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    • Thank You Hasbro

      February 20, 2012

      Happy to receive this from Hasbro!

      It started when I bought a Kreo-O Megatron Lego set for Timothy when I was in Hong Kong. However I discovered there were 2 pieces missing and we cannot build the Megatron robot. Sigh. I hopped on to the Hasbro website and found the customer service web page. I wrote to them using their online form. After a few weeks, there were no replies.

      One night while I was working during US time, I tried out their CS online chat service. After a few tries, it failed to connect me to an agent. Being persistent I never give up. I decided to put United State as my location and wah la…it connected me to an agent. I got to chat with her online and because I am from AP, she will ask the AP manager to contact me.

      The Hasbro manager did email me and I got a surprise. He asked me to send back the current set and he will send me a new replacement set. However, I just told him that I needed the missing pieces. He said that he will need to open up a new set and find the missing pieces. It was better for him to send me the new set. Hey how can I argue with that, right?

      Here is the package and my children can make the Megatron again! This is what I call great Customer Service.

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    • Lost World Of Tambun Ipoh

      February 13, 2012

      One day, I decided to surf the net to check out some local vacation spot for my children. It is very simple for them, all I need is a hotel room with bathtub, a TV with cartoon network and a big nice swimming pool.

      Anyway, I stumble on Hot Springs in Ipoh. That will be a good relaxing spot for my hubby and me. I got a special deal for the hotel and a free voucher to the Hot Springs for 2 with breakfast. The Hot Springs is just opposite the hotel.

      My family loved it. The Hot Springs only start at 6pm and the water is of course very warm. It has 8 different pool and 1 suana cave. Entrance fee is RM15 per person. I felt refresh after soaking for a good 30 minutes. There are also water jets to do some massaging as you soak yourself in the pool.

      Next day, Emily pestered me to bring her to the Petting Zoo. Actually I have no plans to go into the Theme Park as entrance fees for the family is pricey. It was a hot day too and I rather stay in door. After much pestering, we decided to go.

      The Petting Zoo was great as we got to feed the animals. Timothy enjoyed feeding the parrots. The parrots were smart, they use their beak to pick up the kuaci, crack it, take the seed and leave the shells on our hand. I liked feeding the smaller birds. I put seeds in my hand, lifted it high and the birds land on my hand and start pecking all the seeds. However there was a huge bird flew by and took all the seeds away. It was fun for my children and I.

      My children went for the water fun after that. How can they resist? We allowed them to play for a while before we head back home.

      Enjoy the pictures:

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