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    • School Days

      March 29, 2006

      Jess wrote the whole meme in Chinese which I cannot read but she tagged me in English. How nice of her? I thought I have bore you all with my childhood story, now Jess wants more. So here goes.

      How many schools did I go to?
      1. Kindergarten at MBS Kindy
      Sorry I forgot what was the name of the kindergarten. Why MBS? Because my parents can pick me and my brother together.

      2. Primary schools in BBGS (I)
      The most memorable moment of my primary school days was in Std 1. My teacher was one fierce lady. When she scolds, you can hear her a mile away. She loves asking students to recite the times table. She caused one of my classmates to pee in front of the class because she was frightened by her. I was afraid of her, so very afraid that my face and neck was RED. She came to me, saw me and I thought she will pick me to recite the timetable. She asked me whether I was having measles. I told her I don’t know. She asked me to go and rest in the sick bed area. 😎

      The primary school is divided into 2, School I and School II. One will be held in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Towards mid of the year, we will switched. I am from School I. Both schools are general enemies. We do things to annoy each other. Somehow when we go to secondary school, when both combine, we became friends.

      3. Secondary school in BBGS
      I didn’t do well in Form 1 & 2 but I did fantastic after that. The funny thing is I did so poorly in Form 2 that the class teacher always picks on me. Most of the time, I wasn’t paying attention in class. She said no medicine can help me. Anyway she became my class teacher in Form 3. Oh no! Somehow I got interested in studies, don’t ask me why. I was the top of the class for all terms. She just couldn’t believe it.

      I was a school librarian. Not that I like books but just like the air conditioning. I am a sporty person, took up a few sports like netball, volley ball and hockey. I was also the president of Chess Club and a school player for Chess, won a couple of Gold Medals there. I love going to other schools for competitions.

      One crazy thing happens to my history teacher. She slept in the School Library at a corner couch. The couch is almost hidden by the tall shelf. The librarians locked up the library without knowing she was still sleeping there. I was returning home late that day. I had to get the guard to open the door for her to get out. 😆

      I love my school because it has so many activities. Every year we have food sale, make food to sell, to raise money to maintain the school, extend the library and got a school buys for excursion. One year, we bought paint and painted a few class rooms.
      However my school is famous for being strict. We have a book full of rules. We have to speak English on Tuesday and BM on Monday and Wednesday. Any other language beside English and BM is not allowed. We also have to take turns to clean the toilet and classrooms. We cannot rock the chair when we sit. We must greet the teacher when we see them.

      I was so sad when I heard the government was going to demolish the school. Our school history, name, spirit and physical place totally gone, demolished. 🙁

      4. High School in Randwick Girls School in NSW Australia
      I didn’t know which, why, what or how I end up in a Public School in Australia. I applied for it through the Australia Embassy and they accepted me. I had to pay AUD100 for school fees for entire year. School text books were loan from the school with no charged. I did pretty well especially in Maths. I scored 97 in Maths.

      5. University of New South Wales Australia
      I got accepted into the University of New South Wales Australia with a scholarship to do Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. Of coz I still have to foot out my accommodation and food expenses. I found work in the University in the computer lab. It was good money. AUD10 per hour. I did 20 hours worth of work, per month. In my final year, I did tutoring in the University. In this job, I tutor, mark assignments and exam papers. I was tutoring some of the students who were in the same year as me. Pretty cool. It taught me public speaking. I earned a fair bit from there. Imagine for every 1 hour, I get AUD20.

      I love the Uni days. Most of my subjects are Maths. First time in my life, there were boys in my school. 😯 I knew alot of people from many countries. Most of the time, I selected afternoon and evening lectures so that I can sleep in. I pick up cooking while I was there. I have to cook my own meals. The most I love is the beaches, you can see macho guys surfing.

      Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
      I was a last min hero, I would say. I will try to study smart. I have poor memory too, so I practically do not do well in the subject called history. A tip I learned from studying is to do lots of past years exams paper.

      Was I the class ‘taiko’ (big bully) or the teachers’ pet?
      Neither. I was generally a friendly person. :angel:

      What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
      I practically hate prefects and dislike them. Some of them have double standards. I must say I outsmart them in lots of ways. In my school, if you come late to school, the prefect will stand at the gate to catch the late comers. If I am late, I will be very late. By that time, the prefects will return to class. When I turned up, I will walk to class without my bag. The bag will be parked somewhere outside. If the teacher or prefect asked me, I told them that I was in the toilet or held up by another teacher. Later after the first lesson ends, I will go pick up my bag. It works all the time.

      Three subjects I enjoyed
      Maths & Add Maths – I just love solving problems. My maths exercise books are very popular. It travels around the class.

      Chemistry – I love doing the experiments, especially solving what chemical components are in the solution.

      Three teachers that I remembered
      Miss Moey – She was not my teacher but she inspires me a lot. She remembered my name even though I am not her student. She always has very encouraging words of wisdom. She is full of zealousness for the Lord. She always asks me how I was whenever she sees me.

