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    • Totally Lost

      May 29, 2011

      I must say I had difficulty finding my car in the parking lot in US. Not once but twice. Their car parks are huge on an open space. Every row is the same. Once I went to the mall, I remembered the entrance and when I exit, I could not find my car. Trust me, I almost wanted to call the security guard to report a lost car. After walking back and forth, I still do not see my car. I did press my car alarm, hoping it will sound when I am near but not even a single sound I heard.

      I went back into the mall and then I realized that there is east and west car park. I realized I got out the wrong door. The doors were so similar that I didn’t notice any difference. Yes, thank goodness I spotted my car. Phew.

      By the way, I like the car plate of my rented car. Isn’t the color cool?

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