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    • Emily and I got 2 free tickets from Golden Screen Cinema for our birthday in June. You can also get free tickets on your birthday month. Just sign in to as a member. No age limit. Now the tickets are getting expensive, an adult cost RM10 and a child ticket is RM5. So I save RM15.

      As for Kungfu Panda, it is suitable for children above 5. Emily said she didn’t like it because too much fighting. However during the fighting scene, she was so focus on the screen. The art, the graphics, whatever you called it, was superb and the humor was good too. It made everyone laugh at one point in time. The plot was good, just like any Disney story. My favorite character is Oogway which is the tortoise. He said:

      Yesterday is history and the future is mystery but today is a gift, that why they called it “present”.

      The plot is about a village of China looking for a Dragon Warrior to fight the vicious Tai Lung. Tai Lung escaped from prison after 20 years of bondage. However Po, the panda just wanted to learn kungfu. He knows a lot about kungfu but he cannot fight. At the moment where they were choosing the Dragon Warrior, panda somehow fell from the sky onto Oogway’s finger. It was no accident and Panda was the chosen one. Master Shifu was very disappointed, he is to train the overweight Panda to become the Dragon Warrior. Watch out on how Master Shifu succeeds in doing the impossible.

    • Bee Movie

      November 8, 2007

      My children wanted to watch Bee Movie. They saw it advertised when we watched Ratatouille. It opened yesterday and since today was a holiday, I decided to bring them there.

      On the whole, it was great with a good story plot. It started with the story of how bee makes honey in the hive and what do bees do in their life cycle. Barry the main character graduated from University to start his new job in the honey factory. However he was not happy as the rule says whatever position he choose, he will do it for life. He wanted to venture out into the real world, which he did. Lots of exciting thing happen to him and he made the world turn upside down.

      I guess the story plot was a little too deep for my children to grasp. However they enjoyed the animated characters. Emily loves Adam, Barry’s good friend. Timothy like the mosquito called Mooseblood. There is one little error as Mooseblood is a male mosquito and male mosquito does not suck blood.

      Go watch it, it is another good animated story for children. It is written by Jerry Seinfeld.

    • Rat-A-Too-Ee

      August 18, 2007

      Today I took my children to watch a French tale of a rat mouse called Ratatouille. Ratatouille is actually a French dish. You ask what a French dish has to do with a mouse? I am not going to tell you. I must say the plot was very well written and the movie was filled with action, humorous and of coz a good ending. All fairy tales has a good ending, right?

      It is a story of a talented mouse that has a gift of smelling. He can smell where the good food is, the spices around and even rat poison. He is different from all his other friends. He is one daring mouse. He went into an old lady house to watch a TV cooking show that feature the famous chef named Gusteau. And that’s where his adventure begins. Watch it, my children loves it. I give it a 4 out of 5. :good: :good: :good: :good: It is a very inspiring story too.

    • MrBean’s Holiday

      April 1, 2007

      Yes, my children are a fan of MrBean. They love to watch the Bean Cartoon. Ever since my hubby said he wants to bring them to watch the movie, they been asking and pestering us to bring them. Every time we go to Queensbay Mall and they see the banner, they will shout “Mummy Mr Bean, come come see!”

      Finally today, I bring them to watch it. Generally, it was ok, nothing’s new. Most of his jokes were predictable. It is as my hubby puts it, “Accidental Hero” kind of story. He also said, the big screen makes him look ugly. Best to watch in at home.

      The plot is he won a holiday to the Cannes beach. On the way there, he lost his bag, passport, money and helped a little boy lost his dad. Oh well, it was a good laugh.

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    • Barnyard

      December 23, 2006

      A good friend of mine gave me 2 free movie tickets in Prangin Mall. I can watch any shows with it. I took the children to watch Barnyard.

      Barnyard was humorous with a plenty of actions to keep the children excited throughout the movie. The show talk about a heresy cow named Otis who wanted to run away from his responsibilities. However he cannot run far when his responsibilities catch up to him. His father Ben was the leader of the barn and took care of all the animals, protecting them from harm. However one night, while he was protecting some chickens from the hungry wild coyotes, he lost his life. Otis had to take over. Otis never wanted to become a leader, he wanted a fun life and love to party all night. All had to change when he was faced with it.

      I must say the movie was done in a very creative manner and lots of surprises. The plot was predictable, hero saves the day kind of plot. It works for the children.

    • Over The Hedge II

      May 20, 2006

      The children

      Amazing, both Emily and Tim enjoyed it. Emily had her own seat, because a couple of my colleague last minute couldn’t make it. The tickets came with free popcorn, coke and nuggets. Tim and Emily had 1 box of popcorn each. Tim enjoyed it very much, he did made the remark that Maria commented “Wah mummy see, big big TV”. As for Emily, towards the middle, she got out of her chair and tried climbing back up, a few times. She did not make any noise or cry. She even took off her diaper without taking off her shoes and pants. :sc: I had to take out her shoes and pants, to put it back on. Don’t ask me how I did that, it was tough. Towards the end, both were very focus on the movie because that was when all the action came on. The cinema was spacious as it was a premier class hall.

      We continue with lunch and a bit of shopping. Later Tim had a bit of tummy upset because he finished the whole box of popcorn. Emily was tired as she refused to walk and sat on the floor of the shopping mall. 😯 That was the signal to go home. Both slept in the car.

      The movie

      It was filled with action and great for the children. It has as much action as Toy’s Story. It is about a raccoon RJ that got into trouble for stealing all the food that belongs to a big huge bear. He was caught and all the food was destroyed. The big bear gave him until full moon to get all those food back for him. On the other hand, there is this family of animals headed by a tortoise named Vern, who lives in the woods but part of it was fully developed into a housing estate. The woods were separated by a Hedge. The family woke up from hibernating and found out there is no food left. These hungry animals were curious what is over the Hedge. RJ befriended them and took them over the Hedge to look for food that they never tasted before. Of coz there is the danger of humans and the Verminator. Find out for yourselves what happen next. I give it 4/5. :good: It was humorous too! My favourite cartoon among all is hammy, the squirrel, he is very funny. He made a remark and say “Hey I can burp the alphabets, A B C…”.

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