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    • Know More About Draculaura

      Draculaura™ is turning 1600 and is throwing the party of the millennium. She is the daughter of Dracula. She wears a beautiful outfit to celebrate her 1600th birthday. She still looks pretty at age of 1600. She loves to splash her black outfit with her pink frilly umbrella.

      She has a Freaky Flaw which is she has no reflection on the mirror. Imagine going out of the house, without knowing her clothes or makeup are right. She did manage to overcome it by practicing. Her least favorite subject is Geography.

      Draculaura Doll By Mattel

      Emily was pretty excited with the doll. She carried with her everywhere. Draculaura comes in a beautiful dress, lots of lace and shine. The doll came with a doll stand, a brush, exclusive skeleton key invite, scary cool outfit, and a birthday present.

      Emily styled her and took many pretty pictures of her. A very pretty doll, I must say. It is a great doll to have and it is an excellent gift for any girls, especially to girls who like spooky things.

      Special Exclusive Skeleton Key

      Let me tell you the secret of the special exclusive skeleton key. You can download the (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) app from iTunes called Monster High Sweet 1600 Birthday Party. You are automatically invited with the exclusive skeleton key.

      Here is a special video to show you how to get to the party with the special key. You can unlock the door without going through the quizzes. It is also fun if you want to crack the code with those interesting quizzes.


      Yes, you can win either Draculaura or Frankie Stein dolls for your girl! Stay Tune for the next post. 3 pretty dolls will be given out to 3 winners! I am so excited. You can get the doll for free.

      Next Up

      Meet Frankie Stein & Clawdeen Wolf on the upcoming posts.

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