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    • Money Grabber

      August 27, 2010

      Well, I don’t give my boy pocket money to school every day because he said he doesn’t need it. My hubby and I will pack him snacks to school. Anyway what the Health Minister said was right, the school canteen only sells fried food, cold nasi lemak, cold fried noodle and not very nutritious food.

      I used to have hot soup noodles in my school or hot delicious chee cheong fun with meat balls. The canteen even served malay dishes and rice, it is always warm. What is your children school canteen serving?

      The story is, I do give my boy occasionally 90 sen to buy milo from the vending machine. He doesn’t want to take more but exact change. Yesterday, I gave him two 50 sen to get a school badge. A school badge roughly cost 50 sen, I gave him two just in case.

      There is this boy whom Tim is very close to, always play with him and I know his mother. He has been taking Tim’s money. Not just once but more than a few times. He takes it directly from his pocket. Tim told me that he couldn’t stop him. Yesterday he took the 50 sen from Tim.

      I decided to call his mother and told him these incidents. Obviously the mother didn’t know he has been doing that. I wonder what she will do to the boy upon hearing this. Let’s hope he will stop taking my boy’s money.

    • Update On UTI

      August 26, 2010

      Yesterday Emily results came back, the urine test is clear, no growth. She also stopped complaining about leaking after the course of antibiotic.

      Now I am confused whether she had UTI or what? Anyway I hope her pipe is fixed permanently. I really hate it when I am shopping with her halfway, she wants to go to the toilet or complain about her leaks. Or she kept putting tissue in her pants to clean it. She will go, “Mummy stop walking so fast, my tissue is going to drop” :rolleyes:

      Yeah I even got her small sanitary pads but she complained uncomfortable.

    • Suspected UTI

      August 24, 2010

      Source of the picture above is from

      Last week, my gal complained her pipe is leaking. Actually she complained weeks before and I told her not to hold her urine. She told me that she didn’t. I also advise her to drink more water and go to the toilet more often. I always have to remind her to drink water. She is nothing like her brother, Tim drinks a lot of water.

      Anyway, I took her to the doctor. After a few questioning, she suspected Urinary Tract Infection. Although there is no fever but it could happen. She asked me to do a urine culture test and she prescribed antibiotic for her. I have to wait 3 days for the result.

      When I showed Emily the bottle to collect her urine, this was what she said.

      Emily: The bottle is so small, how to urine in it?
      Mummy: I will teach you and do for you.

      Emily: Ai yeaaaaa.

      Mummy: All done.

      Emily: Why are you stealing my urine?

      Mummy: Not stealing, the doctor wants to test to see if there is any germ.

      It is definitely easier to collect urine at this age. I still remembered when I had to collect urine when she was 1 year old through to 2 years old. It was really a painful experience. She refused to pee when I want to collect. I had to wait for her to urine, which means every 10-15 minutes, I need to make her urine. It was frustrating when the diaper is wet and I missed it after many tries. Once I successfully collected and the nurse told me that the amount wasn’t sufficient or they accidentally spilled it.

      Some tips for collecting urine at 1-2 years old if you have to:
      1. Collecting very early in the morning or after she drank her milk.

      2. During the collection, place her on a plastic sheet on the bed so that you don’t mess up the bed. You can get the plastic sheet at the pharmacy. Gently run her bladder, about 2 cm above the belly button.

      3. Do not open the collection bottle just unscrew it lightly. The collection bottle is sterile and cannot be contaminated else the results will not be accurate.

      4. After collection, place the bottle cover back and put it in the fridge before transporting to the clinic for testing. Make sure you label it, to prevent anyone from using it accidentally..hehehe.

      Lets hope after she takes her antibiotic, the pipe will be fixed and no longer leaking.

    • Lim Leong

      August 18, 2010

      That’s my gal pretend buddy. She will use the name “Lim Leong” whenever she is playing pretend games with her kor kor Tim. I kind of like the name. I am not sure how she comes up with it. She also named her platypus that one of the blogger mum send to her, Shaido.

      Lately I am glad that both of them are playing much more together and less fighting. Last Wednesday, when daddy was out, they played “school pretend” game with each other for more than 1 hour. They took out some homemade erasers, pretending them to be students, other soft toy and Lego. Both of them were creating stories after stories.

      I interrupted them by asking them questions. They asked me not to interrupt them. They don’t allow me to join in the fun.

      Hehehehehe…pretend games are not logical any way but silly me trying to put some logic into it.

      I am happy that they can play without computer or TV.

    • Comic Strips

      August 16, 2010

      Timothy loves to draw. He will draw everything and anything. Lately he had been drawing some comics stuff.

      Sorry please don’t ask me to interpret it, only he would know. On top of that, he also makes some quizzes on his comic book. He copied the same format from my children ministry bulletin that I distribute to the Sunday School kids.

      Maybe he will grow up to write comic strips? I wonder is there any comic school here in Malaysia. I believed he would want to sign up for one.

      Here are his art….

    • Surprised

      August 10, 2010

      Last week, someone found me from my blog that I do sculpture balloon. Yeah, I do it for interest and also for my Sunday School children. I started learning when I bought a balloon kit from MPH. It was scary at first because I have phobia in balloon bursting. Any balloon bursting will give me a fright.

      Anyway, I am glad I learnt a few tips from the internet.
      1. Let out some air after you pump up the balloon so that it is soft and easy to twist.
      2. Some models required some space at the end of the balloon. Don’t inflate it fully.
      3. Buy good quality balloon.

      YouTube has a lot of free tutorial on making nice balloon models. I got most of the ideas from there.

      By the way, the person who ordered the balloons from me, we had some much in common. It is a very small world in this island. I am glad her party friends like my balloons.

      If any of you who have children who wants to go Sunday School in Penang island, drop me a comment and I will contact you. I am from the Christian Gospel Hall community. Children age 5 to 12.

    • Wimpy Kid

      August 4, 2010

      That was the book my son likes to read. He likes comics and this book has comics with some write ups. It is a diary of a kid named Greg, similar to Adrian Mole’s diary minus the comic. It is one of the international best sellers too.

      I am trying to encourage him to read Enid Blyton books or Hardy Boys but I feel he is not ready yet. At least he is reading the Bible occasionally.

      Another book he likes to read is Captain Underpants, also because of the pictures. He is more a visual boy. He understands more with pictures. He likes to draw and a good way to express himself. If you give him colors & papers, he can sit and draw the whole day.

    • Little Things

      August 2, 2010

      I was sleepy as it was a long day for me. However I promised my boy that I will get him a book. I tell you the book he got in the next post.

      He got his book but of course, my gal wanted to get her share. I asked her to choose one quickly so that we can get out of Borders.

      Finally both got their books and I went to the checkout counter queue and wait to pay. There was only 1 cashier. She was yakking away with the customer. In my mind, I was chanting, please be quick…please be quick. It took her 5 minutes to clear that customer with 1 book. *shake head*

      Ooh, the cashier was nearer to the other end. I walked up to the cashier. A lady came up and put her big basket on the cashier. I tried to ignore her and gave the books to cashier. She made a remark to the cashier that she was there first. Yeah yeah yeah… I told her that the Q was on the other end and she came from the “no entry” end. She went and look. :rolleyes: You know “ngok yan sin ko jonk”.

      Sorry, I was feeling sleepy and I need to pray for self control. But sleepy also can read signs.