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    • Ice Cream Days

      June 25, 2011

      I don’t know about you but I had this type of ice cream when I was in school. I still remember the canteen old uncle sold each for 20 sen each. I really missed the asam boi (sour plum) flavor ones. I can have a few in a day.

      My neighbors made these for my children. My son loves it because he loves chewing on ice. However he didn’t know how to eat it until I teach him how.

      I must make some sour plum ones. If you know the recipe, let me know. I don’t want to make it from cordial or artificial flavored sour plum juice. I need the authentic ones. Thinking about this makes me drool.

    • Father’s Day

      June 23, 2011

      I took the opportunity to pig out, I mean celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. I picked a buffet steamboat place in town, at Maclister Rd, Penang. It is called Town Steamboat Buffet. It is always filled with a crowd, whenever we go there. It cost around RM20 per adult and senior citizen has discount.

      The food, plenty of varieties but reduced compare to the last time we went there. They have all kinds of seafood, meat, vegetables, fish balls, meat balls, dim sum, desserts, ice-cream, drinks satay and durian. Yes, they served durian. Super worth it for the prize we are paying.

      By the way, it is a combination of BBQ and steamboat. Sad to say that our stove didn’t work too well and it took a long time for the soup to boil.

      It is an open air place so you need to bear with the heat and sweaty crowd. Anyway I was completely full to the brim when I left the place.

      Verdict? I still prefer Shabu Shabu, pay a little more for air condition. I like the one in Kuchai Lama, KL. Every time I go back to hometown, we will eat there.

    • When I was in Genting, I saw a lot of children who are crazy over the arcade game called “Animal Kaizer” The game cost RM$4 to play and you get an animal card. You can use the animal card to fight the computer. While the parents were up in the casino gambling, their children are furiously spending all their money with this arcade game. And it is not cheap.

      I saw a boy who has an album full of cards. I wonder how much he spent for that collection. My boy also wanted to play. Actually he wanted the cards more than he wanted to play. He asked me to play while he gets the card. Emily is very good at winning the battle too!

      Oh, one of the parent or grandma got a deck of these cards from a stall upstairs, hoping that the machine can read it. My husband heard her scolding the stall lady because she claims it can be used on the machine.

      Anyway, Tim wanted the cards too but I thought it was expensive there and I told him I will look for it in Penang. Obviously I won’t allow him to pay RM$4 for each card.

      Today, I finally found a deck and it has barcode on it. I am not sure if the machine can read but it looks exactly like the real one, only a different version. I only pay RM12 for the whole deck. He was pretty please with the deck.

      Bottom line is we must control our kids and not allow them to go crazy over something. They need to learn self control.

    • Birthday Trip

      June 15, 2011

      My gal and I share the same birthday and both of us got birthday invitations to celebrate it in Genting Highlands. Accommodations and 2 days unlimited theme park were free for my family.

      Somehow I love the weather in Genting. It is cold and you don’t need to turn on the air condition. We stayed in the Theme Park Hotel, it really needs some refurbishing. Everything looks old. The room was big with 2 king size bed. My children didn’t like the bathroom as it doesn’t have a bathtub. Resort World Hotel is definitely better.

      First day we went on the heated indoor splash pool. My children just love it there and my hubby joined in with them. I would recommend it to anyone with children. Emily enjoyed the slides. Tim just enjoyed fighting the water fall.

      Next ride I liked most was the boat cycling. However, we witness a girl falling into the lake but fortunately she was rescued immediately. It was kind of peculiar because she went in to the narrow lane where there was someone standing there. I guess she tried to step back and missed a step. The mother was not watching over her because she was also anxious getting on the boat. Parents must watched over their child and make sure he/she gets into the boat safely first.

      Do you know you can eat on this bus?

      I didn’t get a good boat as the stirrer didn’t work. No matter I turned right or left, the boat kept going left. I was a little frustrated as it took me 30 minutes to get back on board. I had to cycle backwards most of the time. My gal gave me a mission to go under the narrow bridge and it was tough but I manage to do it.

      We also went into the snow land as my children wanted to play with snow. They have quite a few ice carving. My feet were in pain when I went in. My advice is to get very thick socks if you want to go it.

      By the way, my gal drove around the theme park twice and played the bumper car more than 5 times. On the 3rd time, the attendant didn’t allow her in. She came to me with a sad face. I walked to the attendant and ask her why. Here is the conversation.

      Me: Why she was not allowed in?
      Attendant: She is tall
      Me: She is below the max height of 124 cm. She is only 122 cm.
      Attendant: But she is tall.
      Me: What is the max height? *show her she is below that*
      Attendant: What if she injured her leg?
      Me: *look to my gal* Does your leg feel pain?
      Emily: No
      Me: You should allow her in.
      Attendant: Ok

      And my gal went for few more rounds….*rolleyes*

      Overall it was a memorable short vacation. The food was quite expensive. We spend a lot just on food alone.

    • Lately I heard news about milk product having too much sugar. I read an article on a certain website claiming that there is too much added sugar in milk powder. They have a sugar calculator in the website to convert carbohydrates into amount of sugar. Now I am not sure if this is correctly done scientifically because not all carbohydrates translate to sugar. Some carbohydrates are converted into energy.

      I don’t believe that milk powder is the main contributor to a child’s obesity. I would say it is the candies, the chocolates, fast food like pizza, burgers, French fries and others. Remember that exercise is very important to burn the sugar intake too. With all the electronic games, TV and electronic gadgets, it is extra hard to get a child to exercise. We must take them out to do some running, walking or cycling too, definitely good for the body!

      We also have to ensure the milk powder that your child is consuming has the essential nutrients needed for development and growth. I understand that Mamil Gold is one such milk powder which has all the essential nutrients. What more, it has very minimal added sugars, well under the Ministry of Health guidelines and standards. You can read more about it here:

      It is very important as mothers to read and survey the products we used for our children. We want them to stay healthy all the time, don’t we?

      Do you know that Mamil Gold also has a property called IMMUNOFORTIS to help support your child’s natural defenses so they don’t fall sick easily? There is a unique Oligosaccharide mixture that will help maintain a healthy intestinal system – something which plays a big part in boosting the child’s immune system. For more information you can refer to

      Youtube link:

      Facebook page:

      Children are prone to get sick when they are babies because our environment is getting polluted. I always make sure they have a healthy diet and to top it up, they take Mamil Gold to boost their immune system.

      Children can have fun and yet stay healthy!

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