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    • Emily Birthday Wish

      May 28, 2008

      Emily knows that her birthday is coming. I told her she can go to the toys shop to select her present. We went to the toys shop a couple of times but she has not decided what she wants. One day she wants this and the next day she wants that. Gals, they can be very fickle minded. Her choices were a Barbie doll dancing set or a digital camera or a pool of balls or a doll house.

      I quite like the idea of a digital camera toy that really takes digital pictures. She may become a little photographer. Fisher Price is selling it for RM200. Anyone know anywhere cheaper?

      As for her celebration, she wants to have it with her school friends. She just has to wait for school re-opens. Guess what picture she wants on her cake? I hope she hasn’t changed her mind again.

    • Vaccination Story

      May 26, 2008

      Tim is due for his booster jab DT-Polio and I may want to start him on Hepatitis A. One day I was eating some clams and he wanted to have some.

      Tim: Mummy, can I have some of this? What do you call this?
      Mummy: Clams but you cannot eat this.
      Tim: Why I cannot eat?
      Mummy: You haven’t have Hepatitis A vaccination.
      Tim: What is that?

      So mummy starts her little story. The clams have small bad guys, like decepticons. You need the doctor to put some good strong guys in you like autobots. When you eat the clams, the bad guys go into your body. You will not get sick because the big strong good guys in your body will fight against bad guys! You will win and become healthy.

      The vaccination is when the doctor put the good guys in you. Ok, the story is a little twisted but I guess he gets the idea. Now is a good time to administer the jab because it is school holidays. However we have to wait till we come back from Cameron Highlands. Anyone wants any cherry tomatoes?

    • Books Are Fun

      May 23, 2008

      I love bringing my children to book stores. They have fun browsing and reading the books there. MPH here used to have a small children area. However due to the parents not overseeing their children and their children messing up all the books, MPH took it away. It is really sad to see books flying every where and mishandled.

      Anyway, same goes for Borders but they still maintain the children area. They provided books that are “read only”. My children love reading books in Borders. I will be there with them and make sure they return books to the shelves if they take it from there.

      As I was browsing through the books, I spotted 2 books which I want to share. First, “Everything Men Know About Women”. Best Seller. Guess What? When I turn the cover, I saw all blank pages. :giggles:

      Next book, I saw this very creative 3D Cinderella story book. It is so amazing how they did the book. Look for yourself.

    • How do you teach your child responsibility at the age of 4 and 6? When your child asked for a pet, do you buy for them? If they do not know how to take care of the pet, you will be the one doing most of the work. So how does a parent teach a child responsibility at this you age? Oh well, we have to start some where.

      Let me tell you how. I learnt this from Emily’s kindy. One day she came home with a plant. She told me that her teacher thought the class how to plant a seed. She was very happy that it grew into a plant.

      Here is an idea of teaching your child how to take care of the plant. Teaching them to plant a seed and water it. All you need is some cotton, a small container, some green or red bean and water. Soak the cotton wet and put it in the container. Put the seed in the cotton. Let your child do it. You child can watch it grow day by day. She can water the plant day by day. You can transfer the plant into a pot with soil. Who know, later it will bear more beans. Add more beans to it, you can make sweet bean soup. Ok I got carried away.

      Emily is very eager to water the plant every day and it certainly make her happy to see it grow. After all, it was her that planted the seed that turned into a plant. Actually the one she planted in school died because the brother pulled it out of the soil. I planted in the garden and one morning she couldn’t find it. Tim was being helpful, pull it out for her to see. :rolleyes: I had to plant another one for Emily.

    • Body Parts Talk

      May 20, 2008

      Remember the teacher always says that in order for you to learn in a speedy manner or to grasp what you have been taught is to apply it in your daily activities. Emily uses a very creative way to put her learning in to practice. More so, she uses her body parts in the funniest way to get things done her way. Talk about creativity, she never runs dry.

      Here is what she comes up with:

      Mummy, my legs want to sleep, my legs cannot walk, please carry me.

      Mummy, my tummy wants to sleep, tummy don’t want to eat rice already.

      Mummy, my hands tired, my hands don’t want to do homework.

      Mummy, my head wants to sleep, my head don’t want to eat.

      Mummy, my tummy wants drink Vitagen.

      Mummy, see my fingers want to open the fridge and get some sweets.

      Mummy, my hands want to sleep already, my hands don’t want to brush teeth.

      Mummy, my mouth wants to drink some ribena.

      What does mummy say? Does your butt want to touch the cane? :giggles:

    • Fun With Fruits

      May 19, 2008

      Remembered the mother’s day fruits arrangement contest that I had won. Here are the pictures of it. The pictures are taken by my friend and I had to wait for him to process it. Enjoy!

      It was done by a mum, her daughter and me. A team must consist of a mum, a child and a teacher. She is from Korea and very creative too. I cannot take all the credit but it was a team work. We just work together. Funny thing is we ran out of grapes, I had to turn over and take some grapes from her son. He was reluctant to give until I said, hey it is for your mom. He gave it all to me. It was fun!

    • No Sharing Food

      May 15, 2008

      One day Timothy came back from school to tell me that teacher told him not to share food with other student. My son was very confused because I always teach him to share things with people. He is a generous boy as long as it is not sharing with his sister.

      Anyway, I prompted for more answers and suddenly it clicked. In fact when I was in primary one I was also scolded by the teacher for the same thing. It is quite funny actually.

