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    • Tim’s Art

      April 28, 2007

      I like to see what Timothy draws. He loves drawing and my house is filled with everywhere. He would ask me or papa to pin up his drawings. I must say that he is very creative. Everything he observe he pens it down on paper. Like this picture, do you know where he got the idea from?

      I kept many of his drawings but soon I will be running out of space. He uses lots of paper and today papa limit him to 1 paper per day. He starts to complain. He has 1 bad habit, he dislikes drawing both side of the paper. We warned him about killing all the trees out there and I am not sure whether he understood. Emily make fun of him and ask him to recycle. :giggles:


    • Asam Laksa is one of my favorite food and it is one of the most popular food in Penang. When you think of Asam Laksa, you think of Penang. It is a spicy rice noodle in sour soup. It has rice noodles, onions, mint leaves, pineapple, cucumber, polygonum (daun kesum), chilies and prawn paste (hay ko). The sour soup is made from mackerel fish, water, tamarind juice, ginger slice, polygonum, lemon grass, shallots, tumeric, chilies and dried prawn.

      I love it since I was born and that time I was in KL. Now I landed in the Penang where my favorite food is. Thank you God, you know me so well. I love it with lots of vege. I really cannot get enough off. Can I cook it? Yes but it is not as good.

      The popular places to get a delicious bowl of asam laksa are Penang Rd and Air Itam. I love the one at Penang Road with lots of fish. Burp…opps sorry, I just had 1 bowl.

      Price: RM2.50

      I am tagging the following people:

      Jess – Your birthday present.
      Hui Sia – You loves tag.
      Sasha – You owe me for the votes.
      Vien – Your birthday present.

      Let me start a tag around the world since I have been tag so often. I want to see this tag pass around the world to see all kinds of delicious food people enjoy.

      **Start Copy**

      Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

      Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

      Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

      Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

      Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia

    • Lightning & Thunder

      April 27, 2007

      It was raining cats and dogs yesterday night. I was putting Emily to sleep and she asked me to stay with her. Usually, she sleeps by herself. I stayed with her till she slept.

      Every time the lightning comes, Emily will shout lightning, same goes for thunder. I like looking out from the window when it is raining. She kepoh and looked with me. We spotted our neighbor’s car coming back. His house doesn’t have an electric gate. Emily was asking me whether uncle got umbrella. I think she was very worried that uncle has no umbrella.

      The car stopped there for quite a while. Both of us were wondering what the uncle will do. After a minute or two, someone came out of the house with an umbrella and open the gate. Emily jumped up with excitement saying “Yeah uncle got umbrella”. Then we went back to chatting and sleep.

    • Today is a big day but most companies do not recognize it as an official public holiday. The police, customs and government officers are all on holiday. It caused havoc in Free Trade Zone in Penang. Why? The main custom gate was closed 80% of the traffic flowed in through there. Everyone just follow everyone blindly, thinking the gate will open. Sadly everyone had to make a big U-Turn out of there.

      I left my house at 7:30am and reached work at 8:45am, missed a meeting too. Fortunately I have a project manager who is smarter than me. He waited at the gate. I guess some big shots complain and someone came to open it. He reached the office at 8am while I did a detour.

      I must salute those who came to rescue the bad traffic, the one who did open the custom gate and the traffic police that directed the traffic.

    • Hall Of Fame & Tiredness

      April 26, 2007

      IAmShoppingMum spotted me on the Hall of Fame in PPP. I didn’t realize it. I was very tired because this week I was so busy running around managing 4 projects. My left eye is twitching and feeling dizzy when I get up, it may be due to lack of sleep. Imagine my morning and night slots are all fully booked with meetings. My manager cannot even book an hour to do 1-1 with me

      Opps, back to the topic, I thought of reading some blogs for relaxation. However my itchy hand clicked onto PPP. I saw some good priced opps and I took it. Most of it was 100 words, so not really that hard. Suddenly IAmShoppingMum told me I am in the list of top earners for the day. I am like WHAT? I wasn’t sure it was me because you know my name is so common. I asked her how to find out my ID. Anyway I updated my avatar and tada….

      This is good for remembrance.

      Today I went to do my half yearly follow up with my doctor. I must say every time I see him, I feel refresh. I asked him any tips to gain weight. He jokingly said “Eat Full and go to bed” or “take oil” in hokkien. I looked at him point blank. After that he told me to eat snacks in between meals. He asked me to think positive and as long as I am healthy, no need to gain weight. He said I looked fine. My mum thinks otherwise.

    • Little Teachers

      April 25, 2007

      I am not sure whether you have little correctors at home. Children of this generation are very observant. My 2 little ones often correct my hubby and I. Be it language or things we do, they observe our mistake and correct it. Here are some:

      Tim: Mummy, this is slippers, not shoe

      Em: Emily is honey, not darling.

      Tim: Mummy, you didn’t say Thank you Papa.

      Em: Emily is E, not I (*trying to correct her on I and You*)

      Tim: This is piggy bank, not piggy.

      Em: No ah, Emily cough cough cannot eat rice.

      Tim: Off the light, not close the light.

      These are the few I can remember.

    • Yellow Man

      April 25, 2007

      It’s is not Digi Yellow Man, but little yellow man running around Queensbay mall. I got my children a yellow raincoat jackets. Both of them wanted yellow, not sure why. It is better this way to avoid fighting. They wore it out of the shop and didn’t want to take it out. They certainly look cute in it.

      If they are really the Digi Yellow man, I am sure everyone gets signal in Queensbay mall. :giggles:

    • Sad To See Her Miss Me

      April 24, 2007

      Today I went back home to collect my cheques to pay tax. Emily saw me coming home and yell so loud. I went over to say Hi to her. She was so excited because she thought I was going to bring her out. The happiness was short lived when I told her I had to go. I stayed a little while to chat with her.

      She was holding my hands and not wanting to let go. Her legs were stuck out the grill door pointing to her slippers. Her face was all saddened. No matter how many times I told her when I finished work, I will take her out, she didn’t want to let go my hands. My heart breaks when I saw her like that. As I was leaving she cried. It was heart broken to see her in such manner. It is so sad to see her miss me. 😥

    • Relax-lah

      April 23, 2007

      After a good meal and a full day of activities, what do my children do? Relax on grandpa comfy chair. Emily started to act comfy and asking the kor kor to do the same. She asked me to take a picture with her big smile and tummy too. She said, “Mummy must take my big tummy yeah”. :giggles: Now shouldn’t I be on that chair? Hrmmphhh…

    • Night Visitor

      April 22, 2007

      We have a special visitor who visits us every night. I am not sure why toads like to come into our house. Many times, I free them back into the garden, yet they still return. Funny thing is my garden is in front of the house, but they enter back from the back of my house. I am not sure whether it is the same toad, but all of them look the same.

      One night, I called the children to come look at the toad. Timothy was very excited and he walked up to the toad bravely and confidently. He thought it will be harmless. I think he moved so fast that the toad got frightened and jump. When he saw the jump, Tim was so afraid and ran as fast as he can, yelling, follow by Emily behind him. I think he ran a mile away. :giggles: