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    • Naughty Moments

      February 28, 2006

      Sorry I painted 2 goodie-2-shoe children. Actually both have their naughty moments that drive me crazy.

      Moment #1

      I bought both of them a book that look like a phone that rings. Wow, now they have their own handphone. One is blue and the other is orange. Emily likes the blue one. When Tim is playing with the blue, Emily will cry for it. Fight starts, no punching or anything but noise fights.

      Moment #2

      Both given a bottle of Yakult to drink. Tim will take his own sweet time to sip. Emily will sip it all in 1 breath. She will eye on kor kor’s bottle and will want to grab it. Tim will protect it by screaming. Noise fights again.

      Moment #3

      I have 2 potty, one red and one orange. Both will attack the same color potty. I don’t know why, I guess fighting is part of their growing up.

      Moment #4

      Mummy sat down on the floor to watch TV quietly. Along came Emily, sit on mummy’s lap. Tim will come and squeezed his butt into mummy. End up, both will be on top of mummy.

      Moment #5

      Tim dislikes doing his homework. Actually he is still too young to understand what homework is. One time, he has such a strong will, no matter how I bribe him with chocolates, sweets, jelly, all his favorites, yet refuse to do. He just stared at his book and refused to pick up the pencil. However when he is in a good mood, he will just do.

      Moment #6

      Both want to go downstairs. Both ask daddy to give them a piggy back ride, we called it “horsy”. Both cry at once, wanting daddy to carry them both at the same time. Daddy created “double horsy” that is carry 2 (>28kg) on his back.

      And the fights go on….. Fortunately I have 1 boy & 1 girl. Sorry twinsmom, next time if yours fight for the same boyfriend, not sure what you can do.

    • Books

      February 27, 2006

      My hubby’s company has a unique benefit. Every year, the company will give the employee RM500 to join recreation membership. The company is too small to have its own gym or recreation. After all, exercise is very important for the employees to stay healthy.

      Anyway, for those who do not want to sign up for any gym memberships, they can use it to join a book shop membership like Popular or MPH. Annually my hubby will renew his MPH membership and use the RM500 vouchers to buy books. Books exercise our brains. Normally half the money will go to children books.

      This year I bought these books, the rest my hubby used up.

      1. Dr. James Dobson Bringing Up Boys VCD, part 1 and part 7 (I will blog about my learning later). After watching part 1, I will get the entire series (1-10) later.
      2. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
      3. Asiapac Comic – Chinese Business Strategies
      4. Asiapac Comic – Golden Rules For Business Success
      5. Asiapac Comic – Sun Bin’s Art of War
      6. His Word In My Heart

      I am not trying to start a business or anything but I love reading comics and some of the strategies help me with work management. Hey comics are fun to read and it doesn’t take up a lot of time, especially most of it is taken by sleep, work and children.

      Later I will blog of how I used one of the strategies to win a prize. You gonna kill me, I won something big. Stay tune, I will tell you all about it and when I received it.

      Books are fun. Books are great. Lets sit down and read a book today

    • Home Alone II

      February 25, 2006

      Today hubby had to go for training, left me alone with the children again.

      7:30am Tim woke up with dad.

      8:30am Woken up by the noisy bird outside my window. Emily woke up too.

      8:45am Dad left for training.

      9:00am Switched Mother Goose for the children to watch. While Mother Goose is babysitting, I prepared lunch. I boiled ABC soup and cook rice.

      10:00am Bathed the children.

      10:30am Switched Hi 5 for the children to watch while I pan-fried the fish.

      11:00am I got online and read some blogs.

      12:00pm Lunch Time

      12:30 pm Children got their potty to poo poo, while mummy cleaned up.

      1:00 pm Both sent up to the bedroom for a nap.

      1:30 pm All of us dozed off for a nap.

      3:00 pm Emily woke up but was waiting for mummy to get up. I slept late last night, so I nap longer.

      3:30 pm Tim & I woke up.

      4:00 pm Water fun time for the children in the bathroom with the swimming pool. Both love playing water.

      5:00 pm Heated up the rice and soup, prepared dinner.

      6:00 pm Dad came home, mummy took a shower and all have dinner.

      7:00 pm Mummy took both children to GIANT for window-shopping while hubby can have some peace and rest.

      8:30 pm Prepared the children for bed & made milk for both of them.

      9:00 pm Mummy bloging about the day. Later watch some TV, today American Idol will be on.

      Another day passed. Children happy & Mummy happy.

    • What Can We Eat Now?

      February 22, 2006

      Chicken – H5N1 virus
      Beef – Mad Cow disease
      Pork – JE virus
      Fish & Seafood – Mercury Poisoning
      Vegetables – Pesticide

      One blogger told me human, even human got AIDS.

    • Jiao Wor

      February 22, 2006

      My babysitter has been teaching Emily mandarin. She has thought her how to address people. She can address people once we point to the person and said “Jiao Tar” (address her/him). The best is when she addressed ku ku, babysitter hubby’s sister. She will make her lips pucker and make her eyes small.

      Now this is very cool because as and when I want her to call me, all I have to say is the magic words, “Jiao Wor”.

      Me: Jiao Wor
      Emily: Mummy ah

      Me: Jiao Wor
      Emily: Mummy ah
      Tim: Mummy.

      Isn’t this cool? 90% of the time this works but the 10% when she wants to tease mummy and ignore me.

    • The Prize

      February 19, 2006

      My family went to get the prize. We can only choose from 1 shop in Penang, Sony Central Audio. Before hand, my hubby and I discussed what we were getting. It fits perfectly with our budget. We got a Sony Home Theater System. Now my children can have virtual Barney sitting next to them with the DTS surround sound system.

    • Merit Award

      February 17, 2006

      My cool hubby won a merit award from Sony in a nature photography contest. The prize is 1K Sony Product Voucher. It finally pays off with all his effort in taking good photographs. He has made our garden to look like a place for the birds to nest. He placed some birdseed on a container for their meals. Every morning, birds will come and sing. Let’s hope they don’t output where they eat.

      What shall we get from Sony? Any great ideas

    • Valentine Gift

      February 15, 2006

      I shop, choose and buy. It is cheap and practical. Hubby acknowledged. I told my hubby not to get me anything because he will probably get something I don’t like. Why waste the money?

      It has been a long long long time since I wore a watch. I think 5 years since my last one ran out of battery. A few months back, I got a swatch but I lost it. 😥 I decided to get another simple one.

      For my hubby’s gift, I just gave him permission blessings to get a camera lens.

      We have an early celebration on Monday as it was an off day for us. Tim had school and babysitter agreed to take care of Emily. We went paktor (dating) and had brunch.

    • Internet Love Story

      February 13, 2006

      Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let me share a Love Story with you, not mine but a good friend of mine. I started chatting on the Internet during my University’s days. During, that time Jaring did not existed yet, I know I am OLD. There weren’t any chat software like MIRC, ICQ, Yahoo chat, MSN chat or Skype. It is pure Unix command chat. Chatting in a group will give you a real headache, you will see lines and lines of messages scrolling up your screen. No windows, pretty emoticons nor buttons to control. I used to chat in my campus research lab all through the night. I have to say that I knew lots of people through the Internet.

      Anyway, when I returned to Malaysia, I wasn’t into Internet because I had to spend my time making money for a living. A few years later, MIRC was in trend and I started again. I knew a couple of crazy friends there. One of them, let me call him Mike. Most of the people I talked to are Malaysians. Mike is a friendly person and in his mid 20s at that time. He started chatting and he will chat almost 25 hours a day. I knew him because he wanted to know about IT but he graduated in Accounting.

      One day, he told me that he knew this girl from the net. He was practically telling me that he really want to meet her. I am not sure what he and this gal chat about but something certainly sparkled from their conversation. Is there such a thing called cyber love? The problem is that this gal was staying in Sungai Petani, Kedah. I had to dig it out from Mike, who the gal is. From the moment I heard her nick, my jaw dropped. In Internet Chat, we all use nick instead of our real name. Let me called her Sammy. By the way, I met Sammy, she came to KL a few times, I had lunch with her and her friends.

      Mike planned out how to meet her, since she stayed so far away. He had to drive more than 5 hours to get there. He asked me to accompany him. It was fun, never been up North for a long time, I agreed. Man, they need support when it comes to meeting someone special they never meet before. A few friends with me accompanied him up there. We went right after work on Friday. He drove straight, so excited he forgot to fill his tank on his way there. Fortunately we made it there before the tank dried up. By the he drove a pretty cool car too, Honda Prelude.

      When we reached there, the place where they suppose to meet were dark. Nope, there weren’t any fireworks but a great burst of laughter. Love turns into a big joke. I was practically laughing non stop. Sammy turned out to be Simon. It wasn’t a gal that he chatted with but a guy. Mike was very sporting, he took it pretty well. Now I have lost touch with him since my move to Penang. Last I heard, he has gotten married to a pretty gal. Properly, have a handful of kids by now.

      Happy Valentine’s to everyone, you may get the unexpected.

      *Names used in this story are made up.