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    • Duck Feeding

      August 31, 2009

      My children wanted to go to Bukit Merah again. Well since it is puasa month, there won’t be many people going there. I spotted a great deal online, rooms for RM65 per night. Isn’t that great! To Bukit Merah we went.

      We didn’t go to the water theme park this round because the weather is not good and H1N1. The children swam at the hotel swimming pool. Another enjoyable thing they wanted to do is to feed the duck. I got 2 long breads which cost 90 sen each in Giant, for the duck feeding. Actually half of the long bread was eaten by Emily and Tim. I made garlic bread for them using the toaster. They love it.

      The weather wasn’t good, it was gloomy. We only saw a few ducks in the evening. Tim and Emily were excited to see them eating the bread they throw. However the enjoyment had to end when rain drops fell. Imagine all four of us running for shelter.

      Next day, we found more ducks. However the ducks refused to get in the water. No matter how we allured them with food. We gave up and just threw the bread at the pavement for them to eat. I suspect the ducks had their breakfast and were not hungry. They return to the hotel to have more fun in the pool.

      Later we had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market in Juru. Somehow the seafood platter taste better that the one in Queensbay mall. It was great and yummy. My children to me to bring them back there again. We even got a VIP sticker for 10% off.

      Tomorrow is back to work and back to school…..sigh.

    • Time Off

      August 29, 2009

      I took time off to spend with the kids. I hope my work mailbox will not explode. I dare not open it. Whether I take time off or not, work is constant and I still need to clear it. Therefore I have to work double hard next week. That’s reality.

      Anyway, where did I go with the kids? I took them to the Penang Aquarium. It is a small place and fairly run down. The kids enjoy looking at the fish and feeding it. However they told me, “Mummy I like to see toys better” So I brought them to ToysRus to look at toys. There is a rule they have to follow that is no buying toys. They know they can only get toys on their birthday and Christmas.

      Yesterday, we went to watch UP. I wanted to see it 3D at Gurney Plaza but the movie time was odd. We settle for 2D in Queensbay Mall. Production coming from Pixar, the graphics of the movie was excellent. The plot was alright, nothing to shout about. There was a little humor in there but not as much as Alien & Monsters. The story is about an old guy wanted to fulfill his and his wife childhood dream, to go to Paradise Fall. His wife died and he made a point to pursue their dream. Along the way, a little scout boy became part of it too.

      Well 3 more days left before school starts. I guess they will have 3 more days of fun with mummy and papa. It has been raining everyday here in Penang. Let’s hope we will see the sun on Sunday!

      Hey I got to go, will blog more about things we do. It feels great to be away from work!

    • Chatty Mood

      August 25, 2009

      All of us were in the living hall playing together. We were all chatting together. Tim was really in his chatty mood, talking bla bla bla bla bla bla… Once he starts, he cannot stop. He is really a different person at home vs in school. Sorry I could not remember the conversation, bad short term memory I have.

      Tim: bla bla bla bla bla

      Mummy: bla bla bla *mostly asking questions*

      Emily: bla bla bla

      Papa: bla bla bla

      Tim: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

      Everyone else: *quiet*

      Tim: So nobody is listening to what I am saying, huh?

      Mummy & Papa: *burst out laughing*

      Once we picked Tim from school. He was talking and talking in the car. Suddenly one of his friends walked passed, ease drop and was shocked at how Tim can talk non-stop.

      Tim’s friend: How come you don’t talk like that in school?

      Anyway, I am just glad he does well in school. Maybe less talk makes him listen more in school. I am not complaining and let’s hope the teacher see the good side of him talking less.

      On a separate note, hey if anyone of you interested to buy Coach Black Swing Pack 42835 for RM450 (shipping included within West Malaysia), drop me an email.

    • Cracking My Head

      August 21, 2009

      School Holidays are finally here. Most of the parents would be pleased, they won’t have to worry about H1N1. Some told me, after they returned from holidays there will be more worries. That’s because some children may go abroad for holidays. Sigh, I hope not.

      Anyway I am cracking my head on where to bring my children to. Most places are in danger of H1N1 like swimming pool, indoor playground or crowded places. Where should we go? Any good suggestions? I have taken 2 days leave but still do not have any plans. Let’s hope something will come to mind. I bet my children are eager to know where they are going beside the nanny’s place.

    • Flying Broom

      August 19, 2009

      One day Timothy came home and told us an alarming incident that happened in school. He told us that his school headmaster visited his class. He told the class children something bad happen. Tim said that a boy named A, flew a broom at a gal name S.

      I was horrified when I heard did. I know A, S and her mom. Tim told me that all her baju was filled with blood. I suppose the headmaster show them pictures of what happen to S. Poor S. Later Tim told me that the headmaster transferred A to another class.

      I quickly text S mom and asked her about her gal. She told me that S has to go through 2 stitches and probably a permanent scar at the forehead. Immediately, I text her back telling her of a cream that may soften the scar. I know, my doc gave me a tube after I had the surgery. Lazy me, I didn’t bother to apply. However it worked on my little gal, she had a bad cut on her upper eye lid. Now it is almost invisible.