      Every morning, Timothy will bring some food to school for breakfast like pau, cakes, biscuit, coco crunch etc. Some of his friends will come to him and eat his food. The problem is some of the food he brought to school is non-halal and he got into trouble. However the teacher should have explained to him in a way that he understands.

      Yesterday, I explained to him that malay children can only eat halal food. He asked me what halal food means. I took the milo tin and show him the halal sign. I told him if it has this sign, the food is halal. A very simple explanation. Boys, they need visual aid to help them understand.

      Next Emily took some biscuits and she told me she wants to give to her 3 good friends, Farah, Yong Chun & Hogan. I was afraid that Farah is a malay and the biscuits do not have any halal sign. I told her to ask her teacher.

      So what my story in primary one? My mom cooked minced pork baked beans and rice for me to bring to school. A friend of mine saw me eating, she told me that she would want some. I shared with her not knowing that she is not allowed to eat it. She said my mom’s cooking was delicious. I bet she told her mother and next morning I was called to the teacher’s table and got scolded. At that time, I didn’t understand what I did wrong. No one actually explained to me.

      Lesson to be shared to all moms, do teach your child what halal means so that they don’t get scolded for no reason.

    • My church has a special mother day’s program on Sunday. First we were given a small little token appreciation from the youth group. We received prayers from the church. Mothers do need constant prayers so that we will bring our children up according to His will.

      After that, we have a Sunday School Mother’s Day program. Here I played dual roles where I am a teacher as well as a mother. We had fun games and we taught the children how to make delicious fruit platters for their mothers. How lovely! I had 2 boxes of delicious fruit platters. Emily brought it to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day!!” A few seconds later, Emily came around and said “Mummy, my tummy wants to eat the fruit” *roll eyes*.

      We also had a fruit arranging contest for the mothers to show their skills. The team consists of a mother, a child and the child’s teacher. I was a teacher here. Everyone was so enthusiastic on creating a center piece. We had fun! Believe me I never do any decorating of fruits in my life. Opps I think I did when I was in secondary school for home science. Guess what, my team came up first and we won a bouquet of flowers. It just made my day! :jump:

      The day ended up with a cell group gathering at a church friend’s house. She told every mother to come celebrate together as she said no mothers are allowed to cook today. It was very nice of her to open her house. She made very delicious beef stew too!. It was really a cool day for me and a very enjoyable one. Nothing can beat having a Mother’s Day celebration with friends. How did your Mother’s Day went?

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    • Priceless Moments

      May 10, 2008

      Today as I entered my study room to start working, I saw this on my notebook.

      How touching! The cards are so well made. Thank you teachers of the tadika!

      It shot me up to cloud 9. It just made my day and it makes me want to hug my children. However I woke up late and they already left for school. I had a late night conference. When they returned home, Timothy said there is something special in his bag. I took it out and have him read it to me. Emily was eager to read hers too. She even did her “I love you” fingers.

      They made me so proud of them. I am enjoying this while I can. I know some day, there will be no more hand made cards coming.

      Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world!

    • Sticky Situations

      May 8, 2008

      Let me share some of my parenthood sticky situations with you when I bring my 2 children out alone. These situations are quite challenging and with 2 anything can happen. I must say my mom did a great job because she brought 3 children to Singapore all by herself for a vacation. Either we are very obedient children or she has her way with us.

      Sticky 1:

      I was out shopping with my 2 children in Singapore while my hubby was attending training. I took my children to lunch. It is a nice place as it has some coloring materials for the children to occupy themselves. I ordered and the food came.

      As I was about to eat, my little gal said, “Mummy I need to go to the toilet”. Now I cannot leave my son alone in the restaurant, neither can I leave the restaurant without paying. Worst is I haven’t even eat yet. I can’t ask my gal to hold her urine. She may pee on the chair.

      I called the waiter telling him I need to take my children to the toilet, please can you keep the table for us. It was nice of the waiter to keep the table for us and allowed us to leave the place without paying. :good:

      Sticky 2:

      I was out shopping, yeah again. I went to Tesco with my children alone. I almost done 80% of the shopping with a trolley filled with groceries. Tim said “mummy I need to go to the toilet”. Sigh.

      I had to park the trolley by a secret place so that no one will put back my groceries and quickly bring him to the toilet. Imagine me running with my 2 children to the toilet and back.

      Sticky 3:

      Mummy was enjoying some quietness in the jamban (aka toilet). It ended when Emily knock on the door. She called out, “Mummy I want to use the toilet”. Mummy said, “Please use the other toilets”. We have 3 toilets in the house and she can pick any that was not in used. Emily said, “I want to use this one, faster my mm mm wants to come out”. :roll eyes:

      Mummy had to finish the job and quickly flushed so that her princess can use it. Sigh

      Sticky 4:

      I was driving home with my children. Both of them were playing at the back seat and having fun. After a while, world war II suddenly started at the back. There was some snatching, crying, screaming, name calling…you name it, it was happening. I had to stop by the side of the road to calm both of them down. I got one of them to sit in front with me so that I can continued the journey in peace

      Sticky 5:

      I was in a land far away and enjoying myself on a scrumptious expensive dinner. There were shark fins, big huge abalones, fresh oyster, lobster and king crabs. I was about to taste the tasty lobster. As I was about to put in my mouth, I heard. Mummy….mummy…

      I ignored the voice but continue to put the sweet smelling lobster meat in my mouth. The voice called out louder and louder, my lobster disappeared. It was dark, Emily looked at me and I opened my eyes. Emily said “I want to go to the toilet”. I had to bring her to the toilet. There goes my virtual expensive dinner. :wall: