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    • Afraid of The Dark

      March 31, 2008

      Guess who is afraid of the dark? I am not sure when Tim developed the fear of dark. When he was younger, he had no problem entering a dark room. Up until recently, he told me to accompany him upstairs or to the toilet. The Chinese will call him “sai tam”.

      Oh well, here is a funny thing he said to me.

      Tim: Mummy, come follow me to the toilet.
      Mummy: The kitchen light is on and there is nothing to be afraid off.
      Tim: Come, come *pulling my hand*. I am afraid that Barney suddenly appeared.
      Mummy: Barney? Now why would Barney appear???!!
      Tim: See *pointing at a Barney cardboard that is below the dustbin*

      Hrmm…no more Barney shows for him from now on. Yeap the purple dino is haunting my Tim. Don’t laugh!

    • Punishments

      March 29, 2008

      We parents need to discipline our children and there are many ways of doing it besides caning. I know there are a few parents who object to beating. Everyone has their style, there is no wrong or right as long as your child learns discipline. I believed that controlled beating is alright. I only whack my children once at the palm of the hand or leg area. Only one time and nothing more.

      Importantly caning must not be done:

      1. When you are angry. It can become abuse if you are not careful. You need to calm down first and in your right mind, explaining to the child what he/she does wrong.

      2. When the child is screaming because at that moment, he/she do not understand the caning.

      3. When the child is too young, below 3. She/He will not understand at all.

      Oh well, I am not an expert in the above area so I leave it at that.

      We parents have to be creative, we cannot whack them all the time. I usually whack when a serious wrong is committed. Actually pst pst..I don’t do the whacking, the father does. So I am the good guy.

      Today Emily was supposed to nap and she didn’t. We were supposed to go swimming now as I speak. Where is she? Napping. Dad bought Timothy to go swimming and Emily’s punishment is no go. When she wakes up, she will be unhappy. Oh well, I am not nasty or anything. Bottom line is she will learn that next time when we asked her to nap, she will nap or else she will miss out the good stuff.

      In general, I want to find out from you parents, will you cane your child?

    • I am not sure I am the only one who is getting these side effects or you are getting it too. I am also wondering whether it is due to age, maybe it is and I am not accepting it. Ha! I am still young at heart ma. So what are the post pregnancies site effects I am getting?

      First will be hair shredding. If you see my bathroom after I combed my hair, you will be frightened. Fortunately for me my hair grows back fairly quickly. My mom has lots of hair so I guess I have her gens.

      Secondly I get bad menstrual cramp which I never had before I become a mom. It is really bad, it is like contraction. Maybe not because I don’t actually know how a contraction feels like. It usually comes on the first day.

      Thirdly I get tired easily. Sometimes after coming home from work, I just want to snooze. I am glad I have a capable hubby that he can take care of the children while I go to bed early.

      Do you mothers have the same issues like me?

    • Timothy’s Gift

      March 25, 2008

      Timothy’s gift finally arrived, all the way from US. What is it? It is no other than the new version of a Bumblebee Autobot transformer. The car is a Camaro, the original was a Volkswagen. Timothy was pretty excited. He tore the box but it was tougher than he thought. He yelled out for mummy. I tore the box and transform the toy for him. It takes a while for him to learn.

      Yeap, I had to bid for it in Ebay. It was slightly below RM50. The original toy store called Hasbro was out of stock. After I ordered it, it was on stock again. Sigh.

      Daddy got a toy too. What is 8G has a cool browser and you can call people with it. Go to to find out. I managed to hack it too!

    • The Miracle Day

      March 23, 2008

      Today is the day to remember God’s greatest miracle ever done. Today is the day where we remember the risen Lord. Jesus came 2000 years ago and he died on the cross for all of us, yes everyone. Not only that, God raised him up on the 3rd day and he is alive. He has conquered death and sin for us all.

      I heard a story once, if all of us were in a fire and there is a door of escape. Would you walk through that door? If you did you will be save. Similarly Christ has provided us a way, trust in him and you will be save.

      Ask yourself this, if you die tonight, do you know where you are going after that? Heaven or Hell? Good works does not lead us into heaven because no matter how many good works we done, we cannot clean ourselves. If you have told a lie, you are a liar. If you watched pirated VCD, you have stolen. If you hate anyone, you have already murdered. I am guilty of it all. Therefore I need Jesus to rescue me. God is a just God and he cannot allow any sinful man to go unpunished.

      Just like a murderer who is caught. If there is a just judge, he cannot allow him to go free even if the murdered did a lot of good works before. If he did, he will be unjust. However God provided a way, the ONLY way for us, he provided Jesus Christ to take the punishment for us. Not only that, he raised him up on the third day so that whoever believed in Jesus will be saved and have eternal life. John 3:16.

      A lot of people have a misconception that Christian is holy people and they must always do right. No, a Christian is someone who acknowledged they are sinful and want Jesus Christ to cleanse him/her. Just like a patient who is sick and needs a doctor to cure his sickness.

      Happy Easter!!

    • Sing A Long

      March 23, 2008

      Emily has been singing lots of songs lately. She learned from her Tadika. It brings back lots of old memories when I hear her sing. Here are a few of her favorites:

      Chan Mali Chan Oi Oi
      Chan Mali Chan Oi Oi
      Chan Mali Chan Ketipung Payung.


      Letrum letrum letrum oolala
      Letrum letrum letrum oolala
      Letrum letrum letrum oolala
      Burung Kakak Tua


      Two little dickie bird sitting on the wall
      One name Peter and one name Paul
      Fly away Peter, fly away Paul
      Come back Peter, Come back Paul


      I am a little teaport short and stout
      This is my handle this is my spout
      When the water is boiling
      Hear me shout
      Tip me over and pour me out


      Here is my version of the monkey songs:

      2 little monkeys making lots of noise
      Giving mummy and daddy a big headache
      Mummy called the doctor
      And the doctor said
      No more monkeys making lots of noise :giggles:

    • Timothy’s Cake

      March 18, 2008

      What else could it be? Of coz, none other than the Transformers cake. mama’sof 2littlefellas, there is transformers cartoon. You can view the cartoon series in YouTube.

      By the way, in Penang we do not have that many cake stores. We cannot get any 3D cakes easily too. I went to Eden cake store and look at their available cartoons. No Transformers. I have to search in the Internet for Bumble Bee, photoshoped it with the 2 Transformer logos. One logo is for the good transformers and the other is the bad called “decepticons”. Can you guess which is which? If you cannot, ask your son. :giggles:

      Here is what I gave to the cake store:

      This is what I got:

      Aren’t they amazing? I really salute the one who drew it on the cake or maybe shake his hand. What did the cake taste like? I have no idea. Timothy had the celebration in his school and the children ate it all up. Imagine it was a 2kg cake. Nothing left for mummy and papa. Not even the candles.

    • Birthday Vacation

      March 17, 2008

      Where did we go? Hawaii? Nah, it was like Hawaii but we were at Penang Golden Sands Hotel. First it had a great view from our room. I booked a sea view room. Look what my 2 monkeys did when they check in to the room?

      My children were too excited, at least for Tim, he didn’t nap. He was anxious to swim and play water at the pool. Both of them had a great time in the pool with dad, while I relaxed at the sun bathing bench, catching up with some reading. It has wifi in the hotel.

      Emily was brave, she tried out horse riding on her own. The horseman was clever, he carried Emily to sit on the horse although we didn’t agree on the price of the ride. It was RM50. 😯 I was clever too and made a bargain for it, brought it down. Most of the activities on the beach were RM50. No wonder they had so many Jet Skies lined up. Of coz, sand play was FREE. By the way, there is also an Adventurous Zone for kids, just like kidsport in 1 Utama.

      At night, my hubby decided to take us to SPICE MARKET in Rasa Sayang Shangri-la for buffet. We only had to pay for 2 adults. It was a great buffet with lots of fresh oyster, clams, big prawns, lobsters, Japanese food, satay, Indian Tandoori, sharkfin soup, local desserts, cakes, ice-cream, waffles, fruit juices and lots of food. I was so full when I finished. Oooh, there was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and dried peaches. Yummy! The price was RM120++ per adult. On special day, it may differ.

      Oh well, it was worth the vacation for just 1 night. Who sez we have to go to Bali to enjoy?!! Guess what cartoon cake we got for Timothy? His gift is on the way, when it reaches Penang next week, I will tell you what it is. My gift too…hehehehe.

    • Timothy’s 6th Birthday

      March 14, 2008

      Today is Timothy’s 6th Birthday. Guess where we are? Both Emily and Timothy are having the time of their life. I will tell you more in the next post. While waiting, enjoy this….

    • Artist In The Making

      March 13, 2008

      The other day I was cooking eggs and I left some egg shells for my children. It is definitely not to eat but for them to paint. It is the first time that they are painting egg shell. Try it! Your children would have lots of fun. Look!

      Here are some of Timothy’s latest art pieces. He can sit quietly and draws for hours. I hope Emily can follow him one day.

      Hanging Chinese Characters, please help me to figure it out. Yeah I am a banana.

      Tim fishing with papa:

      Cod Liver Oil Bottles Design.

      Emily & I, I don’t even use SKII. He asked mummy how to spell SKII???!!!

      Papa & Tim.