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    • Say A Little Prayer

      January 31, 2008

      My hubby and I thought my children to thank God for the food and say their night prayers. Both of them got the hang of it. They thanked God for the toys, asked God to take away their cough, asked God for ice-cream, take care of papa, mummy, Tim and Em and others.

      They also learn how to memorized God’s word too. They can memorize John 3:16 New International Version:

      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      It is amazing what their little brain can do. Children are good in memorizing stuff. If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself.

    • Adopting Languages

      January 28, 2008

      At home, my family converse in English. Sometimes I speak to my husband in Cantonese. However when I talk to my children, automatically I will switched to English. I am not sure why I do that, it seems to be so natural to me. The funny thing is they will laugh when they hear strange Chinese words. I find that they understand Cantonese but feel weird to say it.

      At least at the babysitter, they converse in Mandarin because my babysitter uses Mandarin and Hokkien with them. I guess they learn faster when they are using the language often.

      Another way for them to learn Cantonese is when they join me watching TVB series. They will ask me what the meaning of this and that is. It gets annoying when the exciting parts come on and they asked questions. Sorry I am only human.

      I really hope they picked up more Cantonese and Mandarin. Oh now Timothy picked up a bad habit, he likes to say “kek say” meaning make me angry or as popeye put it “blow me down”. I have no idea where he picked it up. Daddy asked him, he said it is from me. I asked him, he said it is from daddy. :think: Oh well, at least it is not a bad word.

    • Transformer Toys

      January 25, 2008

      Transformer, beside the movie, it produces a series of toys. The toys can be transform from a vehicles such as truck, airplane, space ship or car into a robot. I feel that the toy is very good for children because it helps them to develop some problem solving skills.

      Transformer toys come in many levels, level 1 being the easiest to transform and level 4 most difficult. It may take you a few minutes to transform to a few hours. I got a few transformers from US and it is cheaper that Malaysia.

      If you have a boy, get one of these for him. Let me show you how it works. This is the Optimus Prime – good guy transformer.

    • Tim Vs Emily

      January 23, 2008

      The battle of the 2, I am not talking about fighting or arguing with each other. It’s FOOTBALL. They have a match together and both were very good at kicking, passing, defending (not sure what) and scoring. It is always good to bring them to the park and let them have some physical exercise. Definitely better than letting them watch TV all the time.

    • Power Puff

      January 19, 2008

      One good thing with traveling in SIA flights, they give nice toys to children. Every time I traveled I will ask them for it. Look what they gave Emily. The whole set of Power Puff.

      If I knew, I would have asked on my going flight. Opps sorry for being greedy. I was too lazy to carry it all the way to US, so I only request at return flight. Thanks SIA for making my gal happy. They also gave a 50 piece Ben-10 jigsaw for Tim.

      Of coz, there are other good things with SIA. Now I earn enough points for my family to go on a free trip near by.

    • What’s In The Box?

      January 19, 2008

      I am back a few days ago from US. I touched down on Tuesday and went to work on Wednesday. I had a busy schedule all week and no time for anything. My body was slowly adjusting back to my Malaysia time zone.

      I am sure you are interested what I bought back. Here is the big box of goodies I brought back. I cannot imagine that I shop so much. I think I should refrain myself from going to US again.

      Here is what I got, don’t faint yeah.

      Corelle Dinning Set:

      Gift for my hubby, a remote control helicopter.

      Transformers For Tim and Cinderella & SnowWhite for Emily. It was on sale.

      Digital Photo Frame & Egg Clock

      Mochi from Japan

      Cherries, my favorite and it was real cheap – US9 for 1.35kg. I got 2 boxes, yummy.

      Children Clothes


    • Daddy Did It Again

      January 13, 2008

      Oh my, my hubby sends this to me today. He really did it again. He made the children wash their own school shoes. I am sure they enjoyed doing it. It is always better doing chores then watch TV at home. I remembered Emily love painting Tim’s shoes. Now she can do it on her shoe.

      Well, another tip for you to get your children busy. Bravo honey, I got you a gift from US and I am sure you like it!

    • Sweet Call

      January 10, 2008

      Travelling for me can be fun but tiring. Imagine, I have to work on 2 time zones before emails get piling up. Anyway, the only thing that I most look forward to (besides shopping) is calling my children. I love hearing their sweet voices.

      I can either call them at 4pm (Penang 8am) or 3am (Penang 7pm). However I don’t like talking to them in the office because I cannot make funny sound in the office. It was fun talking to them. I did call them just now at 3pm in the office. It just makes my day.

      Mummy: Did you miss mummy?
      Tim: Yes. I want 2 transformers, the blue and the red one.
      Mummy: Did you talk to your teacher.
      Tim: Yes, softly. You got buy the transformers or not?
      Mummy: I will. Have you been a good boy?
      Tim: Yes.
      Mummy: Did you fight with Emily?
      Tim: No.
      Mummy: You want jelly beans?
      Tim: Yes.
      Mummy: How many?
      Tim: 10. *that’s easy*
      Mummy: Ask Emily whether she wants any? *Emily just woken and doesn’t want to talk on the phone*
      Tim: Emily, mummy asked you, you want jelly bean.
      Emily: Yes.
      Tim: How many?
      Emily: One.
      Tim: One only.
      Mummy: Ask Emily to talk to mummy.
      Emily: Mummy I want 1 jelly bean. *mood changes when it comes to sweets*
      Mummy: I buy you 10.
      Emily: I want Doremon and …and…and…
      Mummy: I saw Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine…
      Emily: I want Cinderella. *change mind*
      Emily: No no no…I want Snow White. *change mind again*
      Mummy: Did you miss mummy?
      Emily: Yes.
      Mummy: Have you been a good girl?
      Emily: Yes.

      A lengthy conversation, coming from 2 children who seldom talk on the phone. I sure miss them very much. I cannot wait to go back and see them.

    • Garden View Lunch

      January 9, 2008

      Look what my hubby did while I am away. He sure has a lot of creativity when it comes to dealing with children. I must say that I have full confident in leaving my 2 children with him.

      He cooked pasta for them and gave the children a garden view lunch. It is cool because he didn’t have to clean the floor if the children make a mess. One reason why I like to have meals outdoor.

      Let’s hope Tim & Em don’t bully him while I am gone.

      Pop over to to read how technology make me blur.

    • Not 1 But 2

      January 7, 2008

      Timothy: Mummy I want transformer. *cannot ask for Ultraman*
      Mummy: I will try to get for you.
      Timothy: I want the orange truck turn into a robot
      Mummy: If there is one.
      Timothy: I want 2.
      Mummy: Why you need 2? 1 enough!
      Timothy: I need 2 so that they can fight each other.
      Mummy: But transformer can fight with your Ultraman.
      Timothy: Cannot, not the same kind.
      Mummy: *speechless*
      Dad: Toys again!

      Emily: I want I want…
      Mummy: What you want?
      Emily: Eh…eh….

      Sorry if I am slow in reading your blog post or not leaving a comment. I am lagging behind, in fact I am a day behind. If you want to know where I am now, hope over to