      Mrs Chew – She was my Modern Maths & class teacher. I will not say she inspires me but she is one funny teacher. Once she came into the class and say “Selamat Hari Raya” instead of “Selamat Pagi”. We burst out with laughter. Another time she taught us half way, she rushed out. We thought what happen to her. She told us that she had a tummy upset when she returned.

      Mrs Wales Tan – She was my Add Maths & Physics teacher. She promoted me to the top class and gave me encouraging words to succeed.

      How come no questions on those teachers who annoyed me? I have a long long list. :sc:

      The list of the next victims are:
      1. Tracy – I bet you have lots to tell us.
      2. Allyfeel – I want to know more about you.
      3. Jazzmint – Since we go to the same school, want to hear your side of the story.

    • Sleepless Night

      March 28, 2006

      Yesterday, I don’t know what happen to Emily. She was crying every other hour during the night, until 5am. She was crying for Barney, Buzz Lightyear, want to wee wee, want mummy to remove her diaper. This is the first time she cried in her sleep. :sc:

      Poor me, I am so tired the whole day. Due to lack of sleep, my mind floating in mid air. Worst I have to finish 5 IT contract agreements dateline today. I am so not myself. I can feel myself floating. Strange hor? Some more nearing “Ching Ming”. 😆

      Sorry no blogs today, just some whining. Let’s hope my gals sleep well tonight or I will move her to another room.

    • Medicine

      March 25, 2006

      After reading Zara’s experience on medicine, it inspired me to post this.

      Every child hates to take medicine. When my children first encounter with medicine, they obviously hate it. Often need 2 person to force feed the medicine in. One to hold the child and the other to feed. After a while, either the child gave up the fighting or we as parents master the skill. :clap: I must say both have no problem with medicine. I can pop it into the spoon and they can take it from there.

      A tip with feeding medicine I learnt is that I often use a syringe and I squeeze the medicine at the side of the mouth. That way, the chances of the medicine getting onto the tongue is less and no bad taste or after taste. For really bitter medicine, I prepare 2 syringes, one with the medicine and the other with water. After I pump in the medicine, I will pump the water to quickly wash it down. I ensure that the medicine is flowing by the side and not directly into, to prevent choking. Placing the child lying on high pillow.

      Last week, Emily was down with high fever. The doctor ran out of her usual liquid antibiotic, must have been a lot of children having fever lately. She asked me do I have problem with pills. With pills, of coz you cannot pop it down a child’s throat. I wish, it was that easy. I need to open the capsule to get the powder out, to feed her. The doctor suggested that I mix it into Vitagen for her to sip it down. She warned me that the medicine was very bitter.

      Silly mummy, I followed her advice. I put the powder into Yakult and put back the cap, put the straw in for her to sip. She took 1 sip and she gave it back to me saying “pu yau”. :wall: Now the problem gets worst. How to feed her the entire bottle of Yakult, I cannot syringe it in??!! :sc: I cannot open another capsule to feed her, it will cause overdose. Fortunately, she drinks it all after I put into her favourite cup and spoon-fed her. Hey I should have more confident in my gal.

      Next dose, I just mix water with the powder and use the syringe instead. She has no problem with it. :angel: By the way, never mix bitter medicine in their milk. The child will hate his milk next time.

    • Painting

      March 25, 2006

      A month ago, I bought some paint, palette and brush for my children to do some painting. I also got a couple of potatoes for printing shapes. I halved the potatoes and make shapes on the surface. They can colour the top surface and make print on the art block. If you want them to get into a mess, you can also do finger painting. Later you can cut it and frame it, to decorate their room. Ensure you buy washable paint, else it will be difficult to come off from their clothes.


      Blue + Red = Purple
      Blue + Yellow = Green
      Red + White = Pink
      Red + Yellow = Orange
      Black + White = Gray

      Have fun!

      The Potatoes:


      Mummy’s ART:

    • Childhood 2

      March 24, 2006

      Yes, I lived in Chow Kit, Lorong Haji Taib 4. Isn’t that an happening place?

      My mother rented 2 rooms out to some sales ladies. All of them are singles and very nice to us. They love to jog to Lake Titiwangsa. I love to follow them. Lake Titiwangsa becomes my hang out place. My sister, bro and I go there for fishing or walk around the park. We dig out life worms from the ground to use as bait. All this was thought to us by my sister. We did catch a few fishes.

      When I was Standard Six, I was thought to take public transport, bus to school for Saturday activity. I used to play netball in school. It is easier to take bus from my house, because the bus station is there. Almost all the mini busses stop there. Once I was returning home, I hope on to a mini bus but I took it on the wrong side of the road. Slept through the whole journey and end up donno where. I couldn’t recognize the place. If you are my parent, you probably will freak out. Last time there was no handphone to call home. I have only 20 sens in my pocket. A bus ticket cost 50 sens. I ask the driver whether he is heading back to Chow Kit, he said yes. I told him I didn’t have enough money. Phew, he told me it is ok. I got back safe and sound. Thank God for watching over me.

