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  • MyBabyBay

    • Next week will be the Raya Holidays and my kids are looking forward to the 2 weeks break. One day my boy came home trying to weave a ketupat. He told me some steps on how to do it. I am always interested in doing these types of craft. Quickly I went to search YouTube for video on how to do this.

      WAH LAH…..

      Happy Raya Holidays!!!

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    • Differences

      August 1, 2013

      When I give out instructions to my boy, he only carried out half of it. Often he will do things without paying attention to the environment. I have to keep reminding him of the same thing over and over again. However he is not emotional, not get sad over small petty things.

      When I give out instructions to my girl, she will do all that I ask. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask but she does it for me. She is very aware and observant too.

      Both like to create a mess! Well we don’t have a maid which is a good thing, so they have to clean up their own mess.

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    • Shooting Up

      August 1, 2013

      My boy is taller than me and he is only 11 years old. He grew up really fast as I still remember giving birth to him. He has grown up so fast. I missed him as a baby. Now I wonder will he be taller than his papa.

      However he needs to put on some weight. He is shooting up but not sideways. It really makes him look like a stick. I will update his height again after he grew pass his papa’s height.

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