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    • Monster High Dolls

      October 22, 2012

      What makes a happy girl? Gifts of dolls, of course! Did you see her big smile? Well you can win one of these if you follow my blog. You can also make your girl happy. Yeap, there will be giveaway of these dolls soon! Look out for it.

      Monster High Dolls from Mattel are penetrating into Malaysia toys market. Just in time to celebrate Halloween. These are frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world’s most famous monsters! Their parents are well known characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and others.

      I will be introducing the dolls to you in the upcoming post on Draculaura Sweet 1600 Doll. These dolls are suited for older age children, even teenagers.

      Again, keep reading and you can win one of these dolls. I am so excited to give it to you!


      To find out more about this dolls, please visit

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    • iWon A Prize

      April 15, 2008

      Just when I ran out of things to blog about, this came.

      Thanks to Sue from ZoopsLife. I won the nice pink Timberland bag from the 4th contest that Sue put up. Hey the 5th contest is up, go and participate. It is free to make a guess. Who knows, you might win something from there. It is also another great way to know another blogger and read another blog.

      The 4th contest was to guess how many stalks in the vase. How did I guess it? I read the previous post that she bought the flowers, paid by her hubby. Usually when people buy flowers, it is either ½ or 1 dozen. ½ a dozen will be too few because it has already more than 5 tulips and 2 lilies. It has to be more than ½ dozen. So I guess 12 stalks.

      Thanks again Sue!

    • Power Puff

      January 19, 2008

      One good thing with traveling in SIA flights, they give nice toys to children. Every time I traveled I will ask them for it. Look what they gave Emily. The whole set of Power Puff.

      If I knew, I would have asked on my going flight. Opps sorry for being greedy. I was too lazy to carry it all the way to US, so I only request at return flight. Thanks SIA for making my gal happy. They also gave a 50 piece Ben-10 jigsaw for Tim.

      Of coz, there are other good things with SIA. Now I earn enough points for my family to go on a free trip near by.

    • My children was looking forward to this day because they finally can unwrapped the presents. I love the look on their face when they saw what they get. The moment is priceless to me, seeing their happy face.

      Timothy got a set of 8 Ultramans plus a few airplanes that come with a noisy launcher. Emily got her doll and her favorite stroller. She has been taking care of the baby doll since.

      Hey I got a present too! I was surprised because we don’t give each other presents during Christmas except for the children. Another surprising thing is that my husband pays attention to my needs. I got an ionic hair dryer. The old one was about to break.

      Hubby got a photography book for his birthday as his birthday falls on Christmas Eve. It is also his Christmas present.

      Priceless moments here:

    • Christmas Gift For You II

      December 23, 2007

      Christmas is here again but I hope all of you will receive a gift that you will treasure forever. Yeah Yeah Yeah a lot of people exchange gift during Christmas. I did that in my recent company’s Christmas party. I did spend some money to get gifts for my children, just so that I can see their happy faces. Believe me, those gifts will not last forever.

      However, let me share this gift from God that will last forever. It is the gift from God and he presented the gift during Christmas. Hope you will receive the gift from Him and have a blessed Christmas!


      See here if you have problem viewing or hearing the music.

    • Christmas Gift For You

      December 11, 2007

      You get a special Christmas gift if you can guess this. Link: All I Want For Christmas Is?

      Sorry I know the comment box was out of order but now it is fix. Happy Guessing!


    • My children’s favorite magazine of the month will be the Christmas Toys catalogue. Yeap, they have already identified the toys that they want for Christmas. I have a very practical family, I asked them what they want and get it for them. You may wonder where the surprise is. The surprise will be anticipation to see whether mummy will get it for them or not.

      Now the surprise will be on you if you can guess what Tim and Emily wants? I give you a small Christmas gift if you are the first to guess exactly what both of them wanted. The answers must be both accurate to get the gift. I will reveal the answers during Christmas.

      You know Tim’s gift was selling like hot cakes. First I saw it in Jusco, it was a member day sale with 50% discount. I could have gift right away. However I was not sure whether Tim will like it. I brought Tim the next couple of days and he loved the gift.

      After thinking and I was really afraid that all the sets will be sold out, I went back to Jusco a couple of days later. True enough it was the last set left. However it was not on 50% discount anymore, bumma. As for Emily’s choice, a blogger has bought this for his or her gal.

      Interesting Read: My Rubik Cube

    • Little Gift

      September 8, 2007

      I got a little gift for Emily and she is really fascinated with it. I got her a star pendant, first time bidding in Ebay. I must say that there are lots of beautiful jewelries in Ebay. The little pendant came with a nice box. She have been asking mummy to put it on for her. To avoid any accidents, I didn’t allow her to wear to sleep. She keeps it in the gift box after she takes it off her neck. Girls being girls, they will want more of this to keep them beautiful when she grows up. By the way, she has cute hair pins in her collection. Next I may want to get her a jewelry box.

      Do you think I should start piercing her ears? I know a gal who is younger than Emily, pierced her ears. Maybe I wait till she is older. I pierced mine when I was 20, mainly because I was afraid of pain.

      Gbay: First Timer With Ebay.

    • Balloon Sculpture II

      August 17, 2007

      Lately, I am learning how to do more sculpture balloons. Not that I am going to be a clown. :giggles: My church is having a fun event for children. It has lots of children activities and fun fair type of games. If you are in Penang and would like to go, ping me.

      Of coz, I volunteer myself to do balloon sculpturing. I found a collection of videos of an expect doing different balloon sculpturing. He is good, professional, can even knot a balloon with one hand. I learn to do a cool sword, flower and butterfly by watching those videos. The website: Videos here. Now my house is filled with sculptured balloon and I need to get more. Now anyone want to invite me to your child’s birthday party?

      One tip I learn about balloon sculpturing that is to prevent the balloon from popping, you let out some air after you inflate it. You need to even out the air in the balloon. It is very fun thing to do as I love doing things with my hands. Try it and you will never need to queue infront of a clown to get balloons for your kids.

      Gbay: Keep Your Contact Lens From Germs

    • Emily In A Music Band

      August 14, 2007

      Emily loves playing the tambourine, either that or she loves making noise. Every time she is in Sunday School, she will go grab the tambourine to play during singing session. Last Sunday the teacher called her out to join the musician to play. She was overjoyed and walk out without the fear of being looked at. I guess she was not shy to be in the front stage. Timothy stood there for less than a minute, he wanted to return to his seat.

      Now I have to think of starting Emily on some music lessons. I am sure she will be interested. I hope she has my father’s gift, able to pick up music and play by ear. I know I am not talented in music. Once I did drive my organ teacher crazy, I really cannot get the rhythm and coordination at all. As for my hubby’s side, no sign of any music talent seen.

      I will let both my children have a go at music lessons, will see whether they can succeed in at least playing a nice piece of Beethoven for me. :think:

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