      By the way, I started going to Sunday School when I was Standard Six. My school have Sunday School as it was a missionary school. I learn a lot of bible stories from there. It was very helpful as I could take Bible Knowledge as one of the subject. I also joined the girls’ cadet in MBS. Funny I didn’t join the girls’ cadet in my own school. Coming from an all girls’ school, it hard to admire any boys because there aren’t any. It was a very good opportunity with the girls cadet because you can see macho guys playing soccer on Saturday. We played captain ball there with the guys. Yes, I was a very sporty person.

      Oh I miss those days.

    • Funny Video

      March 23, 2006

      I love this video. See how Emily show her love for Tim??!! 😆

    • No Electricity

      March 22, 2006

      Bumma, when I return home from work, no electricity. Sigh. :sc: Tim keep asking me to switch on the TV for him. Told him no power. He didn’t understand. I told him TV has no battery. 😆

      What I dislike about no electricity is that I have no hot water? When you are so used to showering in warm water, the thought of doing it in cold is absolute frightening. Yeah call me pampered. Oh well, the first bucket of water was hard. After that, it was ok. Since there is no electricity, we went to GIANT hypermart to enjoy the air condition there.

      In the car, had a meaningful conversation with Tim.

      Tim: Mummy see Buzz Lightyear (his toy) is tall.
      Mummy: Mummy tall or short?
      Tim: Mummy not strong, cannot pow pow us. (as in carry 2 of them together).
      Tim: Papa strong, can pow pow.
      Mummy: Oh mummy not strong, mummy tall or short?
      Tim: Mummy short. Papa tall.

      I am not strong and short. :eh: Thank goodness, after we return home, we saw Light.

    • Childhood I

      March 22, 2006

      I have a very fun childhood. I stayed in a very happening place in KL. Have a guess where I stayed? I stay in a 3 storeys flat. Below the flat, there is the famous “pan mee” (flour noodle). I believe Pan Mee originated from there. They started selling 26 years ago.

      Up in the flat, there is an open rooftop where I can go up to play. I played hopscotch and high jump up there. It is like a playground, of coz there is no grass, slides or sea saw. My sister and brother will go up there to play badminton. Once the shuttlecock felt over and went on top of someone’s soup. We ran and hide ourselves. Fortunately no one came up to scold us.

      By the way, we are so creative that we played football in the house, where the doors were the goal post and living hall was the open field. We were careful and never broke anything. Sometimes, we used the window that has grill as our goal post. Whoever managed to shoot the ball at the grill, scores.

      5-10 mins away, there is also a “wai sek kai” (Food Street). It has been relocated now. Not sure where. My family used to have supper there or ask my godfather to pack us supper. My favourite was half boil “see hum” (shellfish). Fortunately I didn’t get any hep. It is eaten with the garlic chilli and simply delicious. Other than that it has chow kuey tiew, hokkien mee, sotong kankung, ice kacang, toong sui, lok lok and etc…

      However that area becomes a place for crime, there are drug addicts, aqua, lots of foreigners and robbery. My house was robbed twice. Once the robber was tailgating my dad. He held a gun at my dad and robbed our place. I was asleep, so is my sister and brother. Fortunately they wanted money and didn’t harm any of us. After that, my family decided to move away from that area.

    • Hospital

      March 21, 2006

      In my life time, I had 2 unplanned stayed the hospital. Once was 12 years ago and this year. Oh, I couldn’t remember whether I was hospitalise when I was small, I think I did, just couldn’t remember how old I was. However after 5 years old, there wasn’t any until I was 24.

      At 24, it was a frightening experience. I was visiting the doc on my problem, next thing he told me that I needed to go under a few test. At the end of the test, the doctor told me I need to be dissected go for a surgery. I almost fainted because I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t give me anytime to think. He asked me to come in tomorrow for the surgery. Anyway, it was not as frightening as I thought it was.

      This year, last week, I had to check in because of my eye infection. Fortunately there is no surgery. Doctor just wanted to apply eye drop every hourly for my eye and keep me under supervision. She also didn’t give me time to think, just admitted me in the same day. However she provided me wad leave. Wad leave is where I can return home at the end of the day but still check in. I had to do that because of my children.

      Of coz, there are 2 planned hospital stayed where I have my 2 lovely children. I am keeping my finger cross that I do not need to check into the hospital after 12 years. :pray:

    • Monday Blues

      March 20, 2006

      Sometimes Monday does bring disaster. I read somewhere that said “A high percentage of folks have heart attack on Monday” Maybe because they enjoy the weekend and the heart cannot take stress when they go back to the hussle, bussle, pressurizing lifestyle on Monday.

      Anyway, today my car acted up on me. It didn’t want to start and it probably woke up the whole neighborhood with the noisy alarm. Each time my hubby press the automatic key to unlock the car, the alarm went off. The alarm went bonkus. We thought was the alarm or wiring problem. We had a few incidents with alarm, central locking and wiring problem with this car. Good thing, I am with AAM. I gave them a call. Not bad, they arrived within 30 minutes later.

      The mechanic did some testing and found that the battery was flat. Now when was the last time I change the battery? Beats me! He fixed it and I was late for work. Fortunately I could still work from home the first hour.

      Well, the day started bad but when I return to work I received a couple of good news, work related. You wouldn’t want to know.