidays schedule. Previously I have no clue when the dates of the school holidays are.

      I need to get use to it too because I have to include his school holidays schedule into yearly vacation plan, occasional fun trip and my business travel. This means I cannot take the family to go whatever and whenever I liked. I don’t want Tim to miss school for the wrong reason. I guess next year it is still alright because he is still in Tadika. I guess one more year for me to work it out.

      Another down side for me, whenever school holidays, any vacation package will be expensive as it is peek period for all. Sigh. :think:

      Anyway here is the 2008 school holiday schedule:

      Saturday 8 March – Sunday 16 March 2008
      Saturday 24 May – Sunday 6 June 2008
      Saturday 16 August – Sunday 24 August 2008
      Saturday 15 November 2007 – Sunday 4 January 2008

    • Yesterday, I bet most of you heard a piece of sad news where this UPSR gal hangs herself because she could not achieve excellent results. Hey her results were better than mine. What is going on with the education system or was it the parent’s high expectation on their children? I must say that a lot of parents are pushing their children too hard. I am always very worried when I hear parents sending children to tuition at a young age like 6 or 7 years old. Isn’t that a bit too much? :wall:

      Let me tell you, I never get great results during my school day, not that I cannot. I am those who score enough to get to the next stage. However I had lots of fun during my school days participating in other sports or recreation activities, knowing lots of friends from other schools. At the end of the day, when someone comes out to work, does anyone care what your good results were?

      I hope I am able to control myself from pressuring my children and let them have a happy life instead. I wished they can do well to proceed to the next stage and spend precious time in exploring God’s creation.

    • Happy Children’s Day

      November 13, 2007

      Tim’s school is celebrating Children’s day today. The Universal Children’s Day is on November 20th. Get your presents ready for your children. 7 days to go get one if you don’t have one.

      I got a cake for Tim’s school to celebrate Children’s Day. I guess the school celebrated earlier because next week will be school holiday. Tim thought it was his birthday just because I bought the cake to school. He told me that the children blow his candles and he wanted me to buy him a present.

      I told him that today is not his birthday. He still does not know how the calendar works yet. However I did get him and Emily some ice-cream. He was satisfied but he was hoping I get him Ultraman DVD or an Ultraman toy.

    • Parenting Tip #15 Stroller

      November 12, 2007

      Stroller is a greatest invention for parents, if not at least for me. I trained my children from baby to sit in a stroller. In most case, they will sit in the stroller for a short period of time and later they will want to come up. The trick is when they want to get up, I will attract them with stuff like food or toys to keep them for another 30 minutes or so. After a while, they sit in the stroller throughout. I got to a point where Tim and Emily fight for the stroller.

      With stroller, I can take 2 children to shopping on my own. Tim usually walks and Emily sits on the stroller. I don’t have a maid to escort me to shopping. If I carry Emily, I can only walk for 10 minutes and I feel tired. I rather not shop.

      I feel more secure with Emily on the stroller. I am always afraid of children running around the crowded mall. They may bump into something or get lost. If they want to run, best to do it in the park.

      By the way, with stroller I can shop with Emily for hours and hours. If she gets tired, she sleeps in it.

    • Chicken Pork

      November 9, 2007

      Mummy: What do you want to eat for lunch?
      Emily: I want fries on tomato sauce.
      Mummy: You cannot always eat fries, later you get cough.
      Emily: I want to eat chicken pork
      Mummy: Chicken pork?? :giggles:
      Emily: Yes Chicken pork.


      Emily displayed her cunningness:

      Grandpa bought some junk food crackers for Tim and Emily after dinner. Tim and Emily showed me.

      Tim & Emily: Mummy, we got crackers. *big smiles on their face*
      Mummy: Later papa sees, he will scold.
      Emily: Faster hide, don’t let papa see. *she took out a packet and hide behind her back. Tim followed her.*
      Mummy: *roll eyes*