      Today, I went to school to find out more about S. She looks alright but her mom was pretty upset because A dad wasn’t sincerely sorry. I sort of expected it because he seldom smile or want to be friends with us. A used to be in the same kindy with Tim. Of coz, A dad is willing to pay for medical but that was beside the point. S mom wanted an assurance from the school or A dad that A will not harm anyone.

      Why did A flew the broom? It is because S wanted to go and eat as it was recess time. A asked her to play but she refused. As she was leaving the classroom, A threw the broom at her. 😕

      Next, S mom told me that apparently the headmaster didn’t know anything about the incident. Funny that the teacher didn’t report the incident to him. When the headmaster asked the students, the students in the class were able to tell what happen to S and who flew the broom. By the way, Tim was on MC when the incident really happened. Hubby said, he was protected. I told my son to avoid any flying broom. :giggles:

      Another thing, I am surprised that Tim could tell me this incident. Meaning, he understood BM because the headmaster spoke in BM.

      Bottom line, if you were S mom or A dad, what would you do?

    • Planning Ahead

      August 18, 2009

      First I have a lot of annual leaves to kill because I have touched last year annual leave yet. Next I also have a lot of useless non value add krisflyer miles to use. Why do I say non value add? Because I still have to foot out airport tax and surcharges. Anyway, it is better than nothing.

      With the miles I have I can go as far as Sydney for 2. But I cannot leave my 2 children at home. Now I just have to figure out where to go for four. I have to start planning now because if I book now, things will be cheaper. The vacation will be in December. The only worry is the H1N1, I hope it will stop by then.

      If anyone knows how I can make use of my krisflyer miles besides using on SIA, do let me know. I really hope SIA will give more discount soon!

    • Sanitizing

      August 15, 2009

      I didn’t know the H1N1 is really going bad in Malaysia. I heard a few school have H1N1 cases. However I bet it will be all covered up. Anyway, to protect my children, I must teach them to sanitize their hands as often as possible, especially before eating. Emily love sanitizing her hands and she would say “It smells good!”.

      I got a lot of nice smelling sanitizing hand gel from US. I am sure they will love to use it. In my company in US, they put sanitizing dispenser near the washroom. Every time I come out, I would remember to sanitize my hands. I hope they do it here in Malaysia. I know some hospital do that.

      If you have not gotten any sanitizing hand gel, go get a bottle now. Read a H1N1 reality story here.

    • Who’s The Doc?

      August 12, 2009

      Yesterday I took my son who had a bad cough to the doctor. He was wheezing very badly. Although I know what medicine to administer to him, I still need to get the MC for the school.

      I took him to the usual Child Specialist Clinic but there is a new doctor. He kept speaking in Hokkien to me although I ask him nicely to speak in English. He was very soft spoken, my hubby and I could not hear him.

      After checking Tim, he said he has bad wheezing.

      Me: Does he need Pulmicort? *I will tried to avoid giving Tim unless he has bad wheezing.*

      Doc: I will give him some Pulmicort.

      After checking, no Pulmicort in the medicine bag. I asked the nurse.

      Nurse: How many do you want?

      Me: Better check with the doctor.

      Nurse approached doctor and I followed.

      Doc: How many do you want? *now suddenly I become the doctor*

      Me: eh…. How many days should he take?

      My hubby said to me in Cantonese, “Like buying dessert (toong sui). Better let us go into the medicine dispensing room and take it ourselves.” :giggles:

      Tim is getting better now, no sign of wheezing. Emily is also having cough. She gave me a notice from her school asking me not to let her go to school. Well, it is also due to H1N1 scare.

    • Fun With Chalks

      August 11, 2009

      My friend introduced me to these Crayola chalks. It is not just any chalk, the chalk can give a 3-D effect when you look through the special glasses. My children had fun drawing on the front porch with those chalks. After drawing, I just can water it away. It is hassle free. Good thing I didn’t tile my front porch.

      The chalk is non-toxic and anti-dust which is good for small children.

      My electric broom post here:

    • Good To Be Back

      August 9, 2009

      Yeap I am home and I missed the kids. They missed me too and the toys that I bought back from them. Emily has been planting many kisses and told me lots of time, she missed me. Funny, she told me that she still miss me even when I am back. She really brings me to cloud 9.

      My hubby decided to repaint our bedroom while I was gone. He did a great job, not with the painting but turning the bedroom to be like a 5 star hotel room. He sawed one of the 3 slots book shelf into 2 and shellac it, turned it into 2 sides table. He put 2 gorgeous lamps, one on each side. It gave a very nice cozy comfy feeling. Next time I take a picture for you to see.

      As for Tim, he did great in his exam, scoring 100 again in his Mathematics. I am so proud of him. I rewarded him with 2 transformers, Fallen and Rampage. He also got a Technic Lego set, Transformers underpants and a pair of Nike shoes.

      Emily got lots of blouses, running Nike shoes, Spongebob Lego set, an Osh Kosh rain coat and lots of kisses from me.

      See my new Corelle Dinnerware, $2.99 per piece isn’t it a bargain! I will talk about my new electronic broom in my next post. Stay